Florida Legislators: Here’s your reading list!


Florida Legislators: Here’s your reading list!

This past year has been very telling. Not only did these people ignore us but they ignored their job and couldn’t seem to get it done.

My assignment for writing 101 is to make a list. I’ve been wanting to make THIS list so its win-win.

We need to know our legislators actually understand the issues and problems with Florida. We cannot take for granted that they know anything.

I’d also like to hear from you guys about what you think and we can keep a running list.

I knew what books I wanted but decided to go to the wisest people I know. My circle of friends.

circle of friends

This was from my friend Marjorie.

Marjorie Shropshire : Oh, I have a whole long list LOL… But I think I’d start with Craig Pittman’s book on wetlands mitigation, and then move on to Ecosystems of Florida” so they could gain some kernel of understanding about how things in this state work; This Changes Everything, for some insight into what might be done about climate change; The Social Conquest of Earth, The Diversity of Life, and The Creation, all by E.O. Wilson for an overview of how humans fit into the world and can’t survive without natural systems; The Swamp, which we all know is the best explanation of the mess we’ve made of water management in Florida’s southern half; Priceless Florida, so they can see what we are losing; and finally, An Everglades Providence, a biography of Marjory Stoneman Douglas, to teach them what it means to do something bold, instead of sitting on their assess and eating out of the hands of their keepers.

I love Marjorie. She’s is very quiet. But when she speaks she is mighty!

I think we all agree on the Swamp and Craig and Matt’s book “Paving Paradise.”

So here I go

  1. Paving Paridise


  1. The Swamp


the end.

No only kidding.

I’m going to list them out by name because everyone had good choices.

3. Ecosystems of Florida

4. This Changes Everything

5. The Social Conquest of Earth E.O. Wilson

6. The Diversity of Life E.O. Wilson

7. The Creation E.O. Wilson

8. Priceless Florida

9. An Everglades Providence

My friend Richard suggested

10. “The value of life” by the 4 Americans left in Iran

Cris suggested

11.  The Lorax

Mike G suggested

12. Haricari 101 for dummies  (Which I don’t even think is a book but just a suggestion.)

Shelia suggested

13. Term Limits by Vince Flynn.

Lisa Suggested

14. My Florida” by Ernie Lyons

Rick suggested

15. Any book on civics

Linda suggested

16. Reading the constitution. Followed by a written test. (She also suggested The Swamp. )

Victoria suggested

17. The Everglades: River of Grass” Marjory Stoneman Douglas.

18. “Mother of Florida Forestry”

Robin suggested

19. Oranges and Inlets by Nathaniel Osborn. ( Will be out in book form soon)

Phyllis suggested

20. The Shack. By Robert Young

21. Golfing with God

So here’s my list.

Any other suggestions leave below!

9 comments on “Florida Legislators: Here’s your reading list!

  1. Ed Killer says:

    Great list!!
    – A Land Remembered, Patrick Smith
    – Camping & Cruising in Florida (100 years ago) James Henshaw (you can get at Florida Classics in Hobe Sound from Val Martin) who has many more books like you seek
    – Barefoot Mailman
    – The Last Cracker Barrel, Ernie Lyons

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    • indianrivguy says:

      Well done Cyndi, excellent idea! If you have any questions about Barefoot Mailmen ask me. My Great Uncle Charles W. Pierce and my Great Grandfather Dan McCarly were both Barefoot Mailman. I am probably the living authority on the subject. On Oranges and Inlets by Nathanial Osborne.. I am unaware of ANY article or book that will better educate you on the history of Indian River lagoon than Nats Master thesis which is now being published. I will be supporting Nat in any and all efforts to promote this book. IF you read his book, in a matter of hours you will know MORE about Indian River lagoon, than nearly anyone who has NOT read his work.


      • cyndilenz says:

        i’m looking forward and knowing our friends we’ll have a big book party! You should write a blogpost about barefoot mailmen. it would be totally welcome here.


  2. Bruce Osborn says:

    Thanks for collecting this list Cyndi – and the excellent additions Ed!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. cyndilenz says:

    Please leave your suggestions here! I’ll come back to the list and we can create maybe a top ten list with links.


  4. Term Limits is my favorite! Somebody needs to write a book called “Get a Ticket on the Clue Bus”

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