Blogging 101: Being a good neighbor

I love having the time to read people’s blogs. These are the few that I really enjoyed today.

Ceen photography and cees black and white photo challenge

I love photo challenges and black and white. This was a new discovery and a new follow.

I found this through a fellow blogging 101 (Yes I’m doing it again don’t be judgy)

a lovely site called

Spiritual Dragonfly

I love dragonflys and when they are flying around the yard I dance with them.

I also found this great post from my friend Mista Vibrant over at blabberwocking!

Karma Yoga: Its Relevance For Meditators and Devotees!

Over the at the Florida Squeeze one of my favorite bloggers Brook Hines wrote this.

Darren Soto is minimum wage challenged

I disagree with the article but I think I may use this as a blog post for the future so I’m holding off on this.

and My favorite Blog of the day belongs to future Martin County Commissioner  Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch :

“Going Home” to Meet Maggy Hurchalla, SLR/IRL

Just driving to Miami deserves a medal. The entire blog post brought tears to my eyes.

On the topic of being a good neighbor I’ve writing a short series about a pedophile that court ordered to my town from up north. He was suppose to register at the sheriff’s office and the rehab staff dropped him off at Walmart. A manhunt ensued. He found his way to another rehab. He turned himself in and yesterday was in jail with a 100,000 bond and today there was virtually nothing in the news that I saw. I’ve been getting lots of great feedback and I’m happy this incident happened to bring this whole thing to the forefront. Why are people being court ordered to a  facility that is literally feet from a playground, a ball field and a skate park. Stay tuned.

Here is Daniel Tiger who I was introduced to this weekend. Thank goodness I have apple tv and PBS kids. So enjoy. Let’s all try and be a good neighbor.