Blogging 101: Being a good neighbor

I love having the time to read people’s blogs. These are the few that I really enjoyed today.

Ceen photography and cees black and white photo challenge

I love photo challenges and black and white. This was a new discovery and a new follow.

I found this through a fellow blogging 101 (Yes I’m doing it again don’t be judgy)

a lovely site called

Spiritual Dragonfly

I love dragonflys and when they are flying around the yard I dance with them.

I also found this great post from my friend Mista Vibrant over at blabberwocking!

Karma Yoga: Its Relevance For Meditators and Devotees!

Over the at the Florida Squeeze one of my favorite bloggers Brook Hines wrote this.

Darren Soto is minimum wage challenged

I disagree with the article but I think I may use this as a blog post for the future so I’m holding off on this.

and My favorite Blog of the day belongs to future Martin County Commissioner  Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch :

“Going Home” to Meet Maggy Hurchalla, SLR/IRL

Just driving to Miami deserves a medal. The entire blog post brought tears to my eyes.

On the topic of being a good neighbor I’ve writing a short series about a pedophile that court ordered to my town from up north. He was suppose to register at the sheriff’s office and the rehab staff dropped him off at Walmart. A manhunt ensued. He found his way to another rehab. He turned himself in and yesterday was in jail with a 100,000 bond and today there was virtually nothing in the news that I saw. I’ve been getting lots of great feedback and I’m happy this incident happened to bring this whole thing to the forefront. Why are people being court ordered to a  facility that is literally feet from a playground, a ball field and a skate park. Stay tuned.

Here is Daniel Tiger who I was introduced to this weekend. Thank goodness I have apple tv and PBS kids. So enjoy. Let’s all try and be a good neighbor.

Blogging 101: The Tenacious, Courageous Writer

WordPress has a great program called Blogging 101. Even though I’ve been blogging there is so much I can learn. I’m terribly behind. I’m having issues with some of the technical things.

Usually, I write in the morning and my cat MeMe has been very time consuming with go out, come in, feed me, not that that!, where are my special cookies?, let me out, let me in.


So every time I sit and collect my thoughts she is having another crisis. Half of this issue will be over in a month of so when we can open the windows again and turn off the air conditioning. I can’t wait.

Barney, my almost 18 year golden retriever, is very dependable. We have a schedule and we stick to it and I know what I have to do to get him settled in. Go out in the morning, eat and hang out on the couch.


About an hour later it’s time to poop. I get ready for work. He makes himself comfy on the couch. When I leave the both them sleep on the bed. Sometimes I come home and he is on floor because MeMe has commandeered the bed. Why? Because every cat needs a king sized bed.


Yesterday our assignment was to go to one of classmates blogs read and comment.

This blog I really resonated with was this one.

She wrote:

“This is where courage comes in.  Whether we are blogging or working on a novel, we have to release our words, our thoughts, and ideas to the world.  We are literally exposing our inner-selves.  That is scary.  There’s no invisible shield to protect us from the scrutiny of our readers.   Unfortunately, some of those readers aren’t going to like what we have to say – and that’s okay. What’s important is our reaction.  We must refuse to be intimidated.  We must be tenacious.  Writing is our art. It is the way we express ourselves.  It is as important as the air we breathe.”

When I started to make film people would say something like “What gives you the right to do that?” An odd question. Sometimes I get the same question about my blog. Most of my friends know it’s important to me to educate people. Some will like. Some will not. Once I hit publish I’ve said my piece. It’s gone out to the universe. It’s finished. I’ve said what I needed to say and I can move on.

Thank you DS Mcknight for inspiring me.

blogging 101

blogging 101