Circle of Friends


circle of friends

Many sites that offer these symbolic candle holders tell of the ancient Mayan Indian legend that describes the meaning behind the decorative pieces. Here is the legend:

Circle of Friends

The Indian legend says that at the end of the evening, friends would gather around a bonfire and share their hearts and speak of the good qualities of each other and remember times shared. As the embers faded, their friendship was said to be sealed anew bringing them closer together. As you sit with the candle lit in the middle of your circle of friends, it will surround and embrace all who sit with you and bring good luck to those who stay together.

I light these candles when I have meditation sessions at the house. Nan, my friend, who I did my Reiki master with lit the same thing when we did reiki at here house.

These circle of friends was a gift from my friends Cheryl and Paul who own the Infinity Center in Jensen Beach where I first went for Reiki.



Better Medicine add a pinch of holistic

The last few weeks for me have been the scariest of my life. After not feeling good for a few days I took myself to the urgent care center to be told to get my butt directly to the er. Which i did, after i went home and let my dog out to relieve himself I drove my self directly to the er where people asked me at least 50 times “Did I drive there.”

I knew something bad was wrong but apparently I had no idea how bad but after a lot of blood work,  X-rays , a ct scan and a ultrasound i was told my gallbladder was a mess and it had to come out.

So great. For the last 33 years i had managed to stay out of the hospital. I had managed to not have a primary care physician for the last four years. Just the thought of going to the doctor and getting berated and yelled at totally bummed me out.   I was very spoiled when I lived in Boca. I knew everyone especially the integrative docs and I knew they were willing to at least have a conversation with me. I had however, been seeing an acupuncture doc and trying to work on what i thought was my issues after getting a really bad case of shingles last feb. I wanted to heal myself from the inside out. And i was and I felt great, Until I didn’t.

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