Jan 1 2015: FEET TO THE FIRE:Bans to Ban Fracking bans






verb phrase

To subject someone to strong and painful persuasion; use maximum pressure :

I’m sitting here drinking my coffee on this very peaceful New Year’s Day in Jensen Beach. I woke up to an orange striped sky and Florida Fog. A new beginning. yay

I was going to write a blog post on what was trending since I went to bed last night and what caught my eye was #okquake.

Oklahoma’s first earthquake of the year.

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Bright Lights:Justin Trudeau and Canada!



I feel very inspired by the compassion of Prime Minister Trudeau and the people of Canada who have shown us what it is like to be human.



Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Greets First Intake of Syrian Refugees

‘We are very happy to be in Canada,’ says newly arrived Syrian refugee

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Premier Kathleen Wynne, Toronto Mayor John Tory and other dignitaries welcome first government plane of Syrian refugees.

Trudeau and Wynne greeted the first two families to come through processing and gave them winter coats.

The first family was a couple with their 16-month-old girl and the second was a man and woman with their three daughters, two of whom are twins. Both families said they were happy to be here.






Sunday Weekly Roundup: Things you won’t see on the TV


Steve Crisafulli says it’s amazing “anything” gets passed in GOP-led Legislature

“The intense divide between the Florida House and Senate this year was so intense that House Speaker Steve Crisafulli led his members out of the chambers three days prematurely this past April, leading for the first of a series of special sessions in 2015.

His other top issue is tackling water policy, where he invoked the drought in California as a reason why the Legislature must act this year. When the House broke early from session in April, they failed to pass a water bill, though the Senate companion was approved on a 39-1 vote.”

Amazing how hindsight is BS and this guy has no problem spending money on special sessions while people have no food.

I think for everyone special session we have  a portion of the money spent should be donated to our local food banks.  An idea so horrid if it really did happen the GOP would make sure they agreed rather than make sure there was food.


Humane Society Florida director Kate McFall called the name exemptions “fishy,” but said it makes sense considering the widespread opposition.

“One hundred and three is a lot. It sounds strange,” McFall said. “(The hunt) is being painted as a small group of trophy hunters, so it makes sense for them to not want their names out there. It has hit a nerve with a lot of people.”

At least take credit for it! Interesting.


Anti-intellectualism Is Killing America

“And even though it may seem counter-intuitive, anti-intellectualism has little to do with intelligence. We know little about the raw intellectual abilities of Dylann Roof, but we do know that he is an ignorant racist who willfully allowed irrational hatred of an entire demographic to dictate his actions. Whatever his IQ, to some extent he is a product of a culture driven by fear and emotion, not rational thinking, and his actions reflect the paranoid mentality of one who fails to grasp basic notions of what it means to be human.

What Americans rarely acknowledge is that many of their social problems are rooted in the rejection of critical thinking or, conversely, the glorification of the emotional and irrational. What else could explain the hyper-patriotism ) that has many accepting an outlandish notion that America is far superior to the rest of the world? Love of one’s country is fine, but many Americans seem to honestly believe that their country both invented and perfected the idea of freedom, that the quality of life here far surpasses everywhere else in the world.”

So if your frustrated just understand YOU have better critical thinking skills.

and speaking of critical thinking skills


What Can We Learn from Ben Carson’s Brain?

One can hardly imagine a better case of inconsistent thinking and misapplied brain power in the public arena today. Carson, a successful brain surgeon and Yale graduate, is obviously intelligent and well educated. Yet he continually says things that any clear-thinking high school kid would cringe at.

He mocks the Big Bang Theory as absurd. (Like all theories, the Big Bang Theory is a work in progress, of course, but it is based on solid scientific evidence.)

From our friends at Eye on Miami.


A state of Florida website laconically refers to the project known as “Mod Waters” this way: “The Modified Water Deliveries Project project is a federal ecological restoration project in south Florida designed to improve water delivery to Everglades National Park. The completion of Mod Waters is required before the implementation of portions of the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan. Mod Waters is being implemented by the U.S. Department of the Interior and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.”

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Book Review: The Hunting of the President (with documentary video!)

Years ago I read this book by Joe Conason and Gene Lyons.  This all still stands today. SSDD

Hillary haters you have been brainwashed. Every single day news outlets mention her emails and tell you why should not trust her. Some of you tell me this. “I hate Hillary. Because of ….pick one. Benghazzi, emails what ever.”

This is nothing new and it is planned and plotted. Sad but true.

I may not like the GOP candidates but the  “Hate” is special. It should be. There have been millions of dollars invested so you can hate Hillary Clinton.

I started writing this yesterday and I ended up looking up ” What causes hate.” I really believe there is more to it and there is something that goes on in people brains when they “Hate” and this case “hunt.”

No matter what Hilliary does she is hated and she is hunted and the very people who you allow in your living room that calls themselves news are complicit. No matter what she does it’s twisted and turned inside out and outside in.

Not just Fox, but NBC’s today Matt an Savannah have a daily ’email segment.” On meet the press every Sunday it’s a topic. I’m sure more but I don’t watch much more tv. It makes me ill.

In the situation of the server I would probably would have done the same thing. When I needed a server my son set it up and I just told him to tell me what to do.  I have all my emails go to one account except for one job where I have to go to a special encrypted site. But the only reason I know that is because they told me. The encrypted site is new to me. Setting it up and getting there is a nightmare.

Just like Bengazi I have no earthly idea what happened because I was not there.

I wrote this the other day about Meet the Press and their sponsors.


Enough of me lets talk about this book.

the hunting of the president

So who is Joe Conason & Gene Lyons?

Joe Conason

is an American journalist, author and liberal political commentator. He writes a column for Salon.com and has written a number of books, including Big Lies (2003), which addresses what he says are myths spread about liberals by conservatives.

From 1978 to 1990, he worked as a columnist and staff writer at The Village Voice.

In 1992, he became a columnist for the New York Observer, a position he still holds.

In 2000, he co-authored the book The Hunting of the President: The 10 Year Campaign to Destroy Bill and Hillary Clinton with Gene Lyons; the book was turned into a documentary in 2004, which Conason co-produced. The Raw Deal, his book on the Bush Administration‘s efforts to “end Social Security as we know it”, appeared in 2005. In 2007, Conason published It Can Happen Here: Authoritarian Peril in the Age of Bush

Gene Lyons

A winner of the 1980 National Magazine Award for Public Service for the Texas Monthly article “Why Teachers Can’t Teach”, he was an Associate Editor at Texas Monthly in 1981, and General Editor at Newsweek from 1982 to 1986. He has written hundreds of articles, essays and reviews for such magazines as Harper’s, The New York Times Magazine, The New York Review of Books, Washington Monthly, The Nation, Esquire, Slate, and Salon. His other books include The Higher Illiteracy (University of Arkansas, 1988) and Widow’s Web (Simon & Schuster, 1993).

Lyons writes a column for the Arkansas Times that is syndicated nationally by Universal Uclick.

“In vivid prose, Joe Conason and Gene Lyons, two award-winning veteran journalists, identify the antagonists, reveal their tactics, trace the millions of dollars that subsidized them, and examine how and why mainstream news organizations aided those who were determined to bring down Bill Clinton, The Hunting of the President may very well be the All the President’s Men of this political regime.”

Available on Amazon.

There was also a documentary.

Here is the Trailer

“Mr Star just did what he was hired to do.” A great history lesson by Bill Clinton of how the right wing plots and plans.

Documentary is available on Netflix.

I hope you will take the time to read the book or watch the documentary. I’m not telling you who to vote for. I am telling you to do your research and don’t let anyone on the news give you important information.

My Open Letter to the Repuplican Presidential Candidates: Speak the Truth even if it hurts. and a gift for the Donald.

















It’s impressive that he could stand for the entire thing. I could barely sit through it.

Stephen Colbert

My Open Letter to the Republican Presidential Candidates: Speak the Truth even if it hurts. and a gift for the Donald.

I write a lot of open letters.

Today I’m writing to the Republican Presidential Candidates

The other day I watched your debate. I took time out of my busy life to watch all of it and listen to all you and at the end of the evening I was totally disgusted.

Do we live in the same country?

Do you guys know there are actual people out here that are depending on your leadership?

We are a country of laws.

You all did not seem to have an issue with BushvGore so why now are you having an issue with the Supreme Court?

If you so want your religious state perhaps we can start with Sharia Law. See how that works out for you.  I simply do not know what to do about this. We have a separation between church and state for a reason and you can’t pick and choose what you like to pander to a few people.

But if this is what you really want why not do that. Have your religious state. Take a few states and let that be your place and leave the rest of us alone.

You should be talking about inclusion not exclusion.

As I watched the debate I sat here and looked up jobs for nurses in other countries because frankly you guys scare me.

Your statement regarding Planned Parenthood is your opinion and not true. Your responding to an edited video by nefarious people who are so cowardly they shot this without telling the person and then edited to make their point. These people are not filmmakers. They are propagandists.

If you are having a reaction to propaganda without doing the research to find out if it’s true then you have no business running for president.

In Florida it is illegal to record someone without their knowledge. Hell, we can’t even take photos of private cows without getting in trouble.

Here is an article about that video that you all seem so interested in.

Unspinning the Planned Parenthood Video

If any of you have an issue with this please discuss with the National Cancer Institute. I’m not saying I personally agree or disagree so don’t shoot the messenger.

You took a dubious video who’s intention was to incite emotion and used that. So there are only two conclusions that I come to.

  1. You didn’t take the time to see what the story was with the video which says your lazy.
  2. You intentionally used this video to invoke people emotions and therefore divide us even further.

Planned parenthood is just one place that you all are going after. There are many more. You are propagating something that is not quite true and therefore in my book have no business running for anything. We need honest brokers no matter what. how could I trust any of these people to tell me the truth about anything if they can’t even speak the truth.

We can’t trust alarmists with the codes to the nukes. forgetaboutit.

For instance. The Environment. God gave us the heavens and the earth. Why are you destroying it.

just a few tips:

  1. Please Please Please be honest brokers.
  2. Please read science.
  3. Please research what you are talking about.

The most honest the most honest person up was Donald Trump. I might not like a lot of things he says but I do believe he has a sincere desire to fix things. His way. Bit fix them none the less.

So here is a little gift for Donald Trump.  You were going down the right road with autism but your not there yet. I’ve have  met  hundreds of parents of children with autism.There is a theory out there that the children having these issues have an underlying immune system disorder and when they get these vaccines something happens to them.

I’ve been a nurse for a long long time and we never really saw this when we  were young then when our kids were getting vaccinations the list vaccinations started to get bigger and bigger. The more you give to these kids the more your going to see something happens. (The bigger the herd)

We are seeing diseases today like we have never seen before many of them immune systems disorders. I don’t know why personally and scientifically I would guess because of so much pollution, processed food, pesticides,  who know what in our food supply the list goes on.

I had the great pleasure of knowing Dr Jacquelyn McCandless an amazing woman who became interested in autism when her granddaughter was diagnosed.

Jaquelyn McCandless received her Doctorate in Medicine at the University of Illinois College of Medicine and is certified as a Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. She has been in private practice in Southern California since 1966.

In 1996 after their grandchild was diagnosed with autism, Jaquelyn returned back intensely to basic medicine in response to the complexity of Chelsey’s disorder and began working with the biomedical aspects of developmentally delayed children. Jack turned his visionary educational interests even more toward the council process in schools and the exploration with other innovative educators of inclusion programs in response to the overwhelming increase in the numbers of special needs children entering our school systems now.

Jaquelyn now utilizes the knowledge she gained exploring and using treatments for her grandchild to help other ASD children, including writing the book she so desperately needed when this aspect of her current life-journey started five years ago.”


In the midst of a worldwide epidemic of autism, ADD, and ADHD, this book is a message of hope to parents embarking on the challenging journey of finding proper medical care for their Autism Spectrum Disorder children. Genetic susceptibility activated by “triggers” such as pesticides and heavy metals in vaccines can lead to immune system impairment, gut dysfunction, and pathogen invasion such as yeast and viruses in many children. This is the first book written by an experienced clinician that gives a step-by-step treatment guide for parents and doctors based on the understanding that ASD is a complex biomedical illness resulting in significant brain malnutrition.

She was a brilliant woman and so dedicated. She and her husband took their own money and went to Africa to help the AIDS crisis. It wasn’t pretty. There were ton’s of issues but she did it.

Here is the last I saw her. Sorry about the audio its weak but please listen.

So thank you Donald Trump for talking about this very important issue.

So if you read and listen she thought there is an issue with immune systems of autistic children. We won’t see this stuff in mainstream medicine because big Pharma gets in the way and it’s impossible to do any huge studies because of the money.

I also appreciate all of your remarks about the Koch Brothers! Please keep that up.

When you say it’s a mess out there your right!

As for the rest of you there are people out there that are poor, that don’t have food, or a place to live and while your busy plotting how to take even more away from from them our infrastructure is crumbling.


Talk about real things that real people need to be addressed.  Stop playing games with the American People.

A little humor. watch this:

then watch this:


Stupid pills: Throwback Thurs Marco goes to Stuart.

Stupid pills: Throwback Thurs Marco goes to Stuart.



“Where have you been for the past 13 months?” called out one protester.R

Another held a wanted poster with Rubio’s face on it, calling him “No Show Rubio” and accusing him of “murder of our rivers.”

After begging him for a year he finally showed up. The initial meeting was invited Republicans only. Some people we knew stuck their tongues out at us as they walked by into the meeting. Truly a dagger into the hearts of the “clean water” River Warriors which is non partisan.


In the end we were invited in if we promised to be quiet.


Marco Rubio

The speakers were all very respectful to Marco Rubio.

He was given a bottle of dirty river water. He was given an explanation by Mark Perry our expert on all things St Lucie River, Indian River Lagoon and Estuary.

What the issue? Not that we were decimated and destroyed by the discharges from Lake Okeechobee.

This is the issue.

To be far almost everyone takes sugar money. Florida’s own Debbi Wasserman Schultz is the worse. She’s a great buddy of Marco Rubio.

This week this happened.


Rubio: Our National Security Depends on Sugar Subsidies

“If we eliminate our sugar subsidies first, Rubio warned, “other countries will capture the market share, our agricultural capacity will be developed into real estate, you know, housing and so forth, and then we lose the capacity to produce our own food, at which point we’re at the mercy of a foreign country for food security.”

Read the rest of the article. Then read the comments. They wonderful. People are really getting with this program.
Here is some excellent commentary from our friend Mista Gimleteye!

“With a little more space, Mr. Mann might have added some pungent details. How Rubio, for example, while leader from Miami in the Florida legislature, strongly supported Big Sugar’s right to pollute the Everglades at taxpayer expense. That was in the early 2000’s, when Rubio was Jeb Bush’s point man in weakening federal and state agreements to protect the dying River of Grass from Big Sugar’s fertilizer runoff.

A decade of litigation by Friends of the Everglades and the Miccosukee Tribe resulted in an $880 million dollar agreement in 2012 by the Gov. Rick Scott administration that is now shifting the entire burden, again, onto taxpayers and away from the sugar industry.

Instead of siding with taxpayers, Marco Rubio chose the team that controls the state: billionaire insiders like the Fanjuls of Coral Gables and Palm Beach who run the sugar industry and insure its prerogatives like a syndicate.

What Mann doesn’t quite explain is how Rubio’s logic in defense of Big Sugar works. Rubio’s defense of Big Sugar as “national security” is rote memory from the Big Sugar’s playbook: “if you don’t let us grow sugarcane and pollute, we will put suburban sprawl on the land we own.” That’s not a threat: it’s gospel that is blithely accepted by Democratic leadership as well as Republican, gliding past the awareness that strong growth management regulations in favor of the Everglades once attempted to guide sprawl away from what taxpayers have already spent billions to protect.

The Big Sugar nonsense goes on: “If you don’t heed our threat, instead of dealing with us (sensitive sugar billionaires you can negotiate with in good faith) you will have to deal with owners of zero lot line homes who want more Lowes and Home Depots and Friday’s in wetlands.” The only problem: Big Sugar has never negotiated in good faith with the public or, to be more accurate, only negotiates from a position where it defends its profits down to the very last penny.”

I know this is a lot of stuff. It’s important stuff. But the most important thing to remember is when we needed our Senator to show up for us he didn’t. We begged. We tweeted. We emailed him letters. We sent him letters.
He couldn’t be bothered.
This is what happened to us.
No show Rubio. How in the world can this person expect to be president if he can’t show up in his own state?