Intention is everything

I hate looking back – it doesn’t do you any good to rehash the past – and I know ,yes , sometimes things just get stuck in your head and remain there. There is a way to get rid of all that stuff and no its not drowning your sorrow in alcohol. Its mediation. try it. But first state your case. Write it down and call a friend and say “I’m going to read you this and afterwards I’m never going to mention it again (maybe) but in order to get these ghosts out of my brain I really need you to listen. The first step in moving forward is understanding where you came from, own those feelings, honor them and then get rid of them —adios!
I’m looking back to share my journey because its been an amazing journey. Maybe I didn’t understand at the time what I understand now but I did understand that I needed to move forward. My aha moment didn’t come from any great philosopher or spiritual leader. It came from a dog named Enzo a character in a book that I now call my most favorite book ever. I found it in a Starbucks in Bourne, Mass.

I started to read it at the airport and by the time we were ready to land in West Palm Beach I was finished and I knew everything I needed to move forward.
“your car goes where your eyes go” Denny from the Art of racing in the rain.

“intention is everything” Enzo