Versatile Blogger Award

Debbie over at Debbiemlewis nominated me for



Thank you Debbie!

Lately I found  that wordpress is my safe haven. I place I go when Facebook and Twitter and even my email is too much to take. This is one place where everyone seems to be  thoughtful about what is going on in the world.

I do write about a lot of things. It depends on whats going on or what information I think needs to get out there.

One of the best blogpost I wrote lately was over Thanksgiving and shared on Treasure It was a simple list of places to get free meals on Thanksgiving. I was so happy to see many people googling this and checking the list. I hope you all got something good to eat.

For the Versatile Blogger Nomination, I was asked to talk about 7 random facts about myself.  I do not like talking about myself but here goes.

  1. When I was young I was in drama class for years. I played Hodel, the 2nd eldest daughter, in Fiddler on the Roof. Pretty Amazing. I love music but I can’t sing. It’s so brutal that when my son was born and I would sing him a song he would beg me to stop.
    Hodel becomes intrigued with the radical, young student,
    Perchik. She eventually leaves Anatevka to join him in
    Siberia where he is imprisoned for his reform activities.
    Hodel sings a haunting solo as she says goodbye to
    her father at the train station.
    This is not me but here is the song.

2. I lived in Cambridge, Mass for a long time. I worked at the Cambridge Hotel as a singing waitress (again how did I get these gigs). We were doing a Gershwin Review. Walter Cronkite stayed there at the time to interview Daniel Ellsberg about the Pentagon Papers.

3. I was also part of a MIME TROUP at the time.


4.  I love nothing better then silently listening to an interesting story sitting behind my camera.


5. When I go home to Boston I must visit  the swan boats.


6. I won an award from our local public tv in Miami for being the “Most Prolific Vlogger.” In others words I create a lot of content.


7. When I watch big news story’s I’m casting in my mind who can play the particular characters in the made for tv movie.

For instance,




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Thankful for my Liebster Award


Thank you Debbie M Lewis for the nomination for Liebster Award! This is my first one.

Debbie is a nurse practitioner  who has changed her life and has become a business coach. She helps others get healthy and feel good about themselves through self development and good nutrition. I just spent the last half hour looking at her blog. It’s very well written and informative. You should go spend some time there.

Here is information about the Liebster Award. The idea of the award is to recognize and promote new up and coming blogs of a good standard with less than 200 followers (on WordPress).

Here are the questions:

1.How and where do you write?

I try to write in the morning but usually it starts off in the morning and I finish up after work. I drive a lot from patient to patient so I have lots of time to think about what I am going to say. I have a lot of interruptions from  Barney my dog and Meme my cat but I decided I would rather have them here interrupting all the time then not.



2.What is your favorite color and why?

Red is my most favorite color. It’s dramatic. Toenails should be red. Red is the color of energy, passion and action. Red is the color of the root chakra.

Red is the color of the life force. It is the color of blood and the first color we come into contact when we are born.

Red means energy and our connection with the Earth and carries the promise of survival.

Red is a color of action. It moves us, awakens us, and guides us towards change.  The color of revolution, movement, and progress.


3.Do you have a favorite quote? If so, what is it?

My favorite quote is “Intention is everything.”

I do say this a lot to people to get them to move:

“If you don’t use it you’ll loose it.” Then we all have a good laugh about l0osing our minds.


4.What’s the most inspiring book you have ever read?

My absolutely favorite book is “The Art of Racing in the Rain.” by Garth Stein. This book changed my life. I wrote about it here in a blogpost called “Intention is everything.”



5.What music do you listen to if you need cheering up?

The Blues. I love the Blues.


6.What time of the year is your favorite and why?   I love the fall in New England. I have memories of crisp days and autumn leaves and sweaters. In Florida I like any day is 70 or below.


7.Name the best place you have ever visited.

I spent a year on a kibbutz Ein Harod in Israel. Life changing experience where I learned to live in the world that was around me and be a part of it.

It is located in the Jezreel Vally. It was near Mt Gilboa

“In the Bible, King Saul, Israel’s first King, led a charge against the Philistines at Mount Gilboa (1 Samuel 28:4). The battle ends with the king falling on his own sword and Saul’s sons, Jonathan, Abinadab, and Melchishua being killed in battle (1 Samuel 31:1-4). David, who hears about the tragedy after the battle, curses the mountain: “Ye mountains of Gilboa, let there be no dew nor rain upon you, neither fields of choice fruits; for there the shield of the mighty was vilely cast away, the shield of Saul, not anointed with oil”.


8.Has a particular experience shaped the way you think?

A few things. My visit to Israel was like the first wave of really understanding how important it is to be part of the world not matter what.

Making an effort during my divorce to create a new and better life was the second.

The third is becoming a grandmother. I feel like everything I fight for has to be for the next seven generations. We must leave these children a future.

9.  How do you like to spend your free time? 

I spend a lot of time reading and researching what I am going to write. Taking Photos is one of my most favorite things.

10.In what way is this Christmas going to be special for you?

I’m Jewish and I was hoping to have some kind of Hanukkah with my kids and my grandson but due to time constraints that’s not going to happen. I will however be spending Christmas Eve with them and their family in Sarasota.  I’m really looking forward to their family traditions.

I usually work on Christmas and have for years.  I wanted to make sure that the other nurse’s had the day off. I’ve worked for the last 6. This year I want to spend with my kids and my grandson and other family.

11.My blog is about faith and learning more about God. What does faith mean to you?

Faith means just that. Knowing that everything as crazy as it gets is as it should be. Some times there’s a reason for the mishugas.

Here is my about me page. Yes it needs work! It’s on my list of things to do.

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