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Right NOW I’m sitting and looking at my pretty tree. When I first moved here I didn’t even bother.  Too much drama of the past.

I have worked Christmas for the past 6 years. It gave other nurses a chance to enjoy their holidays. I’d like to say it was meaningless. It wasn’t. It was horrifying. I had Christmas PTSD. This year Christmas had wonderful meaning by spending it with family.

So what happens with time and working on letting go is of course things change. The pain is long gone and a feeling of contentment arrives.

I found these little trees at the Fresh Market and they were perfect. Big enough for my needs. Being a table top also was great since my dog didn’t feel the need to urinate on it.

When I first brought it home he got very excited until he saw it go on the table.

The ornaments I took when I was divorced were the one that were meaningful to me.  Gifts from friends and hand made golden retriever ornaments. Ornaments with my old guys names Machi and Casey.  I loved the twinkly white lights.  This year I added a string of color and it changed everything. And of course a string of shells.

It’s almost like this little tree is an indication of my mental health filled with an understanding of the past , anticipation  of the future but the ability to just sit and be,  enjoy the tree, the lights and the now.


Gathering Weekly Photo


May 4th,2014 We had a funeral for the St Lucie River and the Indian River Lagoon which had been devastated by discharges from Lake Okeechobee.  Both turned green with poisonous green toxic algae. Our lives would never be the same again.

As a way to protest we held this funeral at Phipps Park which the park next to the the “Gates of Hell” where the water out and runs into the river and the lagoon.



Here is a video that Brad Langel shot with his drone. There is a great shot of the St Lucie Locks that will be opened when Lake Okeechobee is too high. That’s when we get polluted with Lake water that destroys mostly because the fresh water hits the lagoon, changes the salinity of the water and kills everything including the oysters that my friends very lovingly place through out.


Here are a few other photos of the event.



Here is new’s cast.

Versatile Blogger Award

Debbie over at Debbiemlewis nominated me for



Thank you Debbie!

Lately I found  that wordpress is my safe haven. I place I go when Facebook and Twitter and even my email is too much to take. This is one place where everyone seems to be  thoughtful about what is going on in the world.

I do write about a lot of things. It depends on whats going on or what information I think needs to get out there.

One of the best blogpost I wrote lately was over Thanksgiving and shared on Treasure Coast.com. It was a simple list of places to get free meals on Thanksgiving. I was so happy to see many people googling this and checking the list. I hope you all got something good to eat.

For the Versatile Blogger Nomination, I was asked to talk about 7 random facts about myself.  I do not like talking about myself but here goes.

  1. When I was young I was in drama class for years. I played Hodel, the 2nd eldest daughter, in Fiddler on the Roof. Pretty Amazing. I love music but I can’t sing. It’s so brutal that when my son was born and I would sing him a song he would beg me to stop.
    Hodel becomes intrigued with the radical, young student,
    Perchik. She eventually leaves Anatevka to join him in
    Siberia where he is imprisoned for his reform activities.
    Hodel sings a haunting solo as she says goodbye to
    her father at the train station.
    This is not me but here is the song.

2. I lived in Cambridge, Mass for a long time. I worked at the Cambridge Hotel as a singing waitress (again how did I get these gigs). We were doing a Gershwin Review. Walter Cronkite stayed there at the time to interview Daniel Ellsberg about the Pentagon Papers.

3. I was also part of a MIME TROUP at the time.


4.  I love nothing better then silently listening to an interesting story sitting behind my camera.


5. When I go home to Boston I must visit  the swan boats.


6. I won an award from our local public tv in Miami for being the “Most Prolific Vlogger.” In others words I create a lot of content.


7. When I watch big news story’s I’m casting in my mind who can play the particular characters in the made for tv movie.

For instance,




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