Squirrels ate my internet

Last Christmas my kids gave me a bird feeder guaranteed to keep out squirrels. I’ve had load of birds most notible the woodpecker that comes to procreate every year.

I filled it up and hung it on a tree and off I went.

When I returned it was hanging by a rope and the rope was anchored down. It’s kinda like pulling a sail up and down especially when it full.

I politely thanked my neighbor for being so thoughtful and never gave it a second thought.

Fast forward a few months. I’m sitting here doing my Sunday morning work routine and I loose my internet. I do the restarting routine. I pull out all the plugs and plug things back in. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

I call At&t and we figure out its gotta be an outside wire.

I can’t get an appointment for days. My fault with a busy work week.

The guys comes. I tell him my sad story. He takes off. Gone for an hour. Comes back and says “squirrels.” You gottta laugh because all I think about is this must be retribution for the bird feeder.

In my imagination the scurry had a meeting and decided to get my attention.

Apparently this is an issue we all need to concerned about.