River’s Coalition with Eric Eikenberg and Nathanial Reed 1/29/15

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Nathanial Reed



Rivers Coalition


Three Things We Need to Do RIGHT NOW!

1. Email Gov. Rick Scott and ASK HIM TO EXERCISE THE us Sugar Option on the 46,000 acres south of the Lake.


Go to the Senate web site on Amendment 1 and tell them the VERY TOP PRIORITY is to exercise the option on the 46,000 acre US Sugar parcel.



River Warrior Awards Banquet January 17, 2015

Last night  the Indian Riverkeeper had an awards banquet to recognize all the great River Warriors that have been working so hard on our water issues.  It was a wonderful celebration and we really needed a fun evening out because we got a lot of work a head of us!
“Everywhere you go this group of advocates is the most educated advocates in the state.” Marty Baum, River Warriors Award Ceremony.

The Indian RiverKeeper Awards Banquet  January 18th, 2015


Katy Lewey River Warrior of the Year


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Here’s a little video


Tiki Steve Cottrell and I were honored with an award.

The First Act. River of Light … Cyndi Lenz and Steve Cottrell

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For those who know me I  have a hard time patting myself on the back. Most of us do. We see ourselves as a group and everyone has a  job to do.  So when someone compliments me it makes uncomfortable because without the rest of the group there would not be anyone to document. But I was good with this. When we, Tiki Steve and I, started off we just wanted to document the issue with the discharges. We started way before the discharges. Tike Steve started the petition to the Govenor Rick Scott.

Then the discharges started. The Protest happened when thousands of people showed up. I shot that protest and put it on online and thousands of people saw those videos.  2500 people watch Marty Baum call for an end to this. (original video posted on UVU)

The petition took off with thousands of people signing.  A Riverlution was started by the good people of Martin and St Lucie County.

This year we added our you tube page and “Ten minutes with Tiki” and we were blessed to be able to roll it out with out Congressman Patrick Murphy.

Our first “Ten minutes with Tiki” with Congressman Patrick Murphy


Link to our River of Light You Tube Page




Last November I was fortunate enough to get a new camera and it makes my life so much easier to do what I love the most. Short and sweet video blogging for the highest good.



We’ve been the documentary, we meaning you guys, and with out you guys there would be no River of Light. There would be nothing really.

We have lots to do but for a moment pat yourself on the back ( and folks these people are not back patters. They are unselfish doers who constantly do not bring attention to themselves but to the issues  of our Indian River Lagoon and St Lucie River and this is how we have gotten to where we are right now. Ever person’s contribution is important. Sticking to this was so well worth it because now WE HAVE TO SEND THE WATER SOUTH! Doing this will not only save us, but it will save the Everglades, Miami and the Keys.

Here is a list of awards/recognition recipients

Benji Hinkle
Jennifer Brand
Laura Appel
Kathy Glenn
Patricia Conner
Jody Collelo
Emily Grande
Noah Lewey
Kevin Mason
Tom Roberts
Bob Gomes
Tony Polito
James Hurchalla
Gary Neal
Jason Bryan
Howard Fatzinger
Larry DuClau


Political Friends (who admit it) of the Indian Riverkeeper and the River Warriors

Political Friends;
Chris Dzadovsky
Eula Clark
Mary Westcott Higgins
Charlie Grande
Mark Pafford
Larry Lee Jr.

Supporting Businesses;
Snook Nook Tackle and Bait  .. Henry and Fred Caimotto
Fredgie’s  Hot Dogs .. Jo Neeson
Newitt Jewelers … Tom Newitt
Uncle G’s  .. Sebastian Brusco
Becks Furniture .. Becky Bruner
Seamaid Boat Lettering … Pamela Dade
Joyful Printing…. Joy De La Vega
Appel Roofing .. Ezra Appel
Terra Fermata … Ron Hart
Original Tiki Bar … Mike Phillip
The Deck …Hillary Runge
Cassidy Ice…Shawn Cassidy
Sweetwater Brewing Company …
Shrimpers …
Fresh Catch.. Eric Olsen
Shakra’s Deli .. Jeff Shakra
Bullsugar .. Kenny Hinkle Jr.

Boots on the ground
Linda and Don Curtiss
Gunnar Johnson
Mike Glynn
Captain Larry Hasek
Barbara and Wayne Januszewski
Michelle Richey and Tony Parish
Darcy Flierl and Gary Neal
Lorena Teal
Linda Miller
Julie Williams
Jill Gantz
Rebecca Fatzinger
Jodi and Drew Colello
Christina Maldonato
Jerry Hitchcock
Pamela Joy
Marcia and Stan Buys
AniYa A. Period
Alicia Hill
Eileen and Larry DuClau
Darby Monroe
Trena Merendino
Sandy Van Kirk


The First Act. River of Light … Cyndi Lenz and Steve Cottrell
STIRL; Save the Indian River Lagoon; Keri West
Defining Moment; Megan Remick, Lorena Teal, Keri West, Katy Lewey, Jo Neeson
Bright Ideas and Creativity; Solidarity Fish Art; Janeen Mason, Marjorie Shropshire, Marcia Moore
Devotion Above and Beyond the Call of Duty; Gayle Ryan
Unsung Hero; Your Efforts, Education and Strength Inspire Us All; Captain Mike Conner
Environmental Education; You have mentored, and educated us all. Mark Perry, Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch, Dr. Gary Goforth
Peacekeeper We could all learn from your fine example.; Ezra Appel
Good Citizenship; Promoting Positive Morals Through Actions of Good Spirit; Katy Lewey.
Make it happen; Michelle Robert’s, Becky Bruner, Jo Neeson
Engaging children, promoting participation and ownership through media; Youth Driven Cinema; Crystal Lucas, Benjamin D’Avanso
Leadership; For growing into an outstanding leader, right before our eyes. Kenny Hinkle Jr.
Sergeant at Arms; or Leadership, organization and loyaly. Jo Neeson
Our Heroine and Mentor of the Year; Maggy Hurchalla
Our River Warrior of the Year 2014 For Your Leadership and the Empowerment of our Children. Katy Lewey.




Dredge/Fill, “Changing History,” Francis Langford’s Outrigger Resort, Indian River Lagoon

Frances Langford

Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch

Aerial of Francis Langford's Outrigger Resort's marina, ca. 1955. Visible is the dredge and fill it took to accomplish this project. (Photo courtesy of Thurlow archives.) Aerial of Francis Langford’s Outrigger Resort’s marina and compound, built in Jensen/Sewall’s Point ca. 1955. Visible is the dredge and fill it took to accomplish this project. (Photo courtesy of Thurlow archives.)

"Mt Pisgah," the area contiguous with north Sewall's Point that was her home. (Photo ca. 1950s, courtesy of Thurlow Archives.)  Note cleared lands and orange groves.) “Mt Pisgah,” the area of Rio, contiguous with north Sewall’s Point, that was Mrs Langford’s home. (Photo ca. 1950s, courtesy of Thurlow Archives.)

At last week’s Everglades Coalition Conference, (http://evergladescoalition.org), one of my favorite quotes was repeated by respected Martin County resident, and nationally renowned environmentalist, Mr Nathaniel Reed:

“Not knowing your history, is like walking into the middle of the movie.”

For us to be effective advocates for the now impaired St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon, (http://www.dep.state.fl.us/southeast/ecosum/ecosums/SLE_Impairment_Narrative_ver_3.7.pdf), it is important to know our history, especially the history of ourselves.

Prior to the 1970s, the passage of the Clean Water Act, and the national environmental movement, “dredge and fill”was commonplace. Dredge and fill includes the dredging of canals…

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Northern Everglades’ Water-“Send it South,” Everglades Coalition’s Annual Conference, SLR/IRL


Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch

The Everglades Coalition is holding their 28 Annual Conference this week in Key Largo. The theme tho shear is "Send it South." The Everglades Coalition is holding its 30th Annual Conference this week in Key Largo. The theme this year is”Send it South.”

There are many players in the world of Everglades Restoration politics and policy; today I will briefly talk about the Everglades Coalition (http://evergladescoalition.org), not to be confused with the Everglades Foundation, (http://www.evergladesfoundation.org).

You probably already know that it is the Everglades Coalition that is holding its 30th Annual Conference this week in Key Largo, Florida.

The easiest way to think about  a “coalition” is in terms of our very own Rivers Coalition. The Rivers Coalition, (http://riverscoalition.org), like the Everglades Coalition, is a membership of organizations as opposed to individuals. 501c3 (tax exempt organizations) vary depending on how they are set up, nonetheless, a “coalition” is generally an alliance of like-minded organizations, whereas a “foundation” usually has individuals serving on a board focusing on raising money. 

Organizations represent…

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Save the Halpatiokee wetlands

Please take a moment to watch the video and  then sign the petition.

Here is the  Petition https://www.change.org/p/mr-garett-lips-please-do-not-approve-the-city-of-port-st-lucie-s-request-to-fill-the-halpatiokee-wetlands-for-the-crosstown-parkway-extension?recruiter=57074585&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=share_facebook_responsive&utm_term=des-lg-no_src-custom_msg&utm_content=rp_petition_fb_share_desc%3Acontrol