Weekly Roundup: These are a few of my favorite things!

Weekly Roundup: These are a few of my favorite things!

This past week was Julie Andrew’s birthday! Sing-a-long!

Lately I haven’t really had a lot of time to sit and read. These are the blog’s and twitter feeds I read daily.

Eye on Miami

“Revealing analysis of national trends and local news you won’t find in Miami’s mainstream media. Dedicated to ethical government, saving tax dollars and a healthy environment. We aim to TRY to break the chokehold of Miami’s developers and lobbyists on local government and the public commons.”

Two extremely knowledgeable people who show us all the things you won’t see on the tv or even in a regular newspaper.

This week there are some incredible photos of the flooding in Miami. Have I seen this on the news? no

Go! Scroll through!

Thank you GenuisofDespair and Gimleteye

My Next Blog I love belongs to my friend, fellow WordPress blogger and future Martin County Commissioner

Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch

I was introduced to Jacqui thru my friend Bryna Potsdam who I have known for years. Bryna was a long time supporter of Golden Retrievers and my rescue.  Her son adopted a golden and named him Piper. He was wicked this dog. But he was loved until the day he died.

Jacqui and I  sat in rain and she explained to me everything she knew about the Indian RIver Lagoon.

About Jacqui

“Jacqui is journalism graduate of the University of Florida, and an education master’s graduate of the University of West Florida. She went on to teach English and German and later after a serious accident of breaking her neck, started selling real estate. Later, she ran for public office having served on the Town of Sewall’s Point Commission since 2008, and is former mayor. During this time she saw the opportunity to help showcase the work of a locally formed river group, the River Kidz, and this has been her passion ever. She incorporates youth/river education  into her political work for the St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon.

Jacqui is the treasurer/secretary of the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council; has chaired the Florida League of Cities Environmental and Energy Committee; was chair, and a six year member of the Treasure Coast Council of Local Governments; is an alternate for the Water Resources Advisory Commission for the South Florida Water Management District; and is a board member for Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute Foundation, in St Lucie County.  She also serves as a board member (ex-officio) for the Rivers Coalition Defense Fund, and is head administrator for her beloved River Kidz, now a division of the Rivers Coalition.

Jacqui’s reach involves not only local, but state and federal government. In 2013,  she served on Senator Joe Negron’s panel for the Select Senate Hearing on the Indian River Lagoon and Lake Okeechobee. In 2014, she actively supported the elections of both Senator Joe Negron and Congressman Patrick Murphy who have both been strong supporters of  Indian River Lagoon issues. In 2015, she is part of the Florida League Cities Treasure Coast Advocacy team to influence and educate Tallahassee. Jacqui received the Everglades Coalition’s 2015 “John V. Kabler Award” for “Grassroots Activism” working to organize and educate the public about Everglades restoration. Most recently she has been recruited as a fellow by the University of Florida/IFAS’s Natural Resources Leadership Institute Class XV. The institute focuses on teaching leaders how to facilitate participatory decision making in the most controversial of situations.”

Jacqui’s husband Ed has a place and they frequently go up and take photos and document the Indian River Lagoon. Some I forget who dubbed her “The Plume Chaser.”

Jacqui comes from a place of love of our lagoon and love of Martin County so I consider her a trusted source.

So a wonderful blog filled with information from a person who truly in her heart loves the Indian RIver Lagoon.

This is my favorite Twitter Feed. Not only is Craig Pittman an award winning reporter for the Tampa Bays (My second favorite newspaper), he is an author, an obvious fan of the truth and stinkin funny. I try not to go every day because I don’t want him to think I’m stalking him.


He gives us a uniquely true vision of Florida but the humor most of the time helps the sting of all the major BS we are going thru.

Because honestly you can’t make this stuff up.

“Adrian Wyllie, chairman of Florida’s Libertarian Party, resigned his post Thursday to protest the party’s U.S. Senate candidate, accusing the rival of supporting eugenics and for being expelled from a cult group for “sadistically dismembering a goat in a ritualistic sacrifice.”

The Senate candidate, who goes by the adopted name Augustus Sol Invictus, counter-accused Wyllie of spreading “half-truths and lies” for political gain”

Mr Augustus even responded to the story written by Marc Caputo.

  • Witness ye the glory of my life at 29 years of age: I have four children, each of whom should be the envy of every parent in the world; I have attained a Baccalaureate Degree in Philosophy with honors; I have attained a Doctorate in Law, cum laude; I have acquired licenses in the profession of law in the States of New York, Illinois, and Florida; I am scheduled to acquire two more such licenses in North Carolina & Massachusetts; I am Editor-in-Chief of a poetry journal; I run an independent publishing company; I have opened my own law office in downtown Orlando; I am an MBA candidate; and I have accomplished a few other things that will remain off the record for now.

    I am of genius intellect & cultured, well-educated & creative, well-mannered & refined. I am God’s gift to humankind where the English language is concerned, and I also happen to have a basic knowledge of Latin, Greek, French, Spanish, and Italian. I am musical & artistic; I am athletic & possessed of militant self-discipline; and I am many other things. I have a Cadillac & a poodle, multiple computers & a personal library; I live in an apartment downtown, right across the street from the courthouse; I have been to Paris & Vancouver, to Cairo & Dubrovnik, to Mexico City & Siracusa. I dress better than all of you, pronounce my words perfectly, and have a winning, professional handshake. I am everything you ever wanted to be.

    I challenge any of you, then, to accuse me of being a failure in this artificial civilization of yours. For it is beyond dispute that I have played your petty game, and I have won.

    But your game no longer holds any interest for me. Your architecture is vapid & worthless, as is your decadent culture, the mindless drivel you call music, the filth you call democracy. You waste your lives watching pure excrement on television, shopping at the strip malls, planning your vacations to resorts & theme parks. The Internet, with its infinitude of information, is used for reading celebrity gossip & watching sitcoms. You have begun to reduce argument to memes & human communication to trite sound bites. Life has become trivial – and if you cannot feel the human spirit decaying, you are already dead.

    The vague threats of violence continue at the end:


    I have prophesied for years that I was born for a Great War; that if I did not witness the coming of the Second American Civil War I would begin it myself. Mark well: That day is fast coming upon you. On the New Moon of May, I shall disappear into the Wilderness. I will return bearing Revolution, or I will not return at all.

    War Be unto the Ends of the Earth,

    Augustus Sol Invictus
    Orlando, Florida, USA
    XX Aprilis MMXIII Satvrnvs”

    I gave you the link. Read the article make up your own mind.

    There one more mention of people I read. Unfortunately because you have to have subscription most of you can’t read. But you can read her twitter feed.

    Eve Samples From the TC Palm.


    Tyler Treadway


    Ed Killer


    What do all these people have in common?

    The believe in the truth. I can trust them all.

    In this day and age when we get so much BS from the news outlets we have to know where the truth is.

    It’s our responsibility.

20 hr 57 min 1,397 miles to Kelly’s Roast Beef


sign in ft lauderdale

Day 18: A map as your muse


If I left my house right now it would take me 20 hours, 57 minutes to get to my favorite food. Fried clams at Kellys. I’m writing this post in case any of you have a private plane and just by chance your flying from Boston to Martin County. It’s fifteen minutes out of your way. Really it is. There’s even a line in “Good Will Hunting” about Kelly’s being fifteen minutes away.


I actually hadn’t thought about Kelly’s in a while but a friend of mine told me she spent most of the summer up north and with her very proper London accent told me she went to Kelly’s on Revere Beach. I was so jealous.  She also talked about the very friendly birds.

Your best friends when you go there.


revere beach birds cyndi lenz


revere beach birds cyndi lenz


revere beach birds cyndi lenz

For those who do not know anything about Revere Beach. Before I was even born it was place where my parents and grandparents went.


old photo revere beach public domain


old photo revere beach public domain

It was the carney when I was growing up. My Mom would tell me not to go to the beach and I would head straight there. Cotton Candy and skiball. My heart still skips a beat if I find myself near skiball.

Then the whole thing got ripped down and it became Revere Beach Reservation.


Why is Revere Beach Important?

“Revere Beach is a public beach in Revere, Massachusetts, USA, located about 4 miles north of downtown Boston. Revere Beach was founded in 1895 as the first public beach in the United States.”

There is even an old bathhouse. It’s now a bathroom but in the olden days you rented your bathing suit there.

And there’s the old bandstand.

And there is Kelly’s.

When I worked in Boston I lived in Beverly and I would stop after my 3-11 shift to pick up food.

The night I gave birth to my son I begged for Kelly’s fried clams.

When I fly into Logan it’s my first stop after I drive past my old house and think to myself “Boy this hill is really steep!” “How did I ever get up this hill in the winter?”

Lot’s have changed but one thing remains.

Kelly’s is still there serving up the best fried clams you’ll ever have.

Don’t believe me? Watch Good Will Hunting.

Lessons learned from Phil Ochs

Lessons learned from Phil Ochs


I really never knew that much about Phil Ochs. I knew his voice that’s for sure. It is  so distinct which makes watching his story even harder. Harder but compelling. I watched this documentary and  could not stop thinking about it and all the important lessons we could learn from him I decided to watch it again a few weeks later.

There But For the Fortune

Also available on netflix

I try to watch as least one doc a week.  I start off telling myself that I’m working on craft and production style but its when I get sucked up into the story is when I knows its good. When I forget about angles, the footage  and just want more.
It’s all about the story. It’s always about the story. It’s all about THIS story.

Phil never even knew what folk music was until he went to college and his roommate introduced him to “left wing music.” He was brought up with movies. John Wayne.  He strove to be the “hero” and Sean Pean said “perhaps even the hero in his own movie.

1. Lesson number one. Be the hero in your own movie.
This is not so easy. We tell people to do this  and then when they do it we say “Who do you think you are being the hero in your own movie?”

Phil quits college and goes to NY and says “I’m going to be the best songwriter in the country. He goes to the village. He met his  girlfriend/ wife and Dylan would come over for dinner.

The backdrop of Phil’s life was the 60’s. For a folksinger there was plenty of material. He went to the south to work on civil rights. He would turn down commercial jobs for a benefit because it would reach more people. He would never turn  down a cause he believed in.

He sincerely believed that people should be treated equally.
He worked hard and got a contract with Electra Records.
In 1963 he was Newport Folk Festival performer of the year.

Phil’s father came back from the war and was so manic he had to be hospitalized.  The family was not close.
Phil played the clarinet and escaped by going to the movies.

“I aint marching anymore.”  became the anthem of the antiwar movement

He  got involved in the theater of the absurd and a protests called “the war is over!”

lesson number 2
intention is everything

“you can create your own reality when you become children of the media”


Probably one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard.

Lesson number 3
always have a plan b

Phil’s life was parallel to 60’s movement and he took  personally the killing of JFK, Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King.

But how he could not? How could you not write these incredibly intricate songs and not feel what was going on personally?

Phil was one of the people that started the Yippie Party so there could be an united front against the war. Phil liked the spirit and the theater.
During the democratic convention Mayor Daily issued shoot to kill orders and there were no permits issued.
Non of the rock and roll stars would go but Phil went to commit himself to the first amendment.
Phil was inside singing at an event that was permitted.
But it was at the main unpermitted event that that someone spontaneously lit their draft card. Then everyone lit up their draft cards. Then police and dogs were unleashed with a green light from the justice department.

It just happened. It was random. No one planned it ahead of time. One of the most organic meaningful symbols of the time. It just happened.

Lesson number 4: Sometimes we need to let things happen organically.

You can’t plan these things. The best things come out of well intentioned people with pure hearts that allow their movement to be organic. That’s where the magic happens. In some crazy space between the soul and spinning towards the  moon.

Richard Nixon was elected.

Phil started drinking day and night. It was really hard for him to understand that he could not make the changes he thought he could. So he drank.
Then Kent State happen.

There was a lot of frustration. The movement became more militant. There were more bombings. The weather underground.

lesson number 5
There is never any reason to hurt another human being or commit a crime. When you feel this way what your feeling is frustration. Civil disobedience is founded in frustration.  We have to learn how to deal with the frustration and move forward.

Phil shows up in a gold lame suit at Carnegie Hall.

Then he stopped writing “My subconscious wasn’t feeding me the material.” He said.

He was depressed and drinking. The highs would get higher and the lows would get lower.

Then he decided to see the world and “wash America out of his system.” He went off. He  found hotels , a good meal and the best bordellos. According to his traveling partner he had no regard for his personal safety.

He went with Jerry Rubin to Chile. He got meet Victor Harra who was the “Pete Seager” of Chile and they became great friends.

Phil decides to go to Africa  to record there so he can write the trip off. He recorded one of the first world music albums. He went for a walk and was jumped and when he woke up they bent his vocal cords and his voice was never the same after this.

He was devastated that he lost his voice and he thought it was done by the CIA. He came back to the US and  had a bad accident while drinking heavily.

and then on on Sept 12 , 19 73   there was a military coup in Chile  and the US  was involved.  The CIA was involved. It put Pinochet in power. The army put Victor Harra in a soccer stadium and they beat his hands up and walked over to the stands and told him “Lets sing a song for el commedante !” it was too much for the colonials and Victor Jara  was murdered along with all the poets and the writers.

The poem was written on a piece of paper that was hidden inside the shoe of a friend. The poem was never named, but is commonly known as “Estadio Chile“.

“There are five thousand of us here
in this small part of the city.
We are five thousand.
I wonder how many we are in all
in the cities and in the whole country?

How hard it is to sing
when I must sing of horror.
Horror which I am living,
horror which I am dying.
To see myself among so much
and so many moments of infinity
in which silence and screams
are the end of my song.

Víctor Jara, “Estadio Chile”
(translated from Spanish)”

Phil lost his mind and he did a benefit for the Chilean refugees. Arlo Gurthie, Pete Seager supported him.  He even talked Bob Dylan into doing this. It was sold out!

This event opened up peoples eyes to what was going on in South America.

It was a great event for everyone and for Phil because it brought him back into what he did best.  organizing.

Nixon resigned.

The war was over and Phil became really depressed
Lesson number 6 : Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

in 1975 he spiraled out of control. He was totally psychotic.
He kept on drinking. He felt worthless. He felt humiliated.
He went to his sisters and he wouldn’t leave the house.

His friend came and got him and took him out to montauk

Then he  hung himself.
He was 35.

Today is Dec 19th 2016. Today the electors will be voting for Donald Trump. Today is Phil’s birthday.  Happy Birthday Phil where ever you are. You live on through you music.

Coffee Talk: Sometimes bad things happen to good people and karma steps up and does the right thing!




Coffee Talk:  Sometimes bad things happen to good people and karma steps up and does the right thing!

Being positive does not mean ignoring the negative. Being positive means overcoming the negative.


So let me tell you what happened last week because it was amazing!

Last weekend I was on call and my friend Victoria laid this on my Facebook Timeline.

I watched it and I thought it was amazing! I was in a puddle of tears! It was so real and heartfelt.

Then this happened. My friend and River of Light partner in crime tagged this to me and his other nurse friends.


“It’s been one week since The View returned with a (mostly) new panel of co-hosts and the ABC show is already stirring up controversy.

On Monday, the ladies at the round table, including Michelle Collins, Joy Behar, Raven-Symoné and Paula Faris, were discussing the recent Miss America pageant, during which, for the talent portion, Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson performed a monologue and discussed her profession as a nurse.

Well, the co-hosts were not having it.

“The talent, though, I have to say, the woman who won sang opera, and she was incredible. Really good,” Collins said. “But then there was a girl who wrote her own monologue and I was like ‘Turn the volume up, this is going be amazing, let’s listen’. She came out in a nurse’s uniform and basically read her emails out loud and shockingly did not win.

Seriously?!” Joy Behar responded, appearing incredibly perplexed.

“I swear to God it was hilarious,” Collins replied.

“Why does she have a doctor’s stethoscope on?” Behar asked before Collins clarified, “She helps patients with Alzheimer’s, which I know is not funny, but I swear you had to see it.”

At first I was really angry and then I was really baffled as to how a person could be so ignorant and rude. It made me think I need to look at what’s on TV (Beside my beloved GH) during the day. That’s a blog for another day.

I don’t watch “The View” because I’m usually working as a nurse.

If I had anything to say at this point these folks it would be this:

There are a lot of people who are ill and poor. Many of them do not have food. One of things they do have is TV. Please try every day to make a difference in the life of your viewers.

Some of my nurse friend’s became quite upset. I was too.

Roxanne Viccaro Kovler wrote this:

“Here is my letter I posted to Joy Behar. An Open Letter to Joy Behar and The View


I have waited to respond to your insults to nurses to make sure my response was thoughtful, informative and not full of anger. You, Ms. Behar, have insulted millions of nurses in this country who give of themselves to their patients with little to no complaints.

Let me tell you that you have shown how ignorant you are. Do you really believe that it doesn’t take talent and skill to be a nurse? What talent and skill do you possess other than sitting at a desk and talking like an arrogant individual who believes they know everything about everything? You criticize people for things of which you have no knowledge, and this week, you have stepped on one of your own, a woman.

Let me give you a little background so you can understand where I am coming from. I am a 55-year old mother and grandmother. I spent 27-years of my career in Sales and Marketing with the dream of becoming a nurse one day. At the age of 44, I walked away from a very successful career and began my education to become a nurse. I was a single mother and I waitressed, took care of 2 gentlemen who had strokes in their past and had difficulty performing their ADL’s. (I’ll be nice and tell you that is Activities of Daily Living so you don’t have to take the time to google it.) I also worked at a car dealership part time. All the while I was doing this, I raised my children on my own, sacrificed many things so my children could have all they needed. All of this was done because I wanted to be a nurse and give of myself while doing something that was noble and worthwhile for other people.

I spent many years in an ER and have held new born babies, performed CPR on infants and adults, I used my NURSE stethoscope to auscultate lung sounds, heart sounds and bowel sounds to assure that my patient was not decompensating or deteriorating before my eyes. The doctor was not around for the majority of this assessment.

Think for a moment how you would react if you were in one room performing CPR while the family is sobbing outside the room because they know you have their loved ones life in your hands. At the time that loved one is pronounced dead, a Nurse cleans the body so it is presentable for the family to view and grieve over. You will never know the heartache of hearing family members sob over a loved one who is still warm with life but has no life left in them. Fast forward to the next room to help a patient celebrate that the pains they were feeling in the lower abdomen is not a virus but a symptom of no chronic disease other than a positive pregnancy test. I just watched a life slip away and in the next room I celebrate with people who will be bringing a new life into the world in a matter of months. Multiply these events by thousands and you may begin to see the “talent” that it takes to be a Nurse.

I was brought up to lift others up and not knock them down. You have shown what lack of character you truly possess. And to bring another woman down is even worse and knocks your character down to an even lower level than I previously thought.

I have seen an uprising in my profession and believe me, it is a beautiful sight to see. You have awoken a sleeping monster and whatever consequences arise for you from that is all your responsibility and I for one will not feel sorry for you.

I currently work in a Cardiac Cath Lab where we go into a person’s heart and look for life-threatening blockages in the arteries of their heart. I’ve watched a heart that is ready to stop reperfuse with the insertion of a stent and know in my heart that this person will be going home soon instead of to the morgue in a body bag because of my commitment and dedication to my profession.

I have seen a challenge made to you to shadow a Nurse for 12-hours to see if you are able to do it. I for one think you don’t have what it takes would last a minimal amount of time. I am attaching a photo for you to see how physically demanding my “costume” is to the simple every day movements that you take for granted.

Ms. Behar, should you ever find yourself in a position that I am your Nurse I will treat you with the utmost respect and give you the care that I give each of my patient’s with no regard for your ignorance or your insults to my profession. Do you possess a talent like that? I think not.

Roxanne in the cath lab

Roxanne in the cath lab

That photo is the “The View” (LOL) of the patient when your sitting the cath lab scared to death about what is going to found in your heart. It’s your in a space ship and all these kind and wonderful people are holding your hand while they are looking at the depths of your heart. I know this first hand.

Tagged tool doctors nurses

Tagged tool doctors nurses

Then THIS happened!

Kelly Johnson does not have to defend anything. She is amazing person and all us nurses out there are very proud of you.

To take all the goodness a little further, Ellen Degeneres did not make any mention of “The View.” She did not make nasty remarks. She took a bad situation and she turned it up side down and inside out into a wonderful positive experience.

I do watch Ellen almost every day because she’s on while this nurse is charting. For the first time ever I added her show to my DVR.

The View still needs to do some kind of community service here. I would suggest an entire show on nurses and all the great things they do. It would be educational to the people that work there.

So that was great right!

So the other thing that happened this week was this:


“The tech community has a message for Ahmed Mohamed, the the tech savvy Texas teen who was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school: Just keep building.

Mohamed, a freshman at MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas, was taken into police custody on Monday when his homemade digital clock was mistaken for a bomb by school officials and police. Since the incident, Mohamed has been fielding a slew of invitations from some of the biggest names in the tech world.

He is an award winning engineering student.

“Having the skill and ambition to build something cool should lead to applause, not arrest. The future belongs to people like Ahmed,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote. “Ahmed, if you ever want to come by Facebook, I’d love to meet you. Keep building.”

While Ahmed has a busy schedule ahead of him, including a meeting with President Obama, the offers from the tech community haven’t stopped there. Twitter offered him an internship.”

A child named Ahmed Mohamed bring a clock to school to impress his teachers. The interrogating officers would not allow him to talk to him parents.

They think it’s a bomb that arrest him and cart him off to jail. But its not a bomb its a clock! He still got suspended for three days. And this kid is so smart. President Obama invited him to the white house. MIT has invited him for a tour. Mark Zukerberg wants to talk to him. Nasa gave him a free trip space camp. Plus much more. What impressed was his wire box. I have a wire box like that and I know that Adam has a wire box too. So sometimes when people are assholes amazing things happen. I love this kid.

I think I totally related to him when I saw his wire box. Ahmed you should see my wire box and my sons! I have a wire cabinet.

BTW Robin from Good Morning America did a great job on this piece!

I’m including this article and I hope that Ahmed gets a chance to see.

With Columbia Journalism School’s Teacher Project.
Sept. 17 2015 12:39 PM

This Florida Teenager Knows What Ahmed Mohamed Is Going Through. It Happened to Her in 2013.

“Wilmot, who is black, was suspended for 10 days and recommended for expulsion. She was also charged with two felonies, though—after great public outcry—these charges were later dropped and her record expunged. After completing her junior year at an alternative high school for troubled kids, Wilmot returned to Bartow High School, which is 60 percent white, her senior year and graduated on time.

I spoke with Wilmot—now 19 and a sophomore at Florida Polytechnic University majoring in mechanical engineering—this morning about Mohamed’s predicament. She said that her first reaction was anger: “I honestly thought, ‘How could this happen to somebody else?’ ”

Islamophobia has been cited as a (or the) factor in Mohamed’s arrest; did race play a role in Wilmot’s? When asked if she thought she would’ve received the same treatment if she’d been white, Wilmot said, “I’m not sure.” And then, after a judicious pause, “No, probably not.”

When she returned to Bartow High her senior year, Wilmot said, “There were a few students who started a beef with me, they’d say stuff like ‘next time you plan to blow up the school, let us know’ and that kind of thing,” but the administrators who’d called the police on her never apologized or even acknowledged the incident to her face.

“I still have people who harass me about it and call me a terrorist, but I’ve moved on,” Wilmot said. And some good has come from her arrest, too: “I got a scholarship to space camp and got to meet Homer Hickam,” former NASA engineer, “who’s my hero,” Wilmot said.”

So I know this was long and this is why I never go out for coffee with my friends!

Ahmed is looking for a new school. I hope that some wonderful school invites him to go someplace great!

Here’s a little mood music. In my virtual coffee shop there is always inspiring music playing.

So as Ellen says “Please be kind to one another.”

Sometimes bad thing happen to good people and karma steps up and does the right thing!

My Open Letter to the Repuplican Presidential Candidates: Speak the Truth even if it hurts. and a gift for the Donald.

















It’s impressive that he could stand for the entire thing. I could barely sit through it.

Stephen Colbert

My Open Letter to the Republican Presidential Candidates: Speak the Truth even if it hurts. and a gift for the Donald.

I write a lot of open letters.

Today I’m writing to the Republican Presidential Candidates

The other day I watched your debate. I took time out of my busy life to watch all of it and listen to all you and at the end of the evening I was totally disgusted.

Do we live in the same country?

Do you guys know there are actual people out here that are depending on your leadership?

We are a country of laws.

You all did not seem to have an issue with BushvGore so why now are you having an issue with the Supreme Court?

If you so want your religious state perhaps we can start with Sharia Law. See how that works out for you.  I simply do not know what to do about this. We have a separation between church and state for a reason and you can’t pick and choose what you like to pander to a few people.

But if this is what you really want why not do that. Have your religious state. Take a few states and let that be your place and leave the rest of us alone.

You should be talking about inclusion not exclusion.

As I watched the debate I sat here and looked up jobs for nurses in other countries because frankly you guys scare me.

Your statement regarding Planned Parenthood is your opinion and not true. Your responding to an edited video by nefarious people who are so cowardly they shot this without telling the person and then edited to make their point. These people are not filmmakers. They are propagandists.

If you are having a reaction to propaganda without doing the research to find out if it’s true then you have no business running for president.

In Florida it is illegal to record someone without their knowledge. Hell, we can’t even take photos of private cows without getting in trouble.

Here is an article about that video that you all seem so interested in.

Unspinning the Planned Parenthood Video

If any of you have an issue with this please discuss with the National Cancer Institute. I’m not saying I personally agree or disagree so don’t shoot the messenger.

You took a dubious video who’s intention was to incite emotion and used that. So there are only two conclusions that I come to.

  1. You didn’t take the time to see what the story was with the video which says your lazy.
  2. You intentionally used this video to invoke people emotions and therefore divide us even further.

Planned parenthood is just one place that you all are going after. There are many more. You are propagating something that is not quite true and therefore in my book have no business running for anything. We need honest brokers no matter what. how could I trust any of these people to tell me the truth about anything if they can’t even speak the truth.

We can’t trust alarmists with the codes to the nukes. forgetaboutit.

For instance. The Environment. God gave us the heavens and the earth. Why are you destroying it.

just a few tips:

  1. Please Please Please be honest brokers.
  2. Please read science.
  3. Please research what you are talking about.

The most honest the most honest person up was Donald Trump. I might not like a lot of things he says but I do believe he has a sincere desire to fix things. His way. Bit fix them none the less.

So here is a little gift for Donald Trump.  You were going down the right road with autism but your not there yet. I’ve have  met  hundreds of parents of children with autism.There is a theory out there that the children having these issues have an underlying immune system disorder and when they get these vaccines something happens to them.

I’ve been a nurse for a long long time and we never really saw this when we  were young then when our kids were getting vaccinations the list vaccinations started to get bigger and bigger. The more you give to these kids the more your going to see something happens. (The bigger the herd)

We are seeing diseases today like we have never seen before many of them immune systems disorders. I don’t know why personally and scientifically I would guess because of so much pollution, processed food, pesticides,  who know what in our food supply the list goes on.

I had the great pleasure of knowing Dr Jacquelyn McCandless an amazing woman who became interested in autism when her granddaughter was diagnosed.

Jaquelyn McCandless received her Doctorate in Medicine at the University of Illinois College of Medicine and is certified as a Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. She has been in private practice in Southern California since 1966.

In 1996 after their grandchild was diagnosed with autism, Jaquelyn returned back intensely to basic medicine in response to the complexity of Chelsey’s disorder and began working with the biomedical aspects of developmentally delayed children. Jack turned his visionary educational interests even more toward the council process in schools and the exploration with other innovative educators of inclusion programs in response to the overwhelming increase in the numbers of special needs children entering our school systems now.

Jaquelyn now utilizes the knowledge she gained exploring and using treatments for her grandchild to help other ASD children, including writing the book she so desperately needed when this aspect of her current life-journey started five years ago.”


In the midst of a worldwide epidemic of autism, ADD, and ADHD, this book is a message of hope to parents embarking on the challenging journey of finding proper medical care for their Autism Spectrum Disorder children. Genetic susceptibility activated by “triggers” such as pesticides and heavy metals in vaccines can lead to immune system impairment, gut dysfunction, and pathogen invasion such as yeast and viruses in many children. This is the first book written by an experienced clinician that gives a step-by-step treatment guide for parents and doctors based on the understanding that ASD is a complex biomedical illness resulting in significant brain malnutrition.

She was a brilliant woman and so dedicated. She and her husband took their own money and went to Africa to help the AIDS crisis. It wasn’t pretty. There were ton’s of issues but she did it.

Here is the last I saw her. Sorry about the audio its weak but please listen.

So thank you Donald Trump for talking about this very important issue.

So if you read and listen she thought there is an issue with immune systems of autistic children. We won’t see this stuff in mainstream medicine because big Pharma gets in the way and it’s impossible to do any huge studies because of the money.

I also appreciate all of your remarks about the Koch Brothers! Please keep that up.

When you say it’s a mess out there your right!

As for the rest of you there are people out there that are poor, that don’t have food, or a place to live and while your busy plotting how to take even more away from from them our infrastructure is crumbling.


Talk about real things that real people need to be addressed.  Stop playing games with the American People.

A little humor. watch this:

then watch this:


WordPress Writing 101: Che and Orange is the New Black





So my assignment ( and this will get me caught up) is to be inspired by something social media. It was suggested that you go to twitter and search “quotes.” When I did that I got two accounts that I follow.

This is one.


After watching Flow and learning about Bolivia and other countries it certainly is the truth.

When your a kid and a revolutionary of sorts, at least in your mind “Che” is a very romantic figure.” Then you grow up and your realize his life and the way his chose to live came at a great price. I have a hard time reconciling the doctor who took care of people with leprosy and the person who  became a murderer in the name of freedom. Maybe you had to be there.

I could write for hours on Che. I’ve seen multiple documentaries and read a bunch of books. I think I keep looking for that moment where everything changed.  The sentinel moment. The objective remained the same but the tactics changed.


I looked at the photo a thousand times.


Its a symbol. But of what? I think no matter what he dedicated his life to helping the poor. Also, like many people who have good intentions narcissism gets in the way.  I do love the film I have seen of his time in NY with everyone throwing themselves at him and his speach at the UN. What would the world be like if Che were alive today? What kind of man, husband, grandfather would he be in the world of the 24 hour news cycle and social media? How would we treat him?

I named one of my lacie ruggeds after him but really didn’t give him much thought for a long time. Then I watched “The Motorcycle Diaries.” This movie is so exquisite. Here is the trailer. You must see if you haven’t.

You can read about him on Wikapedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Che_Guevara

Here is some audio of his famous trip to NYC to talk to the UN.

As we know Che was killed in Bolivia with the help of the CIA.

I love all his goodness. Deplore the blood, death and violence.

The other page that came up in my search was:

OITNB Quotes


So this is the other way around. Here we have jailed woman who are in for all kinds of violent acts and we get to watch the microcosm of humanity that goes on in Litchfield Prison. Sometimes funny. Sometimes sad. Always meaningful.

If I could meet one television writer it would be Jenji Kohan.

Some people didn’t like this past season. I loved it. It was subtle and we really got to know the backstories.

I’m going back to re watch but my favorite story line was the kosher meals and how Black Cindy decided to become a Jew.

When I was younger and flew with my parents they would always order the kosher meal. “It was better.” They said.

So in order to save the prison when it becomes privatized the first thing they do is supply food from boxes. It was truly gross. I couldn’t even look. One of prisoners decided to order a kosher meal so she was getting a half way decent meal and then some of the others caught on and the power’s that be noticed an increase in the quantity of kosher dinner’s being consumed and because they couldn’t deny it they hired a Rabbi to come in and flush out the fakers.

In the end Black Cindy converted to Judaism but she couldn’t finish it off because there was no micveh.

or was there?

OK so my name is also Cyndi and my Hebrew name is Tova so I totally related. But there something about Black Cindy’s joy that me admire this character and her journey.

You can see for yourself.

The best part is when she says.” And if you do something wrong its your job to figure it out. As far as G-d is concerned its your job to keeping asking questions , to keep learning, and to keep arguing. It’s like a verb. YOU DO G-D.”

That’s what hit me. That’s I was taught to do. Ask questions, keep learning and keep arguing.

It’s part of me and who I am and who I always will be: A total pain in the rear end!

writing 101: why i write

I used to write. Then I stopped.


Last January I made a commitment to my blog to use it for the highest good.

I started out just posting video. This a great way to post all the video from a particular event and send to everyone so they could watch and share.

As a documentary filmmaker I let the film do the talking for me.

Then I started to write. I felt that if one person read what I wrote and it resonated with them I would be happy. One became two, became ten, became fifty. The US became Australia that became Brazil that became all kinds of countries.

I am so humbled.

I can’t stop writing. This is one my issues. My friends complain that it takes a week to read one of my blogs.

There are many things to talk about. What I have found is lots of people have the same questions and concerns that I have but not the time to think about it. I do on my blog what I do in my daily life. I educate. I write about the water. I write about the environment. I write about mental health. I write about Golden Retrievers.

I make list of things I want to write about and then I loose them.

My daily life is that of a psychiatric home health nurse. The writing I do for that is no of your business and protected information.

I have to have an end to that day and a beginning of one where I live in the universe with my fellow travelers.

Thank you all for being here! I am so grateful.

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