Better Medicine add a pinch of holistic

The last few weeks for me have been the scariest of my life. After not feeling good for a few days I took myself to the urgent care center to be told to get my butt directly to the er. Which i did, after i went home and let my dog out to relieve himself I drove my self directly to the er where people asked me at least 50 times “Did I drive there.”

I knew something bad was wrong but apparently I had no idea how bad but after a lot of blood work,  X-rays , a ct scan and a ultrasound i was told my gallbladder was a mess and it had to come out.

So great. For the last 33 years i had managed to stay out of the hospital. I had managed to not have a primary care physician for the last four years. Just the thought of going to the doctor and getting berated and yelled at totally bummed me out.   I was very spoiled when I lived in Boca. I knew everyone especially the integrative docs and I knew they were willing to at least have a conversation with me. I had however, been seeing an acupuncture doc and trying to work on what i thought was my issues after getting a really bad case of shingles last feb. I wanted to heal myself from the inside out. And i was and I felt great, Until I didn’t.

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