where do we go now?

So last week I wrote a lot about the Pacific Legal Foundation.


Here we learned about the connection between our Florida Bear, Florida Panther and Manatees and the work these people to protect nothing.



Here we able to see that not only are they here in the universe but also very good friends with our Economic Council of Martin County.

Then I wrote this about our local liberty caucus and apparently outed someone that was sort of kept under wraps.


None of this made me happy. In fact it just made me sad. What is worse than a bunch hypocrites?

Then I wrote this.


Who was the true libertarian.

Burt was of course. He was the only one that talked the talk and walked the walk. He said ““A good day is when no one comes over and I don’t have to go anywhere.” He wanted to be left alone BUT he also left everyone else alone.

To me the rest are a bunch of hypocrites because you can’t say you want to be left alone and have freedom but then intrude on other people.

The Pacific Legal Foundation is actually exploiting libertarianism if you think about it.

Why can’t they stay home and leave us alone?

Because they are not true libertarians. They are wolves in  sheep’s clothing.

So what happens is they start something and we have to send our Big Guns out like David Guest from Earthjustice. What it becomes is a battle between the lawyers. (Thank goodness for David. If not for him and all the other dedicated people we would be screwed)

Even the bible warns us


“Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

Which, just like our friends the vultures is really an insult to the wolves.

So enough of that you get the picture. Where do we go from here?

We could rail back and yell and scream and be vindictive but does that really get you anywhere?
They, like us, have a right to be.

I think the people are trying to take care this by changing to no party affiliation. I think we’re sick of all of it.

I found this


and this


  •  Over 25% of registered voters in Florida are NPAs or minor party members
  • Over 33% of these voters show up at the polls on election day
  • Over 60% are under age 50
  • Over 25% of voters under 30 register as NPAs
  • Over 50% of these voters are in the age group 30 – 49
  • Young NPAs are turned off by major parties because of negative campaigns

Things have got to change. It cannot be business as usual.


The Democratic advantage among registered voters in Florida continues to narrow slowly, according to the latest figures from the state Division of Elections.

But the closing of the party gap comes as the overall numbers of registered Democrats and Republicans are down from 2012 election levels. Meanwhile, there has been an uptick in voters who declare themselves free agents from the major parties and sign up as “no party affiliation.”

Age and negative perceptions that many new voters have of both major parties are credited for the shifts in registration.

We have talk and we have to find things we agree on. If not, i doubt we have any panthers, black bears or manatees and we certainly will not have clean water.

What do you think? How can we move forward?