New digs! Follow me there!

I just put this page together and it’s in it infancy. I’m so sick of all the propaganda and thuggery. On all sides. I’m sick of peoples egos getting in the way.

So please follow me here/

Treasure Coast Free Press

I’m also the Editor of

I’m having a blast over there. We reworked our website and posting some great stuff. I’m looking for writers if you are local. You can contact me at


3 comments on “New digs! Follow me there!

  1. Amy Hunt says:

    I am so way off from where you might hope I would be pertaining to this, what it here. I consider myself a Boston native even though slightly out of it. Lynn. You wrote something mentioning Kelley’s, the place on Revere Beach that I remember fondly and I would like to let you know that I enjoyed reading that.


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