Memorial Day 2015: Remembering Uncle Edward Gelman

Memorial Weekend 2016

cyndi lenz

My Dad, Arthur had two brothers Melvin and Edward and one sister, Millie. I never met my Uncle Edward because he was killed during WW2. But I knew him through stories my dad would tell me and I know that my Gramma Bertha and Grampa Max thought about him every day.

I always wondered what would have happened if he lived. What would he have been like (My Dad said he was a good kid.) Would have he have married? Would I have more cousins?

American cemetery in Cambridge,England American cemetery in Cambridge,England

I found this today and I was able to leave a flower.

Death:Apr. 23, 1945, Isle of Man

Passenger M/Sgt. Edward Z. M. Gelman Lost
Hometown: Massachusetts
Squadron: 532nd 381st Bomb Group
Service# 11030709
Awards: Bronze Star
Pilot Captain Charles E. Ackerman Lost

Target: Ferry Mission
Date Lost: 23-Apr-45

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4 comments on “Memorial Day 2015: Remembering Uncle Edward Gelman

  1. julie williams says:

     great Blog about your Uncle!!!


  2. Edna says:

    Hi cyndi
    I am aunt Jessie’s daughter, Edna. Happened to be looking up information on Eddie as I was named after him. Came across your article and would love to hear from you. My daughter also visited his grave when she was in England. I am so interested to learn more about him.


  3. Edna Karas says:

    Hi Cyndi
    Great post. My name is Edna and I was actually named after Eddie. My mother Jessie was Eddie’s aunt. I was recently looking for information about him and found your blog. I would love to get in touch with you and learn more about him. Thank you.


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