Florida Inc: Thank you League of Woman Voters!

Florida Inc: Thank you League of Woman Voters!

Gerrymandering has been going on in Florida for a long time and it truly has been a bipartisan activity. It took the very awesome and very bipartisan League of Woman voters to get the whole mess straightened out.


“In the process of setting electoral districts, gerrymandering is a practice that attempts to establish a political advantage for a particular party or group by manipulating district boundaries to create partisan advantaged districts.”


“The League of Women Voters (LWV) is an American civic organization that was formed to help women take a larger role in public affairs as they won the right to vote. It was founded in 1920 by Carrie Chapman Catt during the last meeting of the National American Woman Suffrage Association, approximately six months before the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution gave women the right to vote.[3] The League of Women Voters began as a “mighty political experiment” aimed to help newly enfranchised women exercise their responsibilities as voters. Originally, only women could join the league; but in 1973 the charter was modified to include men. LWV operates at the local, state, and national level, with over 1,000 local and 50 state leagues.”


“The League of Women Voters of Florida (LWVF) is a civic organization in the state of Florida. The League’s bylaws mandate that the organization will not support any candidate or party, but the League’s members do advocate on policy issues.

The Florida League got its official start in the state in 1939, when women in Winter Haven, Winter Park and St. Petersburg initiated the Florida League of Women Voters, following some earlier efforts. Its first project was a study of state government with a particular focus on the State’s Constitution. Early advocacy efforts encouraged the Florida Legislature to end the process of gerrymandering.”


A case brought by the League of Women Voters and Democratic-leaning plaintiffs could force the Republican-controlled state legislature to redraw Florida’s “lopsided” election districts before the midterm elections,  The Washington Post reported.
Both houses of the Florida legislature are controlled by Republicans as is the governor’s mansion. Republicans had invested heavily  in winning the legislature in advance of the once-in-a-decade redrawing process.”

To The Point with Michael Williams this past Sunday, July 19, 2015: Pamela Goodman, Florida League of Women Voters
“Egregious behavior of the Florida Legislature.”


Lawyers for the defendants have told the court that none of the documents sought by the plaintiffs have been “deleted, destroyed, lost, misappropriated, or otherwise became unavailable for production” and that they produced more than 20,000 documents in response to the request.


“The subpoenas were sent April 2 and include Senate President Andy Gardiner, R-Orlando; state Sen. Don Gaetz, a Niceville Republican who served as head of the Senate redistricting committee and then Senate president; former state Rep. Dean Cannon, who served as House Speaker when the maps were passed; and state Sen. Jack Latvala, a Clearwater Republican who filed a last minute redistricting amendment that was ultimately passed by the Senate.

Much like the congressional lawsuit, plaintiffs again allege that lawmakers violated anti-gerrymandering provision added to the state Constitution by voters in 2010. The amendments say, in part, that politics cannot play a role in the redistricting process.

The subpoena list is also full of state redistricting staff and outside political consultants, many of whom were also involved in the congressional lawsuit. That includes Gainesville-based GOP consulting firm Data Targeting.

Records released as part of the first lawsuit show the firm drew both congressional and Senate maps and submitted them through third-parties. Firm founder Pat Bainter said the anti-gerrymandering amendments are unfair because it makes it nearly impossible for people who work as political consultants to take part in the map drawing process, which should be their right as a state citizens.”

HAAHAHAH That’s rich!

not fair

“One of those is the seat held by state Sen. Joe Negron, R-Stuart, which contains parts of Indian River, Martin, Palm Beach and St. Lucie Counties. The lawsuit says Negron’s coastal district was intentionally pushed north into Indian River County to “avoid including Democratic voters to the South.”Pushing the district north opens up a gap in the south between Negron’s district and the seat held by Lake Worth Democrat Jeff Clemens. That gap is filled by a portion of state Rep. Joseph Abruzzo, D-Royal Palm Beach, that “strangely protrudes” into the Palm Beach County, a Democratic stronghold.

“The Legislature intentionally disregarded political and geographic boundaries to favor particular incumbents and the party in power,” read the lawsuit.”

So what happened.


“TALLAHASSEE, Fla., July 9 (Reuters) – The Florida Supreme Court on Thursday ordered the redrawing of some of the state’s U.S. congressional districts before the 2016 elections.

The state’s high court found the legislature’s redistricting plan was “constitutionally invalid,” the latest decision in a long-running legal battle over gerrymandering in the state.

The court said two of the state’s 27 congressional districts, currently occupied by Democrat Corrine Brown of Jacksonville and Republican Daniel Webster in the Orlando area, need to be redrawn, as well as adjacent districts.

These districts have been the subject of litigation. A circuit court judge ruled last year that the legislature’s 2012 maps “made a mockery” of anti-gerrymandering provisions in the state’s constitution.

“The court has made it abundantly clear that partisan gerrymandering will not be tolerated,” said attorney David King, representing a group of plaintiffs led by the League of Women Voters of Florida and Common Cause. (Reporting by Bill Cotterell and Letitia Stein; Editing by Bill Trott and Mohammad Zargham)”


GOP continues to fight tooth and nail for its gerrymandered district maps, despite ruling by Florida Supreme Court firmly against its Congressional district gerrymandering … by gimleteye.

You can read the entire decision from the Supreme Court of Florida there.

“Supreme Court of Florida
 ____________  No. SC14-1905  ____________
 Appellants/Cross–Appellees, vs.
KEN DETZNER, et al.,
Appellees/Cross–Appellants. [July 9, 2015] PARIENTE, J. In this appeal involving legal issues of first impression, we review a trial court’s finding that the 2012 “redistricting process” and the “resulting map” apportioning Florida’s twenty-seven congressional districts were “taint[ed]” by unconstitutional intent to favor the Republican Party and incumbent lawmakers.”
Remember them. The same folks who wouldn’t listen, carried on in the shadows, think we are their personal property. If you think about it we are the employees of FLORIDA INC. (I’d like raise please and some health insurance for the same price you guys get!)
 “– 18 – proposed maps in their names to the Legislature, which were drawn  by the consultants. What is clear to me from the evidence, as described in more detail below, is that this group of Republican political consultants or operatives did in fact conspire to manipulate and influence the redistricting process. They accomplished this by writing scripts for and organizing groups of people to attend the public hearings to advocate for adoption of certain components or characteristics in the maps, and by submitting maps and partial maps through the public  process, all with the intention of obtaining enacted maps for the State House and Senate and for Congress that would favor the Republican Party. They made a mockery of the Legislature’s proclaimed transparent and open process of redistricting by doing all of this in the shadow of that process, utilizing the access it gave them to the decision makers, but going to great lengths to conceal from the public their plan and their participation in it. They were successful in their efforts to influence the redistricting process and the congressional  plan under review here. And they might have successfully concealed their scheme and their actions from the public had it not been for the [challengers’] determined efforts to uncover it in this case. The closer question is whether the Legislature in general, or the leadership and staff principally involved in drawing the maps, knowingly joined in this plan, or were duped by the operatives in the same way as the general public.”
Who is

“Kenneth W. Detzner (b. 1952 in Chicago, IL) is the current Republican Florida Secretary of State. He was appointed on January 18, 2012, by Governor Rick Scott, and confirmed by the Florida State Senate in late February.[1]Detzner previously occupied the secretary of state’s office for a short period in under then-Gov. Jeb Bush, during its transition from an elective cabinet post to a gubernatorial appointed post. Bush named Detzner his chief of staff until appointing him to serve as interim secretary of state.”

Help Save the Everglades from more destruction, STOP ROGG (River of Grass Greenway).

Please sign the petition! (Even if you don’t live here you could visit)


Please share this page!

Published on Jun 26, 2015

“These are all images from the ROGG plan that look to be on the path that will be removed. Please sign the petition we have on Change.org to stop this project. https://www.change.org/search?q=rogg July 1st is the deadline to submit public comment to Mark Heinicke at email: MHEINIC@miamidade.gov and by postal mail to: Mark Heinicke, Project Manager of the ROGG and Project Planner with the Miami-Dade County Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department, Planning and Design Excellence Division, 275 NW 2nd Street, 4th Floor, Miami, FL 33128-1794, phone: 305-755-7811.

MEDIA ADVISORY FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Shannon Larson at 904-654-0200 ancientrees@hotmail.com; Betty Osceola at 786-385-6743 oohopee@aol.com; Houston R. Cypress at 786-897-4582 EvergladesActNow@gmail.com; Karen Dwyer at 239-404-2171 dwyerka@gmail.com
The proposed River of Grass Greenway would be a 76-mile hard surface pathway 20 to 40 feet wide, running from Naples to Miami cutting through six national and state parks – some of the most ecologically sensitive lands in the nation – estimated initial costs to build ROGG will cost taxpayers $140 million dollars. Long-term costs even more costly. At ground zero in restoration efforts, eyes around the world are watching to see if Florida can save the Everglades. Yet, the so-called River of Grass Greenway project is independent of the massive 30 year Restoration Project, and could interfere with CERP. Opponents claim the 76-mile bike highway would destroy wetlands, disrupt watersheds, encroach on indigenous lands, disturb historic battlefields, undermine restoration efforts and open the door to commercialization of the Big Cypress and Everglades. They say the area is readily accessible and already has more than enough highways, trails, bike paths, swamp walks, observations towers, and vast array of existing recreational opportunities. “Shutdown the ROGG: Defend Nature by leaving it undisturbed” reads one of their signs and “Moccasins on the Ground NOT pavement” another.
Recent words by Bobby C. Billie, Spiritual Leader and Clan Leader of the Council of the Original Miccosukee Simanolee Nation Aboriginal People who will be leading the event: “The most important thing with this project is the destruction of the Natural World that the Creator has given us. The indigenous people know the Creations the Creator has given us; the Water, the Air, the Trees, the Plants, the Grasses, and all the Insects living in the Grasses, must survive in order that we may survive.”


We took in a 5 day workshop led by Betty Osceola and Bobby C Billie mostly though other Nations from around the country had shown up in support of this historic peaceful opposition.We chose the opportunity and challenge to put ourselves out in the care of our Indigenous Nations hosts while walking for 5 days across Tamiami Trail (41) and the Everglades from Naples to Miami. We chose to endure and learn about Mother Nature and her wounds that continue to bleed. We have connected in spirit to help right some wrongs, crimes, against not only Mother Earth but the area and all of its life,its waters, its air, its wildlife, and its Indigenous people. The Everglades has been encroached upon and has been damaged for many years and continues to be treated as if its a place for development to conquer.The Everglades needs to be repaired and have zero impact of plans and projects forced upon it. Why must we come up with an idea and think its good when its not, is it the people we hang around with, is it a mob mentality of only a fool cant see that its right? I’ve lost respect for many of the blowhard egotists I used to see as icons and saviors of our community and planet and see that they sway with the group they follow or out of fear for the job they hold. Shame on us for supporting this so blindly without research or our knowledge of current actions needed to help restore some health to the Everglades. Why would any choose to continue to make strides backwards before any movement forward has even been made. Where were the numbers from the so-called Enviro-groups that can only support special interests because of funding? Shame on both Collier County/The City of Naples, Everglades City and all the entities that have pledged support of this salt to the wounds project. This project, its roadway, its lights,its bathrooms,its concessions, its many parking areas are all adding more damage to the land and desecrating the sovereignty of the Indigenous people that struggle with our ways and try to steward a seriously sick area of nature. NO ROGG/ NO IMPACT/NO WAY, THIS HAS BEEN A BAD IDEA FROM THE START AND IS A MEANS FOR MORE DEVELOPMENT. SEEK YOUR SPIRIT,I COULD NOT SUPPORT THIS WITH GOOD CONSCIENCE AND I CANT SEE HOW ANY WOULD.


Since the project was proposed in 2012, environmentalists have petitioned and protested, saying the path would set back Everglades restoration. Supporters and ROGG committee members say the path would create a safe way for people to enjoy the park and increase Everglades education.

Revision 7-15-2015 at 4:29 pm – NEW DEADLINE Aug 1, 2015 – Extended July 15th deadline provides the ability to send more comments to mheinic@miamidade.gov Here are some abbreviated ideas statements one could reword as they like to make points they might not have already made about ROGG.

1 There is not enough space to install ROGG as planned on US 41 and maintain current level of safety for motorists or current quality of habitat adjacent to US 41 ROGG will eliminate from existence due to ROGG being installed on top of them.

2 An ROGG plan conceptual idea of narrowing the outside width of US 41 by 8 feet (25%) in unspecified sections to facilitate a stealthful speed reduction based on fear of head on collisions is a deadly idea to even consider and should be permanently dropped.

3 Motorist safety will be cut by 50% due to ROGG and design B-9 due to ROGG taking up 50% of the historically available space to safely pull off US 41 (Tamiami Trail).

4 The May 2015 plan aside from a few design details is mostly a promotional brochure touting statistics based upon totally subjective data to skew results in favor of developing this culturally, environmentally and financially destructive idea.

5 Many have asked why are they wanting this – This project’s origin is at or very close to a road building family (the Bonness family) in Collier county that has a good chance reap millions (145 of them) if the project is built.

6 We do not want to see our Indigenous neighbors that actually live on the ROGG path on US 41 have to put up with the negative repercussions ROGG will cause to their lives significant religious sites that ROGG construction will unavoidably be the direct cause of..

7 Hundreds if not Thousands of mature Cypress near US 41 are currently planned to be cut as per the preferred alternatives shown in the May 2015 ROGG master plan.

8 Between ROGG construction operation and maintenance for 20 years the plan estimates cost to be $225,000,000 dollars of taxpayer money. Their estimate did not include design, construction set up or Mitigation for environmental harm which will be a huge that plan authors chose to not include anywhere. This is an unjustifiable financial burden to put on taxpayers for a path anywhere other than urban areas crying for good paths that will actually save local lives lost due to the lack of them every year.”

facebook page


How much more are we going to do to the Indigenous people. We are killing them with water issues and this is just more disrespect to their traditions and sacred sites? That one. How long will this site be up when people start demanding starbucks and other places to eat and drink along the way? Before you know it will be  a road because because people won’t want to ride their bikes. Or a tram ride. All in the name of moeny. It’s a lot of money spent that will interfere with the restoration of the Everglades.”


I snitched this from my friend Tiki Steve. Tik and I also have a facebook page where we have been documenting for years!



I had asked him a few months ago about what was going on in the construction world after I wrote


Are the people south of lake any safer today than they were then?

This is from 2013


1.The levee is expected to fail. I know that sounds bad, and it is. FEMA is apparently planning to update flood assessments this summer and redraw flood maps for Palm Beach and Martin counties. These flood maps are expected to be drawn as if the levee around Lake Okeechobee didn’t exist. In other words, they are not counting on the levees to protect against flooding.

2. The Herbert Hoover Dike is in the highest failure category of the Army Corps risk scale. Current efforts are being directed at reducing the risk category, but as it stands (and even after millions of dollars worth of improvements) the levee protecting the area still carries the highest risk classification (DSAC 1) of any dam in the United States.

3. There is no emergency spillway, nor is one planned to be built. There is no good, controlled way to drain off excess water from the lake should a large amount of rain fall in a short amount of time. Lake Okeechobee fills six times faster than it can be drained, and a foot of rainfall would result in 3 to 4 feet of water rise in the lake. Current levees will start to fail when the lake rises above 18.5 feet above mean sea level (it’s at roughly 14 feet currently), and significant levee problems are almost certain to occur when the lake reaches 20 feet over MSL.

Solicitation No. W912EP-15-R-0013
LOCATION: Multiple Cities, FL (Palm Beach Co.)
ESTIMATED AMOUNT: $25,000,000 to $50,000,000
CONTRACTING METHOD: Competitive Public Bids
BIDS DUE: July 21, 2015 at 2:00 PM (To Owner)
No of Days: 1095
OWNER: US Army Corps of Engineers
701 San Marco Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32232-0019
(904)232-3735 FAX# (904)232-2748
Contact: Tedra Nicole Thompson Phone#:(904)232-2016
USE: Federal – Demolition and removal of the existing Herbert Hoover Dike Culvert 10A and the construction of a new outlet work S-271 at the same location of the existing Culvert 10A. The demolition and reconstruction efforts will be performed in the dry requiring the installation of an earthen cofferdam within Lake Okeechobee and a steel sheep pile (SSP) cofferdam on the landside at the L-8 canal in order to dewater the construction site. To maintain flows between Lake Okeechobee and the L-8 canal, a steel sheet pile canal will be constructed to divert flow from the L-8 canal to a three barrel bypass culvert. The bypass culvert will be constructed with 10-foot diameter HDPE pipe and will be operated during the construction of the new outlet works. The bypass culvert will have a sheet pile headwall on the landside and steel pile supported gates on the lakeside. The new outlet works structure will include cast-in-place reinforced concrete headwalls (lakeside and landside), conduit and endwalls. Combination flap/slide gates will be installed in each bay of the lakeside headwall. The outlet works will consist of four (4) barrels that vary in geometry from 10-foot square at the headwalls to 7-foot high by 13.5-foot wide rectangles through the embankment. The reconstructed embankment will feature a cutoff wall, and impervious core, a vertical chimney drain, and a horizontal drain and filter. The reconstructed embankment will match the existing crest elevation of the dike at the site. Riprap will be installed along the lakeside embankment face for erosion protection. A steel sheet pile groin structure will be installed on the lakeside to reduce sedimentation in the entrance canal. A control building will be installed on the landside work platform. Work also includes the demolition and removal of two existing residential structures at the project site and clearing an electrical corridor.
Div1 general requirements
Div2 existing conditions, demolition, engineering control of asbestos containing materials
Div3 concrete, structural cast-in-place concrete forming, concrete accessories, concrete reinforcing, cast-in-place concrete, concrete finishing, concrete curing
Div5 metals, metal fabrications
Div8 openings, stainless-steel doors and frames, door hardware, louvers
Div9 finishes, painting
Div13 special construction
Div25 integrated automation, integrated automation instrumentation and terminal devices for facility equipment
Div26 electrical, facility lightning protection, interior lighting, exterior lighting
Div31 earthwork, erosion controls, steel piles, timber piles
Div32 exterior improvements, asphalt paving, sodding
Div33 storm drainage utilities, concrete culverts
Div35 waterway and marine construction
Div40 instrumentation and control for process systems


NAICS Code: 237990
Liquidated Damages – $5,431.00 Per Calendar Day of Delay & $,1358.00 Per Calendar Day for establishment of landscaping.
Plans: Owner
Certified/Cashiers Check
PERF. BOND:100 %
A Site Visit was held on June 17, 2015 at 9:00 AM. Please call Ingrid Bon, Canal Point Communtiy Center, 12860 US Hwy 441, Canal Point FL, 561-472-8888 for additional information.
Industry Type: General/Civil Joint Projects
Industry Sub Type: Dams/Reservoir

Advanced Drainage Systems Inc (ADS) FAX# (614)658-0204
4640 Trueman Blvd Hilliard, OH 43026 (614)658-0284
Allen Engineering Inc FAX# (321)783-5902
106 Dixie Ln Cocoa Beach, FL 32931 (321)783-7443
Contact: Roger Sevigny
Allied Trailer Sales & Rental FAX# (407)240-1129
400 W Landstreet Rd Orlando, FL 32824-7805 (407)240-1119
Contact: Elizabeth Barron
Apex Metal Fabrication Inc FAX# (386)328-0338
177 Comfort Rd Palatka, FL 32177 (386)328-2564
Contact: Kevin Walker ,Phone#:(386)328-2564 ,Fax#:(386)328-0338
Arc Surveying & Mapping FAX# (904)384-8388
5202 San Juan Ave Jacksonville, FL 32210-3140 (904)384-8377
Contact: John Sawyer ,Phone#:(904)384-8377
Armcor Com 1001 19th St N Ste 1200 Arlington, VA 22209 (800)873-4161
Contact: John Fedewa ,Phone#:(800)873-4161
Barkley Consulting 3494 Martin Hurst Rd Tallahassee, FL 32312 (850)297-0040
Bayshore Contractors LLC FAX# (616)456-5166
678 Front Ave NW Suite 125 Grand Rapids, MI 49500 (616)456-6600
Contact: Peggy Straub
Bergeron Land Development Inc FAX# (954)680-0666
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Contact: Dale Wells
Betancourt Construction Inc (BCI) FAX# (954)640-4401
10953 NW 122 St Medley, FL 33178 (954)640-4400
Contact: Mary Gomez ,Phone#:(954)640-4400 ,Fax#:(954)640-4401
C & N Environmental Consulting FAX# (561)744-2887
612 N Orange Ave Ste A11 Jupiter, FL 33458-5020 (561)744-7420
Contact: Cheryl Carpenter ,Phone#:(561)744-7420 ,Fax#:(561)744-2887
Chesapeake Materials, Inc. FAX# (540)658-0158
2951 Jefferson Davis Hwy. Stafford, VA 22554 (540)658-0808
Contact: Randolph Blanton
Herve Cody Contr. FAX# (828)479-3053
PO Box 218 Robbinsville, NC 28771 (828)479-6040
Contact: Aaron Cody ,Phone#:(828)479-6040
Comp Environmental, Inc 651 Danville Drive # 102 Orlando, FL 32825 (407)416-9368
Contech Engineered Solution FAX# (845)297-4783
9025 Centre Point Drive West Chester, OH 45069 (513)645-7108
CZR Inc FAX# (561)747-7576
2151 Alternate A1A Ste 2000 Jupiter, FL 33458 (561)747-7455
Contact: Sam Wiley ,Phone#:(561)747-7455 ,Fax#:(561)747-7576
D & E General Contractors LLC FAX# (850)856-8048
536 Circle Dr Quincy, FL 32351 (850)509-7034
Contact: Eddie Richardson ,Phone#:(850)509-7034
DeWind Dewatering FAX# (616)875-7334
9150 96th Ave Zeeland, MI 49464 (616)875-7580
Dragados USA Inc FAX# (212)746-5150
500 5th Ave New York, NY 10110 (212)779-0900
CR Dunn Inc FAX# (561)585-1233
1202 Pope Lane Lake Worth, FL 33460 (561)585-2155
Contact: Malcolm Rogers ,Phone#:(561)585-2155 ,Fax#:(561)585-1233
Ebsary Foundation Co. Contracting FAX# (305)325-8684
2154 NW North River Drive Miami, FL 33125 (305)325-0530
Contact: Matt Shiring ,Phone#:(305)325-0530 ,Fax#:(305)325-8649
Eco Express LLC FAX# (910)602-1685
418 Hermitage Rd Castle Hayne, NC 28429 (910)602-1682
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Edens Construction FAX# (561)996-4502
745 NW 2nd St South Bay, FL 33493-1706 (561)996-6822
Contact: Josh Crawford ,Phone#:(561)996-6822 ,Fax#:(561)996-4502
Electro Hydraulic Machinery Co (EHM) FAX# (954)981-4022
2601 SW 31st Ave Pembroke Pines, FL 33009 (954)981-0023
Contact: Mike Hanley ,Phone#:(954)981-0023 ,Fax#:(954)981-4022
Fall Line Materials LLC 778 Riverside Drive STE C Macon, GA 31201 (478)290-8431
Contact: Keith Pittman
Folkman Inc FAX# (920)544-9918
1520 Cornell Rd Green Bay, WI 54313 (920)544-9996
Contact: Alan Folkman
LB Foster Company (Corp HQ) FAX# (412)928-3512
415 Holiday Dr Pittsburgh, PA 15220 (412)928-3400
Contact: Jack Smellie ,Phone#:(412)928-3506
Frank Reilly 101 NE third Avenue Ste 1500 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 (561)400-0072
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Garney Companies, Inc. FAX# (816)746-7288
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Geo Solutions Inc FAX# (724)335-7271
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GFA International FAX# (239)489-3438
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Griffin Dewatering Corp FAX# (713)675-4820
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GSA FAX# (305)375-2185
111 N.W 1st St Miami, FL (305)375-2003
H & R of Belle Glade Inc FAX# (561)992-7403
715 Hatcher Rd Belle Glade, FL 33430 (561)996-4127
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Hartman Walsh Industrial Services FAX# (314)863-6964
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Marvin Heymann 1393 Alligator Dr Alligator Point, FL 32346 (513)706-8098
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Jash USA Inc. FAX# (832)476-8653
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Kiewit Southern Co 3555 Farnam Street Omaha, NE 68131 (770)487-2300
KLJ Engineering 12510 World Plaza Lane, Suite 1 Fort Myers, FL 33907 (239)989-2233
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LG2 Environmental Solutions Inc FAX# (904)262-8637
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Linita Design FAX# (888)537-5574
1951 Hamburg Tpk Ste 24 Lackawanna, NY 14218 (716)566-7753
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Merry Technology 4801 N Harding St Bel Aire, KS 67220-1437 (316)616-4272
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Munilla Construction Management LLC/MCM FAX# (305)863-7327
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Contact: Phil Dunlap
Statewide Materials, Inc 1525 White Dr Titusville, FL 32780-9629 (321)268-8455
STS-Earthwork Analysis 2410 NW Cove VW Stuart, FL 34994 (772)485-6481
Thalle Construction Co Inc FAX# (919)245-1516
900 NC Hwy 86 N Hillsborough, NC 27278 (919)245-1490
Contact: Vincent Zannini ,Phone#:(919)245-1490 ,Fax#:(919)245-1516
Thalle Construction Co., Inc. FAX# (919)245-1516
900 NC 86 North Hillsborough, NC 27278 (919)241-1638
Contact: Vincent Zannini
Tikigaq Corporation 301 W. Northern Lights Blvd, Suite 660 Anchorage, AK 99503 (209)968-1039
Contact: Stephen Christensen
Timothy Proposal Support Center 17025 W. Rogers Drive New Berlin, WI 53151 (262)754-8712
Contact: Timothy Peterson
Trippensee & Co FAX# (863)382-7639
4906 US Highway 27 S Sebring, FL 33870-5653 (863)382-2101
Contact: Fred Trippensee ,Phone#:(863)382-2101
United Construction Management Inc FAX# (772)288-4589
900 SE Ocean Drive Stuart, FL 34994 (772)284-6920
Contact: Toni Counts
US Environmental LLC FAX# (954)513-7777
1839 SW 31st Ave Hallandale, FL 33009 (754)234-0424

National Marine and Diving Services FAX# (321)412-6612
1360 Lake Washington Rd. #4 Melbourne, FL 32935 (321)412-6611
Contact: Dennis walker



Herbert Hoover Dike (HHD) is a 143-mile earthen dam that surrounds Lake Okeechobee, the heart of the Kissimmee-Okeechobee-Everglades system.  The original dike was constructed with gravel, rock, limestone, sand, and shell.  The project reduces impacts from flooding as a result of high lake levels for a large area of south Florida.

Since 2007, the Corps has made a significant investment, over $300 million, in projects designed to reduce the risk of catastrophic failure of the aging structure. Actions taken include installing a cutoff wall, removing and replacing water control structures (culverts), and conducting a variety of studies and technical reviews to help ensure the safety of south Florida residents. Corps teams work daily on the dike, providing contractor oversight, quality assurance, inspections, and dike operations and maintenance. Much progress is also being made behind the scenes at the District, where a team of engineers, hydrologists, geologists, scientists, contract and real estate specialists, budget analysts, and many others, work to ensure the very best rehabilitation strategies are applied to the dike today and in the future.

Here is a site called Florida Bids. You see whats being bid on in your hood.



Assessing the risk

Florida International University’s International Hurricane Research Center lists Lake Okeechobee as the No. 2 threat of catastrophic flooding from a natural disaster, behind only New Orleans.

“The current condition of Herbert Hoover Dike poses a grave and imminent danger to the people and the environment of South Florida. In this, we join many other investigators, from grassroots engineers to eminent specialists, who for 20 years have warned that Herbert Hoover Dike needs to be fixed,” reads a South Florida Water Management District report from 2006. “We can add only that it needs to be fixed now, and it needs to be fixed right. We firmly believe that the region’s future depends on it.”

The report goes on to say that making the dike truly safe would likely cost more than the Army Corps of Engineers entire budget for projects across the nation, which was $4.7 billion in 2013. Billions of dollars in Everglades restoration could be lost in one event, which could also damage drinking water aquifers and cause irreversible harm to Everglades National Park and Big Cypress National Preserve.

It’s not just engineers and nearby residents who are concerned. Lloyd’s of London issued a firm warning to companies that insure homes and property in South Florida.

This is from 1989


page 18 shows you where this is on the PBC/Martin County line

on page 15 they talk about backpumping saying there were no environmental concerns.

I can’t find a photo of the actual place so if any of your guys do send it over here.

This has been going on for way too long. If you people that live below the lake want to be safe I suggest you pay attention.

Don’t let your aspirin grow old

I’m going all nursy today. I have two things I want to talk about.

1. Go clean your medicine cabinet.

A while back I was part owner of a very cool compounding pharmacy. I did all the PR , videos, blog, etc. I even produced a radio show. I wanted to do a segment called “What’s in your medicine cabinet?” because you know me. I’m nosy!  I talked to some of friends about this but no one was willing to let me see. LOL!

The worse thing you can do is actually put medications in your medicine cabinet. On Grace and Frankie there was a scene where the Martin Sheen character Robert was having a fight with the Sam Waterston character Sol about where Sol should put his medicines.

“They belong in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom.” Robert said. Sol defended himself by saying he left them out so he would remember to take them. I’m with Sol. Put them in some kind of container and put them somewhere you’ll remember to take them. Keep them out the bathroom. It’s too hot and humid in there.

Here is a good report from ABC NEWS


When i was growing up even my ocd mom had 500 year old Mercurochrome in the medicine cabinet. So if your not willing to part with it at least check the expiration dates.

We have a bad habit of putting things in there and then thinking well maybe one day we’ll use them and they just grow old and icky. There’s nothing as nasty as sad old Mercurochrome.

The other thing you should do is check your aspirin bottle to make sure your aspirin in not disintegrated.  I buy little bottles of aspirin. Why?


“The Chemical Nature of Aspirin

Aspirin is chemically known as acetyl salicylic acid. After some time, or when stored in non ideal conditions, it will easily deteriorate into acetic acid and salicylic acid even without the presence of other chemicals.

The Chemical Nature of Vinegar

Vinegar came from the fermented juices of fruits that contain sugars. The initial fermentation of the freshly extracted juices will result to the creation of wine. If the fermentation is allowed to continue, the alcohol in the wine will further be converted into acetic acid. Acetic acid gives that sour flavor and distinct odor to vinegar and related products.

Why Aspirin Smells Like Vinegar

When aspirin starts to decompose, its molecules will separate into salicylic acid and acetic acid. Having acetic acid as the product of decomposition of aspirin gives it a similar odor as that of vinegar (which has diluted amounts of acetic acid as its component).

How to Store Aspirin

To slow down the decomposition process of aspirin, it must be stored in suitable conditions.

1. Store the container in a cool and dry place.

Exposure to moisture will facilitate the hydrolysis of the aspirin molecules into its decomposition products.

2. Keep the container tightly closed.

Exposure to air provides the oxygen that is required for the oxidation of aspirin into acetic acid and salicylic acid.

3. Keep aspirin (and other medications) away from areas in which there is strong sunlight.

Strong lighting conditions can also hasten the deterioration of many medications. They are best stored in amber bottles.

Several years after the manufacture of aspirin, it is expected to slowly deteriorate and lose ifs efficiency. To slow down the deterioration process, follow the proper storage procedures. And if you have aspirin tablets that smell strongly of vinegar, discard them.”

So if you open the bottle and it smells like vinegar get rid of it. It’s not good anymore.
And don’t forget to check expiration dates!

The Destruction of FLorida: DInner Island Ranch


A little while back Jules and I traveled down to STA 5 and 6 where we were dismayed to find not a lot of water going anywhere but over to US Sugar lands.

One the way back we stopped here and hung out with the cows. Out here you are seriously out in the middle of nowhere.


They have hunting, fishing, wildlife viewing, hiking, camping horseback riding, biking and scenic driving. There was a bad rain storm do we didn’t get all the way through but saw enough to say we would definitely get back there.

What is a WMA?


What is Florida’s Wildlife Management Area System?

Florida’s Wildlife Management Area (WMA) system is managed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) to sustain the widest possible range of native wildlife in their natural habitats. These lands are more rugged than parks, with fewer developed amenities.

This system includes more than 5.8 million acres of land established as WMAs or Wildlife and Environmental Areas (WEAs).

Cooperative Areas On the majority of these lands (about 4.4 million acres), FWC is a cooperating manager working with other governmental or private landowners to conserve wildlife and provide public use opportunities.

Lead Areas On the remaining lands (about 1.4 million acres), FWC is the landowner or “lead” managing agency responsible for land stewardship and providing quality wildlife conservation and recreation opportunities including hunting, fishing, wildlife viewing, hiking, biking, horseback riding, paddling, scenic driving, and camping.

There are loads of critters that live there including the Florida Panther.


So this is a great place for conservationists and hunters alike. A place for all of us.

There’s a place for us.

DSC_0105 DSC_0104 DSC_0108

So I was very distressed to read this on our favorite Blog EYE on MIami.


Message from South Florida Wildlands Association: Threats to Everglades from FPL and oil drillers

“Matthew Schwartz, of South Florida Wildlands Association, provides a good summary of the ongoing threats to the Everglades by oil drillers and FPL. Please consider joining and contributing to their efforts.”
You can read the letter at link but here are the highlights:
“In the years since South Florida Wildlands has been working to protect wildlife and habitat in the Greater Everglades, we have never faced a combination of issues that have such capacity to destroy and degrade this unique landscape. Folks who live in South Florida and follow local media are aware that a company (Kanter Real Estate LLC) has just applied for a permit to drill for oil and dig limestone mines on 20,000 acres of Everglades it owns in Broward County.
But that’s not all. We recently learned that Florida and Power and Light (FPL) is still intent on developing 3,000 acres of primary Florida panther habitat they bought just north of the Big Cypress National Preserve and Seminole Reservation for the purpose of building the largest gas-fired electrical generating plant in the nation. Having lost a lawsuit with the Seminole Tribe of Florida over agricultural zoning on the property, FPL is now asking Hendry County to create a new land use type (Electrical Generating Facility) and move the property into that new classification.

The FPL property is surrounded by public lands that were acquired at tremendous cost and effort (e.g. the Big Cypress National Preserve, Dinner Island Wildlife Management Area, Okaloacoochee Slough State Forest) and contain some of the most important contiguous upland habitat for Florida panthers, black bears, and other wildlife in South Florida. For years, the entire property had been expected to be protected by a Florida Forever land protection project called “Panther Glades.” Unfortunately, funds were never available to complete that purchase prior to FPL buying the land for their own purposes. From the standpoint of our stressed out wildlife in South Florida, FPL could not have chosen a worse location for their new power plant if they had tried.

But wait – there’s more. In the Big Cypress National Preserve, another company (Burnett Oil Company of Ft. Worth, Texas) is applying for a permit to conduct seismic testing for oil across 110 square miles (70,000 acres) in the heart of the preserve. The intent is to locate oil deposits before opening up the Big Cypress to additional oil drilling. A federal comment period is open until the middle of August. For those wondering how this can take place inside a national preserve – most of the below ground oil rights are owned by a company named Collier Resources while the National Park Service controls only the surface. Collier Resources has leased some of these rights to Burnett Oil for the purpose of the seismic survey. Another news story from the Sun-Sentinel summarizes this project – which would take place on some of the most sensitive and biodiverse wetlands in Florida:
Feel free to call or email on any of the above with comments or questions.

Best regards,

Matthew Schwartz
Executive Director
South Florida Wildlands Association
1404 East Las Olas Blvd.
P.O. Box 30211
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33303

 Please pay attention to this!
I had hoped to spend the summer visiting state parks and wild life management areas in Florida. We call this our adventure days and  I amazed at all the wonderful things we have seen so far. if you other citizen journalists want to do this also please take some photos and videos and write us a guest blog. We need to show the world the beautiful Florida that we all know and love. We need to show our fellow Floridians what we are protecting. Let’s do this!

where do we go now?

So last week I wrote a lot about the Pacific Legal Foundation.


Here we learned about the connection between our Florida Bear, Florida Panther and Manatees and the work these people to protect nothing.



Here we able to see that not only are they here in the universe but also very good friends with our Economic Council of Martin County.

Then I wrote this about our local liberty caucus and apparently outed someone that was sort of kept under wraps.


None of this made me happy. In fact it just made me sad. What is worse than a bunch hypocrites?

Then I wrote this.


Who was the true libertarian.

Burt was of course. He was the only one that talked the talk and walked the walk. He said ““A good day is when no one comes over and I don’t have to go anywhere.” He wanted to be left alone BUT he also left everyone else alone.

To me the rest are a bunch of hypocrites because you can’t say you want to be left alone and have freedom but then intrude on other people.

The Pacific Legal Foundation is actually exploiting libertarianism if you think about it.

Why can’t they stay home and leave us alone?

Because they are not true libertarians. They are wolves in  sheep’s clothing.

So what happens is they start something and we have to send our Big Guns out like David Guest from Earthjustice. What it becomes is a battle between the lawyers. (Thank goodness for David. If not for him and all the other dedicated people we would be screwed)

Even the bible warns us


“Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

Which, just like our friends the vultures is really an insult to the wolves.

So enough of that you get the picture. Where do we go from here?

We could rail back and yell and scream and be vindictive but does that really get you anywhere?
They, like us, have a right to be.

I think the people are trying to take care this by changing to no party affiliation. I think we’re sick of all of it.

I found this


and this


  •  Over 25% of registered voters in Florida are NPAs or minor party members
  • Over 33% of these voters show up at the polls on election day
  • Over 60% are under age 50
  • Over 25% of voters under 30 register as NPAs
  • Over 50% of these voters are in the age group 30 – 49
  • Young NPAs are turned off by major parties because of negative campaigns

Things have got to change. It cannot be business as usual.


The Democratic advantage among registered voters in Florida continues to narrow slowly, according to the latest figures from the state Division of Elections.

But the closing of the party gap comes as the overall numbers of registered Democrats and Republicans are down from 2012 election levels. Meanwhile, there has been an uptick in voters who declare themselves free agents from the major parties and sign up as “no party affiliation.”

Age and negative perceptions that many new voters have of both major parties are credited for the shifts in registration.

We have talk and we have to find things we agree on. If not, i doubt we have any panthers, black bears or manatees and we certainly will not have clean water.

What do you think? How can we move forward?

Burt’s Buzz The Documentary

#burtsbuzz #greenporno

My documentary for the week was this

As you may know Burt died last week.

burt golden-m-60_1436153982609


“Burt had a really interesting life. He went into the army and when he came back he was photographer for Time-Life. He learned about bees in upstate NY and then he moved to Maine and made honey and sold it on the side of the road.

“I realized I had it made,” he once said, “because you don’t have to destroy anything to get honey. You can just use the same things over and over again, put it in a quart canning jar, and you’ve got $12.”

n 1984, Mr. Shavitz picked up a 33-year-old hitchhiker, Roxanne Quimby, who became his business and romantic partner. Ms. Quimby, a former 1960s radical, first recycled his leftover beeswax into candles. Then, improving on a formula found in a 19th-century farmer’s journal, she combined the wax with sweet almond oil, and Burt’s Bees lip balm was born, in 1991.

Before long, what had been a $3,000-a-year subsistence business was transformed into a multimillion-dollar purveyor of eco-friendly lip balm, lotions and soaps packaged in school bus yellow containers.”


“The two together founded Burt’s Bees, a company whose all-natural products and homespun marketing appealed to hippies, homemakers and the well-heeled alike. They moved the company headquarters from Maine to North Carolina in 1994, and Quimby bought out Shavitz in the late 1990s, not without controversy and for a sum of less than $1 million, reportedly. She sold the company to Clorox Co. in 2007 for $913 million, reportedly making more than $300 million in the deal.

Shavitz and his beloved golden retrievers lived in a rustic home in Parkman, which was heavily damaged by fire this February. According to the documentary, even in recent years he continued to have a business relationship with Burt’s Bees and Clorox. The documentary shows the eccentric Mainer traveling to Japan, where his namesake cosmetics — and Shavitz — were wildly popular. There, he was greeted with the kind of adulation that seemed more likely to belong to a movie star than a backwoods beekeeper.

He shrugged off his fame, according to his 2014 interview, telling the BDN that he was more focused on the present than anything else.

“It was flattering, after a fashion,” he said of the documentary. “I like the lead character.”

Production wise a nice documentary. Funny, Sad, Interesting. The story has a nice pace and is told well. Nice photography. Great audio.

There is a scene when Burt goes to Target and he handing out samples and people are walking by grabbing the samples without even looking at him. Then goes to Taiwan and he is met at the airport and treated like a rockstar.


This was my favorite part

“At one point, Shavitz had two golden retrievers, Rufus and Pascha, who were both listed in the phone book (Shavitz himself remained unlisted). He held Rufus in his arms when the dog died, and Skyped with Pascha from Taiwan. So when Shavitz says he needs to buy a sidecar for his motorcycle so he can take Pasha with him on rides, he probably isn’t joking.”

Rufus and Pascha were both listed in the phone book. He wasn’t.

He skyped with Pascha. I loved that. Pasha skyped right back.

I feel terrible. I have never ever ever bought a Burt Bee’s Product. I think I would have had I known about Rufus and Pascha.

Even the story around the film was interesting.


The director Jody Shapiro met Burt through Isabella Rossellini who makes green porno.

Really. Here. http://www.sundance.tv/series/greenporno

“Isabella was actually commissioned by Burt’s Bees to do one of these things where she plays the bee, and she was going to play Burt, to talk about the issues that are facing bees right now and colony collapse disorder.”
Here’s another clip of the film.
In her green porno film Isabella asks “What can we do to help bees with colony collapse disorder?”
The answer is we can help the bee’s by
1. supporting organic farms that don’t use heavy pesticides
2. Plant wild flowers that are the source of their nourishment
3. and help BeeKeepers by buying local honey
Pretty easy!
For more info you can go here.
Do it yourself bee garden
Just a shout out to the universe to say thank you Burt! Now lets build a Bee Garden!

Stuart City Hall 5 PM monday. Support our local music.

To the Stuart CIty Commission:

I thought it was to be a nice quiet afternoon in the hood and I could do something like read a book, finish watching my movie, clean the closet. Around here it just never ends. Now we have people threatening to sue over noise and the City Commission is caving.

We have toxic discharges. We have trains with loud horns. We can’t go swimming.  The new train when it comes through is going to destroy our downtown Stuart which is a very beloved place.

We need great music and great places to go. Music is therapy is good for our mental health. We  have very little in mental heath services around here so when I see lots of my friends going to listen to music I know they will leave feeling better.

I could write an entire blog post on music as therapy but I don’t want to bore everyone. I will say this Music lights a part of people brains, the nucleus accumbens, and makes them happy. It’s true. I have a friend, Dr Ed Long,who does this research down at FAU.

What I’m going to write about is decibels and noise ordinances This is a really bad idea.  First of all will you insist the train turn down its horn because it not at 60 decibels I can tell you that. Secondly, if this  how your going utilize your police force? This is more important that catching criminals and keeping us safe?  Are the fire engines and police going to turn off their sirens?  Are not going to be allow to have traffic? Are you to close the airport down?  Are we banning hair driers and food processors?  Lawn Mowers and Blowers? How far are you willing to go to have us live at 65 decibels. Or are we just picking on one person?

Now here in Jensen Beach sometimes on Sunday we have a very loud church service. What would you do if that was in Stuart? Would you arrest them or fine them? It’s very loud way more than 60 decibels. Wakes me up early on a Sunday morning. Would you be willing to go to a church and shut them down?

Also keep in mind that that what they proposing is worse than the Lake worth ordinance and that was called Draconian. You can’t have things both ways. You can’t have people claiming to be conservatives being draconian. Well you can but they won’t be around long. Not around here.

Sticky wickets.

When you deal with decibels it gets very sticky.

I would take it personally if this was something police would have to deal with 24 hours a day 7 days a week instead of protecting us. I would say it’s a misuse of the police department.

Here are some examples of decibels


150 dB = fireworks at 3 feet

140 dB = firearms, jet engine

130 dB = jackhammer

120 dB = jet plane takeoff, siren

Extremely Loud

110 dB = maximum output of some MP3 players, model airplane, chain saw

106 dB = gas lawn mower, snowblower

100 dB = hand drill, pneumatic drill

90 dB = subway, passing motorcycle

Very Loud

80–90 dB = blow-dryer, kitchen blender, food processor

70 dB = busy traffic, vacuum cleaner, alarm clock


60 dB = typical conversation, dishwasher, clothes dryer

50 dB = moderate rainfall

40 dB = quiet room


30 dB = whisper, quiet library


An aircraft takeoff is 180 decibels. Are we shutting the airport down?

Passing truck, home lawn mower, car horn @ 5 meters, wood saw, boiler factory is 100 decibels.

Average radio, normal street noise is 70 decibels.

This is cat purring at around 60 decibels.

Here is someone eating a sandwich at 50-60 decibels

They’ll have close down every out restaurant in town.

How to help. We all need to go to Stuart City Hall on Monday at 5 pm.


The fact that this was added at the last minute is total BS and total disrespect from the City.

This about people threatening to sue the city so instead of the people we elected standing up they are giving in and we are being punished.

We are done being punished. Just having filthy dirty dangerous water  and trains all hours of the day and night.

Please come and help us all keep our music!

Here is the facebook page please go there.


Bring it on Home: The Pacific Legal Foundation and Martin County.

Look who is right here in our hood! Bring it on home! Let James help you cause we sure do got dem blues!  A love affair with the Pacific Legal Foundation and the Economic Council of Martin County. Wow! Who would have thunk?

The Pacific Legal Foundation.

Pacific Legal Foundation

Stuart FL

and look who’s with them in the same building. The Economic Council of Martin County.

The Economic Council of Martin County.
1002 SE Monterey Commons Blvd, Suite 201
Stuart, FL 34996


Mark Miller is the Attorney for both Stuart and Palm Beach Gardens of the Pacific Legal Foundation.


“PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL; March 12, 2014: Florida attorney Mark Miller, a veteran of business, property rights, and constitutional litigation, has joined Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF) as managing attorney with PLF’s Florida (Atlantic Center) office based in Palm Beach Gardens.

It’s a privilege to join Pacific Legal Foundation and be part of America’s most successful legal organization that works to defend and advance freedom,” said Miller.  “PLF is dedicated to ‘rescuing liberty’ from coast to coast.  I’ll be promoting that mission aggressively throughout Florida and along the Eastern Seaboard, by putting my legal skills to work on behalf of property rights and other constitutional liberties, and to help victims of overreaching government.

In 2012, he served as lead local counsel for former U.S. Representative Allen West in the 2012 election battle for the 18th District congressional seat in Florida.”


“Mark Miller, an attorney with PLF, said he wants a court to rule a state law prohibiting craft breweries, restaurants and taverns from selling or filling beer growlers unconstitutional.”

Then this happened


Personally, I don’t have an issue with the case. I have issue with the camaraderie between this group and Rick Scott who calls himself the Governor but really and obviously in cahoots with a very right winged agenda that is affected us, our water and our Florida Black Bears, Panthers and Manatees. I’m sure they are the one’s distributing all the “land grab propaganda” that we had to deal with.

It’s so  sad is that what the Libertarian party set out to do has morphed into a group that is totally operated and owned by  a bunch of old rich white  guys. The very freedom they want has been taken away. I feel bad for you Libertarians! You want freedom but you don’t want us to have the freedom to swim in clean water.

Please don’t think I’m Libertarian Hater. I am not! There are parts of the platform I really appreciate like the leave me alone stuff and no government intrusion stuff. What a bunch of hypocrites you guys are! You working for the people are intruding on our very right to have clean drinking water. Let’s have a conversation about the first amendment and my right to free speech which has been taken away by a bunch of legislators that have no idea what they voted for.


In this particular case it is illegal for me to ask my patients if they have a gun even though its required of me through my computer program. In the end I get punished not the makers of the computer program or the people who require me to ask this question. Who does that? 

You have way become  hateful and single minded there is no talking to you. All you know is the talking points that have drummed into your heads. Were you all hypnotized? Did the legislators go to a meeting and have some strange hypnotic music? You must have  because I cannot think of one rational reason that our entire GOP Florida Legislature would hate Floridians so much and really go against your own party standards of state rights and local control. Please explain the hypocrisy! Libertarians should be against the wasting of water and sending millions of gallons of water out tide. That’s how I know these are not Libertarians. But boy they got them fooled.

Now check this out. Guess who is a partner with the Economic Council of Martin County?

Yes! 200 points for you. The Pacific Legal Council.


Remember them? The ones that wanted to buy the land and then they didn’t.

Speakers at the Economic Council of Palm Beach 2014

Pacific Legal Foundation was there.


Here is a good article by our good friends at Eye on Miami.


Hopping was also chairman of the Pacific Legal Foundation. The PLF “was established in 1973-74 by a group of attorneys from California’s Justice Department to counter reform of the welfare system and the liberal public interest legal groups that were pressing for better environmental and health regulations. Especially targeted were the Sierra Club and the Environmental Defense Fund. Governor Ronald Reagan of California appears to have provided the required financial links to Pittsburg billionairre Richard Mellon Scaife who funded the initial office in Sacramento.” The PLF’s interest in Florida coincided with the acceleration of government initiatives to protect the the Florida Keys and East Everglades in the early 1990’s.

This stuff in nothing new. We need to put an end to it.or we really will have zombie Apocalypse. Only in our case its the zombies of the extreme right.

The very funny local Liberty Caucus. Striped men in tights.

The very funny local Liberty Caucus.

Yesterday I had to laugh because if I  just had clean water I probably wouldn’t even be sitting here on my day off computing. I would be in the water.

Yesterday after I posted my blog I was having a conversation with my friend Kenny Hinkle and between the both of us we came up with some interesting information. Team work yay. We were both interested in this web site.


I got there because I got a  little confused with all the liberty blogs that are out  there and different liberty caucuses but then a few things caught my eye.


and this


What could these people possible want with FNAA and our Indian River Lagoon. So I dared to go a little further and they had a whole local section.


All kinds of fun things here like

“Treasure Coast June War on Freedom Report

June was an abysmal month for freedom on the Treasure Coast as 290 area residents were violently abducted at gunpoint by men in costumes for non-violent vices.

Saint Lucie

June was a terrible month for freedom in Saint Lucie as costumed men with guns abducted and caged 177 people for non-violent vices.

Indian River

Indian River saw a much lower total with 57 people being kidnapped and caged by costumed men with guns for non-violent vices.


A total of 56 citizens were abducted at gunpoint by men in costumes for alleged non-violent vices.”

Who are these costumed men who are kidnapping and caging people? If my friend Gayle Ryan was in town she would say “Are they single?”

Did they look like this?

did they look like this?

If the police are costumed men with guns am I a costumed female with a stethoscope?

and then there was this


are you sure it wasn’t like this?

and this guy talking about train socialism ( can a train be a socialist?)


and here is someone called Brightlight


and then Bright light wrote this which I thought was pretty funny. Good stuff Bright Light

A Rain Ban.


She wrote:

“The lagoonists and their goons have banned fertilizers (though no evidence of damaged caused by the fertilizers exists just their presence) and now facing the calamity of rain one has to wonder: Will the loony lagoonists soon ban rain?”

Funny but we are lagoonatics! Get your jargon correct puleeeze Brightlight.

and then I saw that they were all obsessed with Eve Samples.


and that made me sad.

I felt terrible because I was having such a good laugh and then this.

You can go over and search. It’s a good search engine and also has a store where you can buy all kinds of nifty things. Like stickers and books. You can buy the Libertarian Manifesto for 11 bucks!


I love manifestos. Here are some other people that wrote manifestos.


kazinski manafesto


At any rate you get the picture and honestly like I have said hundreds of times. Free speech! Keep on writing. Please!

So we were interested in who owned the website because these people are local and thought it would be a good thing to know. All these funny people hiding behind their nom de plumes! I don’t have issue’s with nom de plumes. Some of my friends have these. I could just never figure out what mine would be.

So anyway, the owner of the site is Registrant Email: gatorlandrhett@hotmail.com

https://www.linkedin.com/in/rhettl (Thanks Kenny!)


and works here: