Who paid the 3750?

So as I have reported here




about the duping of our local actors.

Why are people harassing the actors especially Jason who was totally in the dark.

Who does that?

Stop it!

If you want the truth this is the person who knows it.

Everett Wilkinson  Photo by Darrell Brand

Everett Wilkinson
Photo by Darrell Brand

He put the protest together.

He told the news crews that no one was paid.

He knows who came with the 3750 to pay the 50 actors that thought they were filming a documentary.

We’re just waiting for an answer. If I was in the Tea Party I’d want one.

Because no matter what party we are in no one wants to be duped by a person posing as a leader.

According to some there was a person whose name was “Tim”- He was referred basically as the producer of the piece . He was supposed to do principle photography. He brought the money to pay the actors.

There is a

Tim McClellan


South Florida Tea Party

Employment History

  • Outreach Director
    South Florida Tea Party
  • South Florida Spokesman
    Tea Party


So for the people telling me that somehow Karen set them all up. Tim was bringing the money. So you can that theory and flush it down the polluted nasty st lucie river.

44 comments on “Who paid the 3750?

  1. John Mayo says:

    He didn’t post the ad, he didn’t pay them, he didn’t contact them. A member of Occupy did. You know this. Why do you repeat a lie in order to make the lagoon a partisan issue?


  2. John Mayo says:

    I am worried your hatred for your neighbors and your love of politicians is blinding you. Why does the tea party leader who denies it the only one who is answering reporter’s questions in the Post, TCPalm etc…? Is his story consistent? Did anyone pay it any attention? Why not? Is Karen Donohue a member or an opponent of the tea party? If she never posted what she did, would there have been this story?


  3. John Mayo says:

    He said already multiple times that he had no part in it. He claims people trying to discredit him (tea party crashers are a real thing – very common) and has answered reporters. The rest have denied knowledge, hid the name on their checks, and/or posed as tea party members when they are Occupy members. What more do you want from him? Please answer why Karen Donohue posed as a member of the tea party, when she is an opponent of the tea party?


  4. John Mayo says:

    What name was on the checks these people received that you supposedly talked to? Was the “ringleader” as you called it actually a member of the tea party, or was she just pretending to be and she was actually a member of Occupy? C’mon. I am not accusing you of anything that is untrue. Your bias is blinding you to obvious facts.


  5. John Mayo says:

    That casting company never got back to you I assume?


    • cyndilenz says:

      There was no casting company per say. It’s a private group
      Where people post gigs. I’ve written about all I know and that’s really all I can do. There was a person ned Tim who was bringing the money.


  6. cyndilenz says:

    i never said there was a casting company.


  7. John Mayo says:

    Oh, a private group where people post gigs, pretending to be people they are not, and representing groups they do not belong to, and pay people with cash. One of those things. Sounds legit. And that was done by people who were duped into something by people they are unable to name. Hmmm. 🙂 C’mon! Just concede that maybe the guy isn’t lying, and maybe the people who are pretending to be something they are not were.


  8. John Mayo says:

    Also none of them have gotten back to you with any useful evidence that wasn’t created by them I am sure.


  9. cyndilenz says:

    well its true. its called the broward actors group and they post gigs. I don’t know why its so hard to believe. i belong to many groups that post all kinds of services and things like that. well we’re going to have to see what happens. SAG is involved


    • John Mayo says:

      It is a group on Facebook, not a business or anything like that. Anyone can join and post anything. I can join tomorrow and say I am hiring actors to protest for Jimmy Buffet’s PAC. Can’t I? How would that be any different than what Donohue or Wool did, and what are you basing that on that they didn’t falsely create as evidence? Don’t you think it is weird the tea party who has no members in that group reached out to two Occupy members informally to set this up, something they do not do for a living. Did they even claim to have been paid by the client? Of course not. Or that each person in the pictures was loud about being a paid protester, and also friends with the people pretending to be tea party members and are also part of Occupy and other anti tea party groups?


  10. cyndilenz says:

    Jason wool thought he was wrangling actors for gig. No one is talking. I think everyone is lawyered up and we’re going to have to see how it plays out.


    • John Mayo says:

      That is hard to believe. Who does he say hired him? Doesn’t he think it is odd no sound equipment was there, no script, no plans to make any documentary, the ad clearly stated it was hiring people for a protest, not a documentary etc… That lie is too bad to believe. The word “extras” etc.. would have been used. He can only produce evidence from other members of Occupy too I bet. If this was actually true, he would have emails etc.. and be personal contacts with one of the tea party people, since he is not in business to do this you would expect they have an email, or something but I am sure none of that exists either.

      No, the tea party guy has talked, they say that is was done by “crazy environmentalists trying to discredit them”. It is just the sources for your story that are not talking and answering questions. Which should send off alarm bells in your head you know. “Seeing how it plays out” means letting the story stand as is, no correction, no update to tell the reader the problems with the source etc? Such is the state of journalism today, although I will say you at least argue the points, albeit with cognitive dissonance.


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