Actors Duped in Tea Party Protest at South Florida Water Management

To ALL my friends:





I just want to give you everyone an update on this situation with this issue with actors protesting at SFWMD last week. Karen Donahue called Jason Wool to wrangle up actors to be in a piece that was suppose to be the background of a documentary for the Tea Party.  When Karen put out her add the it  said to contact Jason.  Karen spun this off for Jason to be the middle man.  People responded to Jason, because they  know him , because he is a trusted member of the acting community and frequently helps  his fellow actors get gigs.  He had recently gotten Karen a gig. So Jason thought she was just returning the favor. Fifty people were given what they thought was an acting gig. There were sag actors involved but no sag contracts. And no water was provided as required by SAG. NO WATER!

Karen will not talk to Jason. He has tried to call her and she refuses to talk to him.

So it seems the whole thing was set up by Karen Donahue and

Everett Wilkinson.

But who paid the money to Everett?

"I don't know anything about people being paid! These are real protestors"

“I don’t know anything about people being paid! These are real protestors”

Everett   was brought into the meeting and greeted by a friend on the WRAC board. Who was that? And is that person who paid these guys to do this. To trick them.

You have to be a real bottom feeder to do this.

Anyone who knowingly tricks people into doing something by presenting it in a different way is truly a bottom feeder. I

Jason is now receiving nasty emails. They should not be directed at him. Please do not direct your anger at the people who were tricked.

The people you should be harassing is South Florida Water Management to get to the bottom of who hired these guys. I doubt they even care.

We demand an investigation!

19 comments on “Actors Duped in Tea Party Protest at South Florida Water Management

  1. julie williams says:

    I agree Cyndi!! An investigation needs to be conducted!!!


  2. John Mayo says:

    She is a lefty, your hatred of your neighbor and eagerness to make the lagoon a political issue is blinding you to false flag attacks to smear the tea party. Please remember, leftist always lie – any chance they get to promote their world vision. They think it is a good thing. Always double check a story where the Republicans are not doing the right thing.


  3. […] So i’m good with the attention and the general message. But I’m not cool with giving Everett Wilkenson any attention at all! Just two weeks ago he paid 50 actors 75 dollars and duped them into thinking they were shooting the backdrop for a tea party documentary. I know channel 12 knows this because i personally went over to the news truck last thurs and told them myself. read here:… […]


  4. cyndilenz says:

    John Mayo I hope you realize a few things. One is that I honestly do not care about the Tea Party and secondly not even that they paid people to protest because they do all the time and that is known, and it is known that they pay actors. Whatever! We can go around and around about this. My issue is this: The people who were lied to about what they were doing. Read this
    I know that people were prepared for a shoot and that is why that one guy was boasting about it. He wasn’t boasting about being a protestor-he was boasting about playing one because that’s what he thought he was doing. I know you john and I know you understand when you do this, when you take away people’s free will you take away their souls.
    If Everett has a story about his side I’m willing to listen to it.
    I just want to know who came up with the 4000 dollars worth of cash to dupe these people.
    Someone told Everett to speak. someone came out to get him. He patted someone on the back. Everett can come clean but if he doesn’t then you guys need to decide how you want to deal with that.
    Free Will John Mayo. Its all about that.


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