Kevin Powers “We’re your best friends!” us “hahahahahaaaa”

A few weeks ago Kevin Powers called Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch and asked about the Solidarity Fish.


The Solidarity Fish, painted by kids and ordinary people are an icon of the clean water movement in Florida. They have been from the Everglades to Washington, D.C., from the steps of the Capitol Building in Tallahassee to the cover of most major Florida newspapers and in the New York Times.  ” Janeen Mason

(I heard from a few people that Rick Scott sent someone

down to the rally to steal a fish (Three were missing) so if you see this on his desk you know where it came from. )

So then this happened. (thank you John Scott. )

Kevin Powers this is whats happening in our back yard! Your right its unrivaled!  Who has this in their backyard!


As you all can see  we have no better friends than the South Florida Water Management District, the Florida Legislature including Joe Negron and Rick Scott. I refer you back to the hysterical laughter in the video.

This is Kevin’s background. What gives him the right to be making decisions about our water?

This is Kevin Powers Resume
Occupation: Partner, Indiantown Realty Corp

Professional, Business and Service Affiliations:

Director, Stuart Martin County Chamber of Commerce

Member, Indiantown Western Martin County Chamber
of Commerce

Former Director, United Way of Martin County

Former Vice President and Director, Martin County
Taxpayers Association

Former Director, Economic Council of Martin County

here is twitter for SFWMD

South Florida Water Management


and Rick Scott Let them know what you think.


2 comments on “Kevin Powers “We’re your best friends!” us “hahahahahaaaa”

  1. Kevin Stinnette says:

    Do we brag about how much our doctors cost or how healthy they help us get? The UF Water study says that even with all of that money spent we will have legacy phosphorus in the lake that prevents us from sending water south for 200 years. It says we can’t send water south until we have more storage and treatment south of the lake. We can’t wait on the governor, the governing board and the legislature for 200 years. Our rivers will be dead long before that and South Florida and Big Sugar will be gone.

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  2. cyndilenz says:

    your right about that Kevin. Thank you for the great reply.


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