The Murder of the Indian River Lagoon and St Lucie RIver

603852_10206557698880725_1922935298490148311_n This photo was taken March 18, 2015 by Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch. This water brings destruction AGAIN to the Indian RIver Lagoon and the St Lucie RIver. The recently released water study by the University of Florida states that even if all of the planned projects north of the lake are completed we will still have so much phosphorus in the lake that we won’t be able to do anything but discharge it into the coastal estuaries in wet years. They said we would have that situation for two centuries. The economies, the lives and the health of everyone on both coasts of Florida is at risk. And the trade off is not the sum of Florida agriculture. It is a small percentage of land that is experiencing so much subsidence that it will be worthless for growing crops in the near future. We need to have agriculture and healthy coastal communities. But that will require more storage and treatment south of the lake. Is this ok with anyone because it seems to be ok with the board of Govenors of South Florida Water Managers, RIck Scott, and our Florida Legislators. Who does this? We got you the money for the land and the same people are now stealing it. This is intentional destruction of our environment and economy. When we elect people their jobs are to take care of us. Not themselves and their cronies. what can we do? Let’s start adding up how much this is costing.

Call Mr Tom Frick 850-245-7518 tell him about the destruction. Take this photo and send it to your legislator and to Rick Scott

@FLGovScott and the speaker of the house


and South Florida Water Management


Tampa Bay TImes  Stunning Disregard for the voters!

“The measure’s language and ballot summary were absolutely clear: It was intended to increase land preservation. Campaign materials also spelled out its intent.

Citizens groups launched the initiative after lawmakers had virtually abandoned the state’s land acquisition efforts.

So the public’s will here is crystal clear — and lawmakers seem to care not a whit.”

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This is happening to us and it can happen to any of you.



#cleanthewaterandsend it south

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