Wednesday morning quarterback: Dem Debate


Wednesday morning quarterback: Dem Debate

The mainstream media is so freaked by Bernie Sander’s success last night they all of sudden love Hillary.


Yesterday I debated all day if I should go to a local debate party or stay home in the moose jammies and twitter. I wanted to go out but I’m on the 9th day of a 12 day in a row and I needed to get up for work this morning. I’m glad I stayed home. Me, my moose jammies, Mark Ruffalo, Donald Trump, Paula Dockery, Michael Moore and all kinds of unknown people all having a discussion in real time about the debate.  It was actually fun. I did not want to miss a  moment.

I had to turn the pre game off because it was damm obnoxious. CNN you should go review what people said. It was like a pre execution newscast.

At the end I felt like there were many really important issues that were actually discussed that didn’t have to with baby brains based on a fake video.

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