Wednesday morning quarterback: Dem Debate


Wednesday morning quarterback: Dem Debate

The mainstream media is so freaked by Bernie Sander’s success last night they all of sudden love Hillary.


Yesterday I debated all day if I should go to a local debate party or stay home in the moose jammies and twitter. I wanted to go out but I’m on the 9th day of a 12 day in a row and I needed to get up for work this morning. I’m glad I stayed home. Me, my moose jammies, Mark Ruffalo, Donald Trump, Paula Dockery, Michael Moore and all kinds of unknown people all having a discussion in real time about the debate.  It was actually fun. I did not want to miss a  moment.

I had to turn the pre game off because it was damm obnoxious. CNN you should go review what people said. It was like a pre execution newscast.

At the end I felt like there were many really important issues that were actually discussed that didn’t have to with baby brains based on a fake video.

This was the best most authentic moment of the whole night!

I can’t find Bernie’s opening statement but he hit it out of the park and he was the only one that came out talking about the big issues we face and he made it about us not him. He didn’t say “hi I’m Bernie and this is what I’ve done.” He said “These are the issues that we have to tackle together!” It was a beautiful thing.

Here are some of my favorite tweets.

Looking forward to the next debates of substance hopefully with a not obnoxious moderator.

What did you guys think? What was your favorite moment?

2 comments on “Wednesday morning quarterback: Dem Debate

  1. tradecuda says:

    The debate over the power of greed and the power of sharing won’t be solved by a few politicians in spite of their efforts. It is observed in any class of 5 year-olds. Just add seven or more zeros to the value of the toys for today’s focus. Those value systems are formed at a young age and are part of the human psyche. Some want control, some want the toys and some want to enjoy the company and play. The hungry are not free to decide.

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  2. cyndilenz says:

    Hi Tradecuda how are you? It sounds so depressing.


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