2015 Floridians for Clean Water & Amendment 1 Rally

Here are all the videos. If I spelled anyone’s name or didn’t include your name please send me an email at clenz@mac.com and tell me which video you were in and send me a link to your organization. Much apologies I don’t have a list of speakers.

After you watch the videos  please go here and follow the directions to sign the petition.


River Kidz

Opening Statements

speakers 1

Mark Pafford

The St johns Riverkeeper

John Scott

Mark Perry

Tropical Audobon

from the keys

Eula Clarke, LWV Honoree of the Susan B. Anthony Award

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Today Eula received the   LWV Honoree of the Susan B. Anthony Award from the Martin County League of Woman Voters.


Crystal Mills Lucus and Mary W. Higgins.Candidates for House of Representatives 82 and 83.

Thank you to Candidate Mary Higgins for inviting me.




Eula http://elections.tcpalm.com/candidates/eula-clarke