Groups Call Wendy’s Tomato Policies Rotten

Rotten Tomatoes

Treasure Coast Free Press

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“Hold the tomatoes” until they’re responsibly sourced – that’s the call behind a boycott of Wendy’s fast-food eateries planned for this weekend. Wendy’s is the only major fast-food chain that has not joined the Fair Food Program, a farmworker-led initiative credited with helping to make strides toward corporate social responsibility in South Florida’s tomato fields. Alayne Unterberger with Tampa Bay Fair Food, a group helping to organize the protest, says the Fair Food Program simply asks corporations to respect human rights.

A spokesperson for Wendy’s says the company purchases tomatoes from Mexico and other places, and insists it holds suppliers to a code of conduct. McDonald’s, Chipotle and Walmart are among the corporations that have joined the Fair Food Program since its launch four years ago. This weekend’s protests are planned at Wendy’s locations in Tampa and St. Pete on Saturday…

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2 comments on “Groups Call Wendy’s Tomato Policies Rotten

  1. irene51gomes says:

    Wendy’s must concern themselves with human rights and stop profiting from farmworkers living in poverty. I will not eat your tomatoes!


  2. Linnea Desmond says:

    I participated with 15-20 people in a Wendy’s protest some 4 or 5 years ago….jeez Wendy’s what are your reasons for not joining other major food chains – it’s a freaking Penny per Pound – don’t you feel any moral responsibility? There is a great short film on this issue and was on the agenda at the Democratic club a couple of years ago.


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