When are we going to start talking about mental illness and helping people and stop talking about the second amendment?

Two people were murdered in cold blood this morning. A third was injured. The fiance of the photographer ( I don’t want to use the word shooter here so I don’t confuse anyone). The fiance of Adam Ward was in the control room and saw the entire thing happen in front of her eyes. Alison Parker, newly engaged.  Her fiance send her off to work after he made her breakfast. These people had parents, families , friends and its heartbreaking. I’m so sorry.

You wake up in the morning and you go off to work and you never go home because someone filled with rage kills you. Someone with a long history of rage that just got worse and worse every day.

We have tendency to move away from people with rage. We need to move towards them and get them the help they need.

I don’t want to talk about guns. I’m so sick about talking about guns. I bet all those politicians that want you to have your guns would never let you bring your gun to their rally. Hell, they won’t even let  protesters in. They put them in “free speech zones.” So when they tell you they want you be able to bring your guns anywhere it’s a bold outright lie. Smarten up your being pandered to.

I don’t want to talk about guns.

I want to talk about mental illness.

Why can’t we talk about mental illness?

What the shooter did (Person with the gun not the camera). He went after his two co workers at their interview (shoot) and then he put his murderous video on line and he made sure it would go viral.

This is a person filled with rage.

He was let go from his job. They knew he was unstable. He said he was ready to go “boom!” This was not the first time.

I don’t know if he ever went to look for help or he had friends or family and I am in no way making excuses for his behavoir.

What I am responding to is the fact that this person had so much rage that he acted out on it by killing two innocent people and injuring another because he had no way to deal with this any other way?

Sort of like when people kill themselves because they feel that this there is no way out.

No one should feel like there is no way out or no place to go.

no one.

Which brings me to this.

This is the 11th circuit opinion of the Gloc vs Docs case. Thank you Brady Center to End Gun Violence.


It’s very long. It’s also very incomplete. The Judges do not seem to understand the context of this issue which is not really Doctor’s offices. They don’t seem to understand that happy nurses, physical therapists, social workers and home health aides as well as caremanagers, casemanagers go out to peoples houses to take care of them.

If this law stands we really cannot ask about guns. I’m not sure why we can’t just ask if they have any weapons. The NRA surely does not care about knives and hitting people on the head with teapots or even spritzy spray (wouldn’t kill you but would certainly hurt your eyes). We just want to make sure that no one gets hurt including ourselves.

Please take the time to read the opinion. Can you write judges? Do they take letters?

Today two young talented news persons were killed in cold blood. One innocent person was injured.

Here is card you can sign from the Brady campaign. Please sign it and send your sympathies.



Now lets put our heads together and talk about mental illness.

2 comments on “When are we going to start talking about mental illness and helping people and stop talking about the second amendment?

  1. Lorna says:

    I appreciate what you write here but should Alison and Adam have been your brother and/or sister would you feel the same? In my opinion, there is a significant difference between “rage” and “mental illness”. The man that took these two innocent people’s life, injured another innocent person, and then took his own was not mentally ill. I feel it’s important to note a fallen and sinful world we live in and the evil lurking around that we hear so much about, and more so recently. Yes, we need to help those who need help but we also need to stop finding excuses for evil that takes up residence in human form and acts on it by stealing, killing and destroying innocent people. There are many people in this world who are capable of handling weapons and know what they’re intended for…we can’t take freedom away from those who are responsible because of a few that can’t handle life and responsibility.


    • cyndilenz says:

      Yes I have and yes I would. and honestly the ability to handle disappointment and processing things or not is the very essence of mental illness. This person has a long history of feeling persecuted. He had many signs of paranoia, mis conceptions, taking things personally, feeling things were directed towards him. There is more that is coming I’m sure. Please remember there is a huge difference between insane, incompetent and mentally ill. James Holmesis not incompetent but is very mentally ill. He looks much better now that he has been incarcerated and on psych medications. I think we will find the person that shot these two beautiful people has some wicked pathology that was out of control. This is not coming from behind some desk but as a result of years and years and years of working as a psychiatric nurse. Even that is no excuse. If there were some kind of background check this person would have passed.
      My issue is not that he had a gun. My issue is that he had a problem that could have been fixed for his sake and the sake of Allison and Adam everyone’s life would be different. I’m not sure how much clearer I could be when I say I DONT want to talk about guns. i want to talk about mental illness. I want people to have a place to go when they acknowledge that they are filled with rage.
      Because if we don’t talk about mental illness this is never going to end.


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