Every day is the cone of uncertainty.

I’m on the downside of many days in a row at work. Three more days until the weekend. I have a feeling my weekend will be spent getting ready for a possible storm. Maybe. Maybe not. Better safe than sorry.

coneofun certainty

Cone of uncertainty

This is a good time to make sure you have at least two weeks worth of medication. This is the time I look to do things I would have to do anyway like have two weeks worth of food and medication for my pets.

Bread in the freezer.

Raw fruits and veggies that do not need cooking.

Peanut Butter and Jelly.

Start making Ice.

Propane for your barbecue. You can make pizza on the barbi. Its actually quite yummy.

Drinking Water because your water may not be drinkable.

Here is a list from the coast guard.


Give me your best tips and I’ll post them later.

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