Finding Austin and Perry

Update August 4th DEEMI joins search and dogs are on the way! Many people up and down the coast had prayer vigils.

Update August 3

Update: The contact numbers that we previously gave are incorrect. for the time being, anyone that is wanting to help in the search for Austin and Perry please contact The love and support from the community, state, and nation is above and beyond what I could have hoped, wished, or prayed for. We love these boys with all of our heart and look forward to tell them how so many people never, never, never gave up on them. Greatly appreciated from my heart to yours

and here is a new facebook group if you can help walk the coast!

Update August 2, 2015


BOLO these items: Shimano Tigras spinning reels, orange life vests, White Yeti Cooler 65 quart, white throw cushion, white bait bucket, white rain boots,white short sleeve that says “grand slam events”\tranulcent plane tackle box
black long sleeve tt shirt
silver grey yamaha 115 hp engine
get a date and a timestamp and call 866-750-7770 or email

Update July 31, 2015

The coastguard is suspending the search tonight. Here is new info. Prayers needed.




Last night instead of writing my blog I sat on Facebook with some friends listening to the Facebook Feed from JAX.

Many of you know we have two boys missing. They went out in their boat last Friday and have not been heard from since. Their boat was found way up north capsized but we are praying they had their cooler and life jackets. Last night something was going on in Tybee, Georgia. This morning the Coast Guard is going back out there.

I saw some really nasty remarks online. I know it’s hard. When something happens the first place you go is to the judging place. This is not a time for judging but a time for prayers.

Many people were upset about  the Go Fund me site. As far as I know that’s to help with volunteers in boats and planes that have been searching for these kids.

The Coast Guard will be going back out there this morning. Here is the feed.

Last night there was about 19,000 people listening to this feed with their hearts in their mouth.

Here is the Facebook Page

Find Austin and Perry

Here is a prayer candle

If they are not found this morning please if you live along the east coast please go to the beach and see if you can find anything. Lifejackets, coolers.

Please go to the Facebook page. It is being updated constantly.

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