Very Old Stinky Dog gets washed by group of very good kids.

Last Sunday I brought my 17 year old golden rescue Barney (Barnacles -seemed appropriate when he came to me he was 14 years old very ill ,filled with worms, skin issues, thyroid issues). I love these dog washes our Humane Society of the Treasure Coast Does.


Here is their website

Thanks to everyone that supports this very special place.

Thanks to our friend Aidan Lewey, clean water advocate and really good kid and his friends for putting this together. They raised 200 dollars.


You can read about it here

Look at all those hands!

Here is short piece I put together with my co rescue friend TIna Valant who brought me to the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast. Thanks to Frank Valante who allowed us to do this.

TIna has a vision and I said “Sure I’ll do it if you can get permission to use the song.: and she did.

enjoy. I hope it inspires everyone to support their local rescues and humane societies.

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