Unpaid volunteers make choices about our water


www.sfwmd.gov/portal/page/portal/xweb about us/governing board

The South Florida Water Management District is directed by nine Governing Board members who set policy for the agency. They reside within the agency’s 16-county region and represent a cross section of interests, including the environment, agriculture, local government, recreation and business. Governing Board members are unpaid citizen volunteers appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Florida Senate. They generally serve four-year terms.

The South Florida Water Management District encompasses two major watershed basins, the Okeechobee Basin and the Big Cypress Basin. The Big Cypress Basin also has a Basin Board, with appointed members setting policy. One Governing Board member also serves as the chair of the Big Cypress Basin Board.

The Governing Board appoints the Executive Director, who directs all South Florida Water Management District activities. The Florida Senate confirms this candidate.”

So the people on the board of South Water Management District are unpaid volunteers. We are volunteers. They are volunteers that are friends of Rick Scott.  We get bubka’s.

Why does a group of unpaid volunteers get to make a decision about our discharges, our water, our everglades?

Here is the discussion at the end of the meeting last week about why the land will not be bought.

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  1. […] When all else fails. When everyone has closed their doors to us. The legislators, the Governor’s Board of South Florida Water Management. […]


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