SFWMD They say constraints. We say buy the land.


SFWMD Engineer Jeff Jeff Kivett wrote a report with all the constraints as to why we will never ever ever ever  ever be able to buy the land and send the water south. It reminded me of my son when he was 16 and he told me the million reasons he couldn’t clean his room.  A huge task yes but certainly not impossible. This is the position favored by Big Sugar and they let every person on the Board of Governors know that this is what they had to do. Do nothing. The option will run out and meanwhile our legislators are planning how to use our Amendment 1 money as their slush fund. I find Florida a very frightening place this week. Apparently there is no such thing as climate change.

I thought about how my entire day as a nurse is finding solutions. I hardly doubt I would keep my job if I went around telling people “I’m so sorry. I have constraints.”  Most of us have jobs where we need to come up with solutions. The job of the Government is to protect us. The job of SFWMD is to protect the water. These people need to be replaced. They clearly don’t work for us.

Millions of gallons of  fresh water are being sent out to tide daily. Is this taking care of the water? There are unusable wells in Hallandale. Salt Water Intrusion. Death of the Miccosukee Tribe tree islands.


Death of the Florida Bay.

The list goes on. When will you pay attention?

When will it end?

From the blog of Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch:

“Recently US Sugar Corporation, and even some members from the Governing Board of the SFWMD itself , (http://www.sfwmd.gov/portal/page/portal/xweb%20about%20us/governing%20board)  “hijacked” Mr Kivett’s document, to make it seem like it proves everything is “in stone,” justifies the atrocities of the plumbing system, and makes the idea of buying land south of Lake Okeechobee null and void….Nothing, could be further than the truth….and was not the intention of Mr Kivett’s document.”

According to SFWMD we will be getting toxic discharges forever, the water of South Florida will be destroyed, salt water will continue to intrude. They have no intention  of doing anything about this. That means Rick Scott has no intention of doing anything. According to Kevin Powers he is our best friend and we should listen to him.

With friends like that who needs enemies? Same goes for our legislators that voted for the water bill. You are all complicit. Every single one of you.

I don’t need to review the past. I’m sure all these people including Rick Scott, Adam Putnam, and the entire board of Governors are having a good laugh at our expense.

Here is a piece from the Daily Show about Chris Christie who been known to hang out with Rick Scott. Apparently the same thing goes on in New Jersey.


When a person on the SFWMD board has no idea who Maggy Hurchella is we are in deep trouble.

We were told if we clapped, or were disruptive they would be removed by a deputy. So we raised our signs and by doing so made the most haunting sound. It was sad and hysterically funny at the same time.

Here is the video.

Cara Capp

Gary Goforth

julia hathaway

Maggy Hurchella

Ray Judah from the west coast

speakers 1

mark perry

Tropical Audubon

john scott

Marjorie Shopshire

jonathan ullman sierra club

Lisa! From the Everglades Law Center! We love you!

I need to apologize from here to the end of the speakers. I thought we were breaking for lunch and took the camera off the tripod.

Ed Fielding




stacie lee sherwood



More Speakers

Indian RiverKeeper Marty Baum





5 comments on “SFWMD They say constraints. We say buy the land.

  1. Dennis says:

    Cyndi, so well said. Thank you.


  2. cyndilenz says:

    Thank You Dennis. We need to put all the big minds together because the result of inaction is not acceptable.


  3. Kevin Stinnette says:

    The thralls of the Sugar Barons tout the money being spent on current projects as if they will accept the death of coastal economies as long as they can show they gave lots of our tax dollars to ranchers, farmers, engineers and lawyers. It is like evaluating your doctor on how much he or she charged rather than how well the treatment worked. It is like evaluating schools on how much they spent rather than how well the kids did. The University of Florida study says that what we are doing now won’t stop massive discharges for 200 years. Why are they unwilling to do what needs to be done? It is the power of our money going to subsidies.


    • cyndilenz says:

      Agreed Kevin. If you listen to the video there were a lot of remarks that frankly showed they are either clueless or just not willing to give up what ever golden para shoot was promised. I’m sure the people that work for big sugar were all laughing. It took me along time to say all this out loud. I thought we were working with experts and not a bunch of cowards.


  4. Tiki Steve says:

    Stop the Discharges!!


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