Healthcare workers: Listen don’t judge

As a nurse,   I  get to interact with all kinds of patients. Many who make a full time job of going to the doctors. those who hate going to the doctors, those who go and don’t listen, those who go and follow all instructions to a t.
As a patient. I’m a bad patient. Not really really bad. I just have a lot of disagreements with what is the right path. And honestly I don’t want to hear it. I don’t want to be talked to – i want to have a conversation.

My first  trip to the hospital in 33  years had to do with a nasty gallbladder. All kinds of health care practitioners marched into my room in the er and even my sister remarked “well you won’t be eating that food anymore.”

So number one rule health care workers. Before you judge -ask. Because especially in the last few months but even before that I was eating a pretty healthy diet. Good whole food with lots of fruits and veggies. The last few months I had radically changed my diet to include fermented foods, seaweed, mung beans -food as medicine.

So don’t judge me without asking me first.

I have to say that mostly every person  I came in contact with at the hospital was nice. So i think that mission was accomplished. But you guys need to work on what comes out of your mouth.  We all do.

One comment on “Healthcare workers: Listen don’t judge

  1. […] So when people walked into my room and judged me on what they thought I was eating. I didn’t get upset. It just reminded me they we all need to listen a little harder and not judge. ( […]


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