Why learn to Meditate?

Why learn to Meditate?

If someone told me 5 years ago I would be meditating every day and teaching meditation to my patients-well- I would have laughed and said “Oh ya right!” Actually, five years ago I was so stressed out I probably would not have laughed. I would have walked away. Every day my clients and patients tell me they can’t meditate and I just throw it out there. “Would you like to learn?”

Mediation is the intention for attention. It is being in the here and now and not looking back and perseverating about the past. Its not about thinking about the future. Its about being right here right now.

With a simple google search you can find hundreds of scientific articles about meditation. Even ten years ago if I had written this there would be a lot of laughter. But now we have science. I love science.
Even with science there are still skeptics.
Can you breath? Because if you can breath you can meditate.
Its like riding a bike. The more you practice the better you get.
Start here. This one of my favorites. Do this once a day. Keep a journal and see your progress.


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