How to get a divorce: Year in photos 2009 plus Halloween pix 2015

How to get a divorce with photography and music!  Year in photos 2009 plus Halloween.

I found this amazing video on my son’s Facebook page. This video represents my last year in Boca and then  moving here to Jensen Beach in the Treasure Coast. All these amazing faces somehow because a part of what I called “My other life.”  My other life became my life. An amazing life.

The Music at the beginning is by a Band called “After the Fall.”  The second and third are sung by my friend “Big Vince and the Phat Cats.” I met these guys during this time and their friendship and music became a large part of my award winning documentary “The Garbage of Jupiter Beach.”

At the time i really had no idea I would be putting together a photo essay on all the thing I practice. Manifesting. Gratefulness.

Joy. Things I love. Music. Photography.

Starts off with John Carey at the Old Back Room in Boca Raton. A trip to Colorado to see my Mom who was alive at the time. A trip to Miami with Jody and Tommy for dinner with Bill Aucoin. The stories I heard were incredible. He died shortly after that so I’m glad I got to meet him.

Meeting our friend TC Ridge with Jody who was putting together his band “South of Georgia.
My Mac and Casey. Now gone. Daniel  East drumming for Iki IKo and one of my favorite “drum faces” Ren Fest in Boca. The first one I ever went to and I just loved taking photos there. My first Rock and Pop Masters. The Reel Women’s FIlm Fest with MaryAnn and her niece, being honored at WPBT 2 in Miami. At the time I was creating little video stories. (I guess I still am creating little video stories but this time I was honored for doing so.)

A trip to St Pete and getting to see Julie Black and go to a drum circle. A trip to Melbourne and meeting the War Dog People. Then a trip to Weston with Larry and Tom. The Delray Beach Film Fest was such a blast that year. Yes that’s Gianmarco.
A photo shoot at a vet’s office and that’s how I met “The Faders” who were just beginning to put “The Phat Cats” together.  Carissa came to town and then a  life changing trip to Guatemala. Photo shoot with my drum teacher famed Joey Zeytoonian and his fabulous wife Miriam and her dances and students. Trying to find my groove.  MAMM shoot in Miami with Victor Hugo Vaca and Rodrigo Millar Feliú. Shooting my friends up in Jupiter at various local Jams that were put together by Gary Frost. Albert Castiglia.  (need I say more) Creating my own award winning documentary “The Garbage of Jupiter Beach.” Meeting one of my good friends Tiki Steve. Then going to DC to shoot at NIH (My second time at the mother ship).
My first halloween in Jensen Beach with Penny at Crawdaddys. My first Pineapple festival which is the weekend of my birthday. Meeting Stephen and Michelle and Geoff. Discovering the The Nouveaux Honkies. Wow what a year.

That folks is what you do when your going through a divorce.

Here are a few fun Halloween photos from this year.


My Halloween costume. Obnoxious Witch.


My kids. Adam, April and Ethan.

We miss you Larry Hoppin!



Larry in Newport Rhode Island, Rock4christmas tour

I knew it  was around now. I’ve been walking around thinking about Larry. Thinking about what would life be like if he was still here with us. The few days have been frantic and i finally sat and I found this.

and this

I met Larry on a crazy tour called Rock for Christmas. Somehow, I got in my mind that I wanted to go tour and I got this chance to do so and insanity prevailed. I spent a lot of time with Larry in the bus, in the van where he gave me some really good advice that probably saved my life, or at least saved me from mounds of aggravation.


Larry Hoppen at a Christmas Party somewhere in Newport RI.


It was like  therapy session for the both of us but he was so proud of his girls , his brothers , his friend Tam Kallman and of John Hall who was a US congressman at the time.


Larry Hoppen performing at the Hard Rock Cafe at Foxwoods

He was a true blue Dem! He loved Obama. I think his twitter feed is still up and that’s the photo he posted. He was mortified when Trayvon Martin got shot. I know that if he was here today he’d be writing songs about our water issues and Florida issues and try to do what ever could to help.

He was so worried that no one was going to come to the Newport Blues Cafe. He hooked with the mayor and it was right before Christmas and Newport was gorgeous. We made the rounds of people’s Christmas parties and events inviting people. Then he calls John Caffferty to come too. We also had James Montgomery, and Eddie Money.

I gave my video to the main video guy and he made something but I had a lot of video from behind the scenes that i’m even sure if I have it anymore. Crazy funny but some things are better off in a giant box of tapes. Maybe one day i’ll pull them out and put something together.


Larry Hoppen with Grace Morrison at the Newport Blue Cafe, Newport, RI Rock for Chrismas

After this Larry always called  me to join in. Bring my camera. SIt behind the scenes and take it all it in. When ever I showed up he would say “Cyndi Lenz is good people.”

Here is some fun video of “sound check from I think the last RPM show at weston.


Larry Hoppen with John Cafferty and James Montgomery at the Newport Blues Cage in Newport RI Rock4Christmas Tour

As I sit here and cry I miss this guy so much. He was a mensch. One of the good guys.

Here is Larry and Joe Bouchard from Blue Oyster Cult

We miss you!

Here is Tommy, Larry is playing bass. What fun! hahaha


Larry Hoppen from #orleans at the Newport Blues Cafe, Newport Rhode Island.