Fruit Stands are Ripe for Learning

Fruit Stands are Ripe for Learning

by Darcy Flierl

It was a Saturday unlike other Saturdays in Martin County. The cool temperatures offered a relief of the summer months which extended well into our fall season. Families were moved to begin the Christmas season. Perhaps that is why so many people felt compelled to stop at my six year old daughters avocado stand she set up with her daddy.

She had been begging us for months to let her start a “We Help Animals Club” that would result in her getting   “clients” that would allow her to walk their dogs on a regular basis. Of course that means, my husband and I would be walking these dogs with her on a regular basis – a little too much of a commitment when we both already have full time careers.

The idea of selling avocados was a direct result of our lemon tree not having any lemons. There we were with my daughter behind a table with a hundred or so avocados piled high and her daddy on the corner holding our homemade sign that read, “Avocados $1.00”. Car after car, people would stop to buy fresh produce from my little first grader. At times she had a line of 5 people deep wanting to purchase her goods. I watched as she would greet her customer, find out their needs, discuss the price of their purchase, take their money and extend her gratitude- which was often her jumping up and down as she would stuff the dollars into her pink fluffy piggy bank that sat on the table.   Some people would stop just to see what this little girl was selling and would decline the avocados. My daughter learned so many lessons with this experience.

Avocado Stand

This avocado stand was a lesson in learning about the joy of working, how to talk with people, the art of talking about money, how to accept rejection and ultimately a lesson in gratitude. Maybe the people most grateful were her parents. These passer -byers took the time to pull over, turn around, do U-turns and walk a block or so, simply to support a little girl’s efforts. I wonder if they know that on Saturday they made our community a better place to live, that they enriched the life of a child and a family, that they took time to make a connection and develop the strengths of a young girl.

I encourage you all to build positive relationships with young people and support their ideas. You can do this by letting the young boy down the street mow your lawn, by learning the names of the kids in your neighborhood and taking the time to greet them by name or simply stop by the next lemonade stand or in our case, avocado stand.

My daughter sold out of Avocados that day and with each avocado sold-she became a stronger, more powerful, healthier and valuable part of our community.


Darcy Flierl is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Addictions Professional, and Certified Yoga Teacher currently offering individual and family psychotherapy in Stuart, Florida.  She also enjoys teaching in the Human Services Department as an Adjunct Instructor for Indian River State College and is Consultant for Non Profits along the Treasure Coast.

She has held board positions on for a variety of local and statewide agencies from the Department of Juvenile Justice’s State Advisory Group to CHARACTER COUNTS! and others.  Darcy has received a variety of awards for her community work such as;  Soroptimist’s Rising Star Award, the Community Champion Award from the United Way and for community advocacy from the Tobacco Free Partnership and was a 2013 Nominee as a Woman of Distinction.

Besides working to make Martin County a healthier place, she donates her time doing River Advocacy for the Indian River Lagoon and raising awareness about many issues effecting young people and families.  She treasures her time with her husband, and children attending local events and enjoying Martin County’s recreational opportunities.

For more information about Darcy you can visit her website at:


Sea Level Rise in Miami and Politics. Let’s just say no to the “deniers.”

Sea Level Rise in Miami and Politics. Let’s just say no to the “deniers.”


The last election was the first election I participated in a long time. I felt very disenfranchised and I realized how important it was to get people out to vote. I put together a list of clean water candidates because I thought it would bring us together and it did. It did in a way. In a way it didn’t. We really really need to do this all together.

Now we need this more than ever. Miami is floating away.


When Michael Grunwald was here he talked about the tides comes up to his house.

What’s going to happen? What’s going to happen is what has happened. People are going to stick their necks in the sand and its going to get worse and our fellow citizens are in danger.  Please go talk to your party and tell them they need to start paying attention to the infrastructure. Even Libertarians believe in infrastructure. What is up with the denying this? What is the end game of that. Are we selling Miami at a good price? Will Miami be on sale if it gets destroyed? Why is no one helping? There has got to be money involved. Why else would all these people deny that the water is rising in Miami?

Texas Republicans have a new policy on climate change: There is no climate change.

While traditionally the state’s GOP has focused on abolishing the Environmental Protection Agency while ignoring climate change, this year’s temporary policy platform is taking it one step further, calling for party members to explicitly dismiss it, too.

“While we all strive to be good stewards of the earth, ‘climate change’ is a political agenda which attempts to control every aspect of our lives. We urge government at all levels to ignore any plea for money to fund global climate change or ‘climate justice’ initiatives,” the platform writes.

So funny I just wrote the above and then I found this. This article is from 2010. Like most things American until we actually feel the pain we’re not  interested.

“However! It does seem to me that the right’s climate denialism hasn’t been properly linked to the larger phenomenon of epistemic closure on the right. When Jim Manzi, everyone’s favorite sensible conservative, criticized fellow conservative Mark Levin for peddling intellectually shoddy skeptic arguments in his bestselling book Liberty and Tyranny, Levin went nuts, joined by a half-dozen other NRO writers. How could they not? The very same skeptic talking points in Levin’s book appear in thousands of blogs and comment sections across the interwebs. If they are intellectually bankrupt, a whole lot of people are going to look stupid.”

We are sick of talking points. You put them out. The news picks them up and repeats them over and over until you believe it.

This has got to stop.

“The right’s project over the last 30 years has been to dismantle the post-war liberal consensus by undermining trust in society’s leading institutions. Experts are made elites; their presumption of expertise becomes self-damning. They think they’re better than you. They talk down to you. They don’t respect people like us, real Americans.”

And you thought these people just wanted to keep your taxes lower. I don’t think so

“The decline in trust in institutions has generated fear and uncertainty; where there are fear and uncertainty, there are reactionaries to exploit them. Stress reinforces in-group bias — tribalism, nationalism, and xenophobia. Today’s conservative movement has created a self-contained, hermetically sealed epistemological reality, a closed loop of cable news, talk radio, and email forwards, meant to stoke in-group anxiety and reinforce group identity.

Consider what the Limbaugh/Morano crowd is saying about climate: not only that the world’s scientists and scientific institutions are systematically wrong, but that they are purposefully perpetrating a deception. Virtually all the world’s governments, scientific academies, and media are either in on it or duped by it. The only ones who have pierced the veil and seen the truth are American movement conservatives.”

They don’t care about us. That’s for sure.

I was told recently that one of our State Rep Marylynn Magar said at a forum that with the ten bucks we’re saving on our cell phone tax a small family could treat themselves to a Pizza. Where Marylynn is this ten dollar pizza? What does each child get? Here’s a half a slice honey. Eat it and praise RIck Scott!

Or Gayle Harrell saying that people who are sick can go to free clinics and then those free clinic’s funding was taken away.

Sorry rant.

You get the picture. OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY.

So what do we do when the people running are OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY? Do we vote for these people even though they are in your party?  Don’t we help our own friends that are out of touch with reality?

How about this? How about YOU take control and not let people run who are OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY.

So here’s REALITY so you can be IN TOUCH WITH REALITY.

Climate change is here and residing in Miami.


I’m going to post some articles and you can read them. Reading them will put you back in touch with the present and with reality.

Maybe you could send to the people who are running for things like President who live in Miami but have no clue the people will drowning soon and clue them in so they can be IN TOUCH WITH REALITY!

and if they’re not. Please! Just say no.

“Climate change is no longer viewed as a future threat round here,” says atmosphere expert Professor Ben Kirtman, of the University of Miami. “It is something that we are having to deal with today.”

Every year, with the coming of high spring and autumn tides, the sea surges up the Florida coast and hits the west side of Miami Beach, which lies on a long, thin island that runs north and south across the water from the city of Miami. The problem is particularly severe in autumn when winds often reach hurricane levels. Tidal surges are turned into walls of seawater that batter Miami Beach’s west coast and sweep into the resort’s storm drains, reversing the flow of water that normally comes down from the streets above. Instead seawater floods up into the gutters of Alton Road, the first main thoroughfare on the western side of Miami Beach, and pours into the street. Then the water surges across the rest of the island.

The effect is calamitous. Shops and houses are inundated; city life is paralyzed; cars are ruined by the corrosive seawater that immerses them. During one recent high spring tide, laundromat owner Eliseo Toussaint watched as slimy green saltwater bubbled up from the gutters. It rapidly filled the street and then blocked his front door. “This never used to happen,” Toussaint told the New York Times. “I’ve owned this place eight years and now it’s all the time.

Today, shop owners keep plastic bags and rubber bands handy to wrap around their feet when they have to get to their cars through rising waters, while householders have found that ground-floor spaces in garages are no longer safe to keep their cars. Only those on higher floors can hope to protect their cars from surging sea waters that corrode and rot the innards of their vehicles.”


Hence the construction work at Alton Road, where $400m is now being spent in an attempt to halt these devastating floods – by improving Miami Beach’s stricken system of drains and sewers. In total, around $1.5bn is to be invested in projects aimed at holding back the rising waters. Few scientists believe the works will have a long-term effect.”

This is from the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science.

I mean really what do you know? Maybe you should call Rush Limbaugh on the phone.

Call the Rush Limbaugh Show Program Line

Between 12 noon and 3pm Eastern Time: 1-800-282-2882

This is from the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science.

“The mean sea level has risen noticeably in the Miami and Miami Beach areas just in the past decade.  Flooding events are getting more frequent, and some areas flood during particularly high tides now: no rain or storm surge necessary.  Perhaps most alarming is that the rate of sea level rise is accelerating.

Diving Into Data

Certified measurements of sea level have been taken at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School on Virginia Key since 1996 (Virginia Key is a small island just south of Miami Beach and east of downtown Miami)[1].  Simple linear trends drawn through annual averages of all high tides, low tides, and the mean sea level are shown below, and all three lines are about 3.7″ higher in 2014 than they were in 1996.”

We have a senator in who lives in Miami who apparently can’t even find the time to go to leading academic oceanographic and atmospheric research institutions in the world?

Just say no.

This is the “World Resources Institute.”

Miami-Dade County, Florida has more people living less than 4 feet above sea level than any U.S. state, except Louisiana.

This fact sheet provides information specific to Miami-Dade County, Florida including the local impacts of—and near future vulnerabilities to—sea-level rise and extreme weather events.

Here is Eye on Miami. You have to go and listen to the audio.

Sea level rise in Miami: Dr. Harold Wanless on podcast, “This Can’t Be Happening” … by gimleteye

Harold Wanless, a leading climatologist and geologist based at the University of Miami, returns to the “This Can’t Be Happening!” program after a year to revisit his claim that global warming and sea level rise are going to be much more dramatic than the consensus predictions of the UN Climate Committee, NASA, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration and other groups. With recent reports of faster melting on Greenland and in both the Eastern and Western Antarctic, Wanless tells host Dave Lindorff we are now facing a catastrophe that could see sea levels rising by more than 20 feet by the end of the century, and perhaps, if methane begins seriously erupting from the Arctic seafloor, even reduced oxygen levels that could threaten mammals, including humans.
Are you sick of me yet?
Here is some video. Excellent and well done and also talks about the Biscayne Aquifer and salt water intrusion. Richard Grosso also in this.
This is here. We cannot have anyone running for President who ignores this. Either address it or we will just say no.

Finding Austin and Perry

Update August 4th DEEMI joins search and dogs are on the way! Many people up and down the coast had prayer vigils.

Update August 3

Update: The contact numbers that we previously gave are incorrect. for the time being, anyone that is wanting to help in the search for Austin and Perry please contact The love and support from the community, state, and nation is above and beyond what I could have hoped, wished, or prayed for. We love these boys with all of our heart and look forward to tell them how so many people never, never, never gave up on them. Greatly appreciated from my heart to yours

and here is a new facebook group if you can help walk the coast!

Update August 2, 2015


BOLO these items: Shimano Tigras spinning reels, orange life vests, White Yeti Cooler 65 quart, white throw cushion, white bait bucket, white rain boots,white short sleeve that says “grand slam events”\tranulcent plane tackle box
black long sleeve tt shirt
silver grey yamaha 115 hp engine
get a date and a timestamp and call 866-750-7770 or email

Update July 31, 2015

The coastguard is suspending the search tonight. Here is new info. Prayers needed.




Last night instead of writing my blog I sat on Facebook with some friends listening to the Facebook Feed from JAX.

Many of you know we have two boys missing. They went out in their boat last Friday and have not been heard from since. Their boat was found way up north capsized but we are praying they had their cooler and life jackets. Last night something was going on in Tybee, Georgia. This morning the Coast Guard is going back out there.

I saw some really nasty remarks online. I know it’s hard. When something happens the first place you go is to the judging place. This is not a time for judging but a time for prayers.

Many people were upset about  the Go Fund me site. As far as I know that’s to help with volunteers in boats and planes that have been searching for these kids.

The Coast Guard will be going back out there this morning. Here is the feed.

Last night there was about 19,000 people listening to this feed with their hearts in their mouth.

Here is the Facebook Page

Find Austin and Perry

Here is a prayer candle

If they are not found this morning please if you live along the east coast please go to the beach and see if you can find anything. Lifejackets, coolers.

Please go to the Facebook page. It is being updated constantly.

Someone Save Pahokee’s Old Prince Theater! Former Mayor was too busy obsessing.

 Someone Save Pahokee’s Old Prince Theater! Former Mayor was too busy obsessing.

When I lived in Palm Beach County Pahokee was that place way out there. I don’t even think when I worked in home health from Boca I ever went out there. It’s pretty torn up. Yet the people that live there are so nice. Real people. I’d rather spend a day in Pahokee than a day in Palm Beach. Truly.

I feel like the whole area are the forgotten people but whats so funny is they haven’t forgotten themselves. They just go on with their day. This is their life.


So if you go to downtown Pahokee you see this: An old movie theater and the base is made from coral.

Here is some info about the “Prince Theater.”

Joe Vogel on April 4, 2015 at 4:40 amThe original Prince Theatre was replaced in 1940. The April 5, 1940, issue of The Film Daily had this item:

“Dobrow to Erect New Theater Building, Refurnish Another“Pahokee, Fla. — A call for bids is being made by Abe Dobrow of the Everglades and Prince Theaters, for a new structure to replace the present building housing the Prince theater. Bids will be opened April 8. Plans also call for complete refurnishing of the Everglades theater.”

This follow-up item is from the January 3, 1941, issue of The Film Daily:

“Open New Pahokee House“Pahokee, Fla. — New $40,000 Prince theater, has been opened. The 600-seater is owned and operated by Gold & Dobrow. Don Hiller & Sons, Pahokee, were the contractors.”

Listings of the Prince Theatre in FDY’s from the 1930s consistently give it a capacity of 250, so it was less than half the size of the new house. It seems unlikely that the original Prince Theatre would have been demolished in 1940 if its building was only nine years old, so it’s likely that it was either an older theater that had operated under a different name earlier in its history, or it was in an older commercial building that had been converted into a theater in 1931.Architect Chester A. Cone was still in practice at least as late as 1985, so it seems likely that it was the 1940 rebuilding of the Prince Theatre that he designed, rather than the original house.

In 1966, the Gold-Dobrow chain leased three of their five theaters, including the Prince, to a Miami-based chain. An article about the transfer in the December 21 issue of The Palm Beach Post said that the Gold-Dobrow chain had been “…organized about 35 years ago….” That would be consistent with the 1931 opening of the original Prince Theatre, whether it was a new operation or an old house renamed by the new owners.

DSC_0101 DSC_0098 DSC_0095 DSC_0094

From 2010:

“A fight is brewing over the crumbling, pink Prince Theater on Main Street, where country music singer Mel Tillis got his start and Glades children spent countless Saturday afternoons.

But city leaders aren’t fighting to restore the 70-year-old landmark. They want to force its new owner to tear it down.

The city sold the theater to businessman Emilio Perez for $8,500 on March 1, with the understanding he would demolish the building and use the site to expand a gas station for economic development. Now the city is suing Perez for breach of contract after he started to repair the building instead.

“The bottom line is: ‘Just do what you said you would do,'” Mayor J.P Sasser said. “All we want him to do is honor his original agreement.”

In a June 29 letter to the city, Perez said he had a change of heart about demolishing the theater after residents asked him to fix and re-open it.

The 500-seat theater was built in 1940 and showed first-run movies and live performances for about 25 years until it closed in the mid-1960s. Tillis, who grew up in Pahokee, said he got his start singing at talent shows at the Prince Theater in the late 1940s

The theater sat dormant for more than a decade, and its owners donated it to the city in 1976. After residents led by Harriet Seldes raised more than $100,000 to renovate the building, it reopened in 1980 for community events and later for movies.

“We were doing this not only for the adults in the community but also the children,” said Seldes, who now lives in Port St. Lucie. “There was no other theater, nothing else for children to do but football.”

The theater closed again after a few years. Tropical Storm Fay in 2008 damaged the roof so badly that city officials decided it was beyond hope of repair, Sasser said.

Pahokee resident Larry Wright said the Prince should not be torn down. He suggested that a nonprofit theater group could be organized to put on plays there using local children.

Sasser said that before being elected this year he had worked with a group that tried to find money to save the Prince, but it was a lost cause because of the extent of roof damage and other needed repairs.”

Seriously JP you spend too much time obsessing about the septic tanks in Martin County to pay attention to your own town the wonderful place it could be. You could find a roof company and try to raise the money to fix this. You want it replaced with a Gas station?

You could fix this place out. Have a children’s theater. Show some good movies. Have some concerts. Who would want to demolish such a gem. You could have brought people to pahokee!

We need to help Pahokee!

Maybe someone from the Island of Palm Beach could invest in this. It would be awesome. We need to invest in the children of Pahokee.

Pahokee out by Lake O. Forgotton building could be something wonderful.

Pahokee out by Lake O.
Forgotton building could be something wonderful.

Hopefully the new mayor will fix this place up!

DSC_0082 DSC_0076

“Sasser has been one of the most visible representatives of the Pahokee area on the state and federal level, taking trips to Tallahassee and Washington D.C. to argue his case for his hometown and for the Glades area. Along those same lines, it was his sharp tongue and his haranguing of other elected officials that landed him in the headlines. Sasser defended the area in a distinct way, and a harsh scolding of the county or state was one of the many cards Sasser played to get his message across.

With a convincing loss to a political newcomer, Sasser said his political career in Pahokee in over.”

Oh Goody!  The water issue has got to be fixed! But looking at the old Prince theater which is a jewel that you want to tear down instead of putting effort into having something for the children of your town is beyond me. Good for the guy who bought  it and changed his mind.

JP Sasser’s belief that we want to flood out Pahokee.

“He said, “The first thing Senator Negron did was to sit me down and assure me that nobody wants to flood Pahokee. I told him, ‘Oh, yes, they do. They want all the lake water flowing south. Do that and we’re done.'”
It’s very hard to deal with someone who has their own belief system and just won’t listen. I wrote this a while back. I’m so sick of rehashing this point. But you can watch the Sugarland Video and see that we all sincerely wanted to work together and it was the people that lived out on the Lake that started this whole ‘They want to flood us out thing.” I know where it came from.. That’s not what was said. You all are still in danger.
I know where it came from.. That’s not what was said. You all are still in danger. And no you can’t build giant cities out there with new Walmarts. Because you can’t have it both ways. We discharges to protect you guys. No one in their right is going to put anyone else in danger.
No one wanted to flood them out. This is just Big Sugar BS for lets change the subject and make all those tree hugging liberals look bad.

yes this is me hugging a tree.

No one wanted to flood you out JP. We wanted you to do your job and take care of the people of Pahokee. If you weren’t so obsessed with us perhaps you could have done that.
Now JP is suing the River’s Coalition.
It’s so absurd that I can’t post parts of the article. I read it and laughed.  Seriously are you kidding me?
Why not take the money your spending on lawyers and fix the Prince theater and ask some famous local actor to come out there and have a program for the children you were supposed to represent.
Here is the new mayor of Pahokee!
Glad to see a new face and hope to see some good changes out there.
This is what the people want. I know this because I saw it painted on their store fronts.
DSC_0070 DSC_0073 DSC_0068
 Let’s all be aware of what is going on in Pahokee and perhaps the people of Palm Beach County which has a population of 1,397,710 – If each person sent one buck they could save the prince theater and there would be money left over to do something else for the kids out there.

Help Save the Everglades from more destruction, STOP ROGG (River of Grass Greenway).

Please sign the petition! (Even if you don’t live here you could visit)

Please share this page!

Published on Jun 26, 2015

“These are all images from the ROGG plan that look to be on the path that will be removed. Please sign the petition we have on to stop this project. July 1st is the deadline to submit public comment to Mark Heinicke at email: and by postal mail to: Mark Heinicke, Project Manager of the ROGG and Project Planner with the Miami-Dade County Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department, Planning and Design Excellence Division, 275 NW 2nd Street, 4th Floor, Miami, FL 33128-1794, phone: 305-755-7811.

MEDIA ADVISORY FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Shannon Larson at 904-654-0200; Betty Osceola at 786-385-6743; Houston R. Cypress at 786-897-4582; Karen Dwyer at 239-404-2171
The proposed River of Grass Greenway would be a 76-mile hard surface pathway 20 to 40 feet wide, running from Naples to Miami cutting through six national and state parks – some of the most ecologically sensitive lands in the nation – estimated initial costs to build ROGG will cost taxpayers $140 million dollars. Long-term costs even more costly. At ground zero in restoration efforts, eyes around the world are watching to see if Florida can save the Everglades. Yet, the so-called River of Grass Greenway project is independent of the massive 30 year Restoration Project, and could interfere with CERP. Opponents claim the 76-mile bike highway would destroy wetlands, disrupt watersheds, encroach on indigenous lands, disturb historic battlefields, undermine restoration efforts and open the door to commercialization of the Big Cypress and Everglades. They say the area is readily accessible and already has more than enough highways, trails, bike paths, swamp walks, observations towers, and vast array of existing recreational opportunities. “Shutdown the ROGG: Defend Nature by leaving it undisturbed” reads one of their signs and “Moccasins on the Ground NOT pavement” another.
Recent words by Bobby C. Billie, Spiritual Leader and Clan Leader of the Council of the Original Miccosukee Simanolee Nation Aboriginal People who will be leading the event: “The most important thing with this project is the destruction of the Natural World that the Creator has given us. The indigenous people know the Creations the Creator has given us; the Water, the Air, the Trees, the Plants, the Grasses, and all the Insects living in the Grasses, must survive in order that we may survive.”

We took in a 5 day workshop led by Betty Osceola and Bobby C Billie mostly though other Nations from around the country had shown up in support of this historic peaceful opposition.We chose the opportunity and challenge to put ourselves out in the care of our Indigenous Nations hosts while walking for 5 days across Tamiami Trail (41) and the Everglades from Naples to Miami. We chose to endure and learn about Mother Nature and her wounds that continue to bleed. We have connected in spirit to help right some wrongs, crimes, against not only Mother Earth but the area and all of its life,its waters, its air, its wildlife, and its Indigenous people. The Everglades has been encroached upon and has been damaged for many years and continues to be treated as if its a place for development to conquer.The Everglades needs to be repaired and have zero impact of plans and projects forced upon it. Why must we come up with an idea and think its good when its not, is it the people we hang around with, is it a mob mentality of only a fool cant see that its right? I’ve lost respect for many of the blowhard egotists I used to see as icons and saviors of our community and planet and see that they sway with the group they follow or out of fear for the job they hold. Shame on us for supporting this so blindly without research or our knowledge of current actions needed to help restore some health to the Everglades. Why would any choose to continue to make strides backwards before any movement forward has even been made. Where were the numbers from the so-called Enviro-groups that can only support special interests because of funding? Shame on both Collier County/The City of Naples, Everglades City and all the entities that have pledged support of this salt to the wounds project. This project, its roadway, its lights,its bathrooms,its concessions, its many parking areas are all adding more damage to the land and desecrating the sovereignty of the Indigenous people that struggle with our ways and try to steward a seriously sick area of nature. NO ROGG/ NO IMPACT/NO WAY, THIS HAS BEEN A BAD IDEA FROM THE START AND IS A MEANS FOR MORE DEVELOPMENT. SEEK YOUR SPIRIT,I COULD NOT SUPPORT THIS WITH GOOD CONSCIENCE AND I CANT SEE HOW ANY WOULD.

Since the project was proposed in 2012, environmentalists have petitioned and protested, saying the path would set back Everglades restoration. Supporters and ROGG committee members say the path would create a safe way for people to enjoy the park and increase Everglades education.

Revision 7-15-2015 at 4:29 pm – NEW DEADLINE Aug 1, 2015 – Extended July 15th deadline provides the ability to send more comments to Here are some abbreviated ideas statements one could reword as they like to make points they might not have already made about ROGG.

1 There is not enough space to install ROGG as planned on US 41 and maintain current level of safety for motorists or current quality of habitat adjacent to US 41 ROGG will eliminate from existence due to ROGG being installed on top of them.

2 An ROGG plan conceptual idea of narrowing the outside width of US 41 by 8 feet (25%) in unspecified sections to facilitate a stealthful speed reduction based on fear of head on collisions is a deadly idea to even consider and should be permanently dropped.

3 Motorist safety will be cut by 50% due to ROGG and design B-9 due to ROGG taking up 50% of the historically available space to safely pull off US 41 (Tamiami Trail).

4 The May 2015 plan aside from a few design details is mostly a promotional brochure touting statistics based upon totally subjective data to skew results in favor of developing this culturally, environmentally and financially destructive idea.

5 Many have asked why are they wanting this – This project’s origin is at or very close to a road building family (the Bonness family) in Collier county that has a good chance reap millions (145 of them) if the project is built.

6 We do not want to see our Indigenous neighbors that actually live on the ROGG path on US 41 have to put up with the negative repercussions ROGG will cause to their lives significant religious sites that ROGG construction will unavoidably be the direct cause of..

7 Hundreds if not Thousands of mature Cypress near US 41 are currently planned to be cut as per the preferred alternatives shown in the May 2015 ROGG master plan.

8 Between ROGG construction operation and maintenance for 20 years the plan estimates cost to be $225,000,000 dollars of taxpayer money. Their estimate did not include design, construction set up or Mitigation for environmental harm which will be a huge that plan authors chose to not include anywhere. This is an unjustifiable financial burden to put on taxpayers for a path anywhere other than urban areas crying for good paths that will actually save local lives lost due to the lack of them every year.”

facebook page

How much more are we going to do to the Indigenous people. We are killing them with water issues and this is just more disrespect to their traditions and sacred sites? That one. How long will this site be up when people start demanding starbucks and other places to eat and drink along the way? Before you know it will be  a road because because people won’t want to ride their bikes. Or a tram ride. All in the name of moeny. It’s a lot of money spent that will interfere with the restoration of the Everglades.”

The Destruction of FLorida: DInner Island Ranch


A little while back Jules and I traveled down to STA 5 and 6 where we were dismayed to find not a lot of water going anywhere but over to US Sugar lands.

One the way back we stopped here and hung out with the cows. Out here you are seriously out in the middle of nowhere.

They have hunting, fishing, wildlife viewing, hiking, camping horseback riding, biking and scenic driving. There was a bad rain storm do we didn’t get all the way through but saw enough to say we would definitely get back there.

What is a WMA?

What is Florida’s Wildlife Management Area System?

Florida’s Wildlife Management Area (WMA) system is managed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) to sustain the widest possible range of native wildlife in their natural habitats. These lands are more rugged than parks, with fewer developed amenities.

This system includes more than 5.8 million acres of land established as WMAs or Wildlife and Environmental Areas (WEAs).

Cooperative Areas On the majority of these lands (about 4.4 million acres), FWC is a cooperating manager working with other governmental or private landowners to conserve wildlife and provide public use opportunities.

Lead Areas On the remaining lands (about 1.4 million acres), FWC is the landowner or “lead” managing agency responsible for land stewardship and providing quality wildlife conservation and recreation opportunities including hunting, fishing, wildlife viewing, hiking, biking, horseback riding, paddling, scenic driving, and camping.

There are loads of critters that live there including the Florida Panther.


So this is a great place for conservationists and hunters alike. A place for all of us.

There’s a place for us.

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So I was very distressed to read this on our favorite Blog EYE on MIami.

Message from South Florida Wildlands Association: Threats to Everglades from FPL and oil drillers

“Matthew Schwartz, of South Florida Wildlands Association, provides a good summary of the ongoing threats to the Everglades by oil drillers and FPL. Please consider joining and contributing to their efforts.”
You can read the letter at link but here are the highlights:
“In the years since South Florida Wildlands has been working to protect wildlife and habitat in the Greater Everglades, we have never faced a combination of issues that have such capacity to destroy and degrade this unique landscape. Folks who live in South Florida and follow local media are aware that a company (Kanter Real Estate LLC) has just applied for a permit to drill for oil and dig limestone mines on 20,000 acres of Everglades it owns in Broward County.
But that’s not all. We recently learned that Florida and Power and Light (FPL) is still intent on developing 3,000 acres of primary Florida panther habitat they bought just north of the Big Cypress National Preserve and Seminole Reservation for the purpose of building the largest gas-fired electrical generating plant in the nation. Having lost a lawsuit with the Seminole Tribe of Florida over agricultural zoning on the property, FPL is now asking Hendry County to create a new land use type (Electrical Generating Facility) and move the property into that new classification.

The FPL property is surrounded by public lands that were acquired at tremendous cost and effort (e.g. the Big Cypress National Preserve, Dinner Island Wildlife Management Area, Okaloacoochee Slough State Forest) and contain some of the most important contiguous upland habitat for Florida panthers, black bears, and other wildlife in South Florida. For years, the entire property had been expected to be protected by a Florida Forever land protection project called “Panther Glades.” Unfortunately, funds were never available to complete that purchase prior to FPL buying the land for their own purposes. From the standpoint of our stressed out wildlife in South Florida, FPL could not have chosen a worse location for their new power plant if they had tried.

But wait – there’s more. In the Big Cypress National Preserve, another company (Burnett Oil Company of Ft. Worth, Texas) is applying for a permit to conduct seismic testing for oil across 110 square miles (70,000 acres) in the heart of the preserve. The intent is to locate oil deposits before opening up the Big Cypress to additional oil drilling. A federal comment period is open until the middle of August. For those wondering how this can take place inside a national preserve – most of the below ground oil rights are owned by a company named Collier Resources while the National Park Service controls only the surface. Collier Resources has leased some of these rights to Burnett Oil for the purpose of the seismic survey. Another news story from the Sun-Sentinel summarizes this project – which would take place on some of the most sensitive and biodiverse wetlands in Florida:
Feel free to call or email on any of the above with comments or questions.

Best regards,

Matthew Schwartz
Executive Director
South Florida Wildlands Association
1404 East Las Olas Blvd.
P.O. Box 30211
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33303

 Please pay attention to this!
I had hoped to spend the summer visiting state parks and wild life management areas in Florida. We call this our adventure days and  I amazed at all the wonderful things we have seen so far. if you other citizen journalists want to do this also please take some photos and videos and write us a guest blog. We need to show the world the beautiful Florida that we all know and love. We need to show our fellow Floridians what we are protecting. Let’s do this!

Stuart City Hall 5 PM monday. Support our local music.

To the Stuart CIty Commission:

I thought it was to be a nice quiet afternoon in the hood and I could do something like read a book, finish watching my movie, clean the closet. Around here it just never ends. Now we have people threatening to sue over noise and the City Commission is caving.

We have toxic discharges. We have trains with loud horns. We can’t go swimming.  The new train when it comes through is going to destroy our downtown Stuart which is a very beloved place.

We need great music and great places to go. Music is therapy is good for our mental health. We  have very little in mental heath services around here so when I see lots of my friends going to listen to music I know they will leave feeling better.

I could write an entire blog post on music as therapy but I don’t want to bore everyone. I will say this Music lights a part of people brains, the nucleus accumbens, and makes them happy. It’s true. I have a friend, Dr Ed Long,who does this research down at FAU.

What I’m going to write about is decibels and noise ordinances This is a really bad idea.  First of all will you insist the train turn down its horn because it not at 60 decibels I can tell you that. Secondly, if this  how your going utilize your police force? This is more important that catching criminals and keeping us safe?  Are the fire engines and police going to turn off their sirens?  Are not going to be allow to have traffic? Are you to close the airport down?  Are we banning hair driers and food processors?  Lawn Mowers and Blowers? How far are you willing to go to have us live at 65 decibels. Or are we just picking on one person?

Now here in Jensen Beach sometimes on Sunday we have a very loud church service. What would you do if that was in Stuart? Would you arrest them or fine them? It’s very loud way more than 60 decibels. Wakes me up early on a Sunday morning. Would you be willing to go to a church and shut them down?

Also keep in mind that that what they proposing is worse than the Lake worth ordinance and that was called Draconian. You can’t have things both ways. You can’t have people claiming to be conservatives being draconian. Well you can but they won’t be around long. Not around here.

Sticky wickets.

When you deal with decibels it gets very sticky.

I would take it personally if this was something police would have to deal with 24 hours a day 7 days a week instead of protecting us. I would say it’s a misuse of the police department.

Here are some examples of decibels


150 dB = fireworks at 3 feet

140 dB = firearms, jet engine

130 dB = jackhammer

120 dB = jet plane takeoff, siren

Extremely Loud

110 dB = maximum output of some MP3 players, model airplane, chain saw

106 dB = gas lawn mower, snowblower

100 dB = hand drill, pneumatic drill

90 dB = subway, passing motorcycle

Very Loud

80–90 dB = blow-dryer, kitchen blender, food processor

70 dB = busy traffic, vacuum cleaner, alarm clock


60 dB = typical conversation, dishwasher, clothes dryer

50 dB = moderate rainfall

40 dB = quiet room


30 dB = whisper, quiet library

An aircraft takeoff is 180 decibels. Are we shutting the airport down?

Passing truck, home lawn mower, car horn @ 5 meters, wood saw, boiler factory is 100 decibels.

Average radio, normal street noise is 70 decibels.

This is cat purring at around 60 decibels.

Here is someone eating a sandwich at 50-60 decibels

They’ll have close down every out restaurant in town.

How to help. We all need to go to Stuart City Hall on Monday at 5 pm.


The fact that this was added at the last minute is total BS and total disrespect from the City.

This about people threatening to sue the city so instead of the people we elected standing up they are giving in and we are being punished.

We are done being punished. Just having filthy dirty dangerous water  and trains all hours of the day and night.

Please come and help us all keep our music!

Here is the facebook page please go there.