Facing the Surge

Looks like an awesome documentary

Treasure Coast Free Press

The film, directed by Diogo Freire, is the first in a documentary series by Adaptation Now – a project sharing the stories of the communities on the leading edge of climate change. We are already feeling the impacts of climate change, but for too many, climate change remains an abstract and distant concept. Through film we can change this. We can empower communities with the knowledge to make informed decisions. The film is currently on a tour of the U.S. East Coast, sponsored by Citizens’ Climate Lobby.

The event is organized and hosted by Citizens’ Climate Lobby – FL Space Coast Chapter, in collaboration with the Marine Resources Council.

Diogo Freire is on a mission to solve global warming. He will be present to introduce the film, and will be available for a short discussion period which will follow the showing. Mr. Freire, a native of Portugal, works in the…

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