I moved! Come visit me. I miss you guys

I moved my blog over to Treasurecoast.com

They have been very kind over the last few months by reblogging my stuff and they asked me to blog from there.

I have two main places

Cyndi’s Blog and Environmental which are found on the homepage.

You can contact me over there at cyndi@treasurecoast.com. I’m especially interested in free or low cost events, events that are environmental.


Here is some of the stuff I published this week so I hope you will come over and visit and comment there. The biggest reason I did this is because it widens our circle of friends and reach in a very important year. We’re gonna need all the help we can get!

The St Lucie Locks are open and disgusting smelly water is coming our way

Gunnar Johnson and Sharon Lux from TCPA talks about Fracking in Florida

The Florida Fracking Vote! See who voted for and against.

I’ll still be around reading everyone else great stuff and doing the weekly photo challange so I hope to see you on the road.




One comment on “I moved! Come visit me. I miss you guys

  1. Jeff says:

    Love what my new partner Cyndi Lenz is doing for Treasurecoast.Com Jeff Liggett


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