Happy Thanksgiving!

Just want to take a moment to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. If you do not celebrate I just wish you a wonderful day filled with good wishes.

Here is the original Alice’s restaurant which has been part of my Thanksgiving no matter where I’ve been for many years.

The story of Thanksgiving may be a fable but here is story that will stand the test of time sung by one of our favorite and beloved storytellers Arlo Guthrie.


The True Story Of Thanksgiving

click on the link above for the whole story written by

“The first Thanksgiving Day did occur in the year 1637, but it was nothing like our Thanksgiving today. On that day the Massachusetts Colony Governor, John Winthrop, proclaimed such a “Thanksgiving” to celebrate the safe return of a band of heavily armed hunters, all colonial volunteers. They had just returned from their journey to what is now Mystic, Connecticut where they massacred 700 Pequot Indians. Seven hundred Indians – men, women and children – all murdered.

The Pilgrims in Plymouth had a hard time for the first couple of years. While nature was no friend, their troubles were mostly their own doing. Poor planning was their downfall. These mostly city dwelling Europeans failed to include among them persons with the skills needed in settling the North American wilderness. Having reached the forests and fields of Massachusetts they turned out to be pathetic hunters and incompetent butchers. With game everywhere, they went hungry. First, they couldn’t catch and kill it. Then they couldn’t cut it up, prepare it, preserve it and create a storehouse for those days when fresh supplies would run low. To compensate for their shortage of essential protein they turned to their European ways and their Christian culture. They instituted a series of religious observances. They could not hunt or farm well, but they seemed skilled at praying.

They developed a taste for something both religious and useful. They called it a Day of Fasting. Without food it seemed like a good idea. From necessity, that single Day became multiple Days. As food supplies dwindled the Days of Fasting came in bunches. Each of these episodes was eventually and thankfully followed by a meal. Appropriately enough, the Puritans credited God for this good fortune. They referred to the fact they were allowed to eat again as a “Thanksgiving.” And they wrote it down. Thus, the first mention of the word – “Thanksgiving.” Let there be no mistake here. On that first Thanksgiving there was no turkey, no corn, no cranberries, no stuffing. And no dessert. Those fortunate Pilgrims were lucky to get a piece of fish and a potato. All things considered, it was a Thanksgiving feast.

Did the Pilgrims share their Thanksgiving meal with the local Indians, the Wampanoag and Pequot? No. That never happened. That is, until its inclusion in the “Thanksgiving Story” in 1890.”

A total bummer.

Which is why my favorite story about Thanksgiving is Alice’s Restaurant.

There is nothing we can do about history but there is everything we can about the moment we are in and the present. So lets make it a good one world wide from this “Thanksgiving Day” on.


4 comments on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Really interesting read – we don’t celebrate thanksgiving here but I was obviously familiar with it but never took the time to find where it came from – thank you 😊


  2. tradecuda says:

    Dear Cyndi,
    I Love you. Alice’s Restaurant is part of my karma. Embodies the spirit for loftier values and day-to-day existence. ThankYou for your existence!

    Liked by 1 person

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