In the Hood: Worse than I thought. Rapist on the loose. BOLO

In the Hood: Worse than I thought. Rapist on the loose.

Just last week I wrote this blog post about Motels being bought and turned into drug rehabs.

Not one or two but many. Not for our citizens but for people from out of state. As far as I can tell there is no regulation. This happened


From the Martin County Sheriff’s office


The Martin County Sheriff’s Office is seeking information about 29-year old, John Michael Janaskas. Janaskas is a registered sex offender, who recently relocated from Pennsylvania to a alcohol and drug rehabilitation facility in Jensen Beach.

Over the weekend, representatives from the facility transported Janaskas to the Stuart Walmart, where they dropped him off. No further contact, or forwarding information was taken. Due to federal HIPAA Laws, we cannot disclose the name of the facility. The circumstances surrounding this incident are under investigation.

(I don’t think that’s true. It the patient that is protected not the building.)

Janaska’s crimes include the rape of a child under 14. He is a known drug user, and is considered to be a danger to the public. If you see him, or have information on his whereabouts, you are asked to call the Martin County Sheriff’s Office.

Florida law requires sex offenders and predators to register with the Martin County Sheriff’s Office, so our detectives know, at all times, where they can be located. Janaskas did not register, nor were we notified that Janaskas was dropped off at this public venue, in Martin County without forwarding information, until today.”

This unknown protected HIPAA place took two days to report this. Two days. Two days they have let a known rapist into our community.
Yesterday I was told that nothing could be done because these criminals that are being imported from up north are protected by law. I’m pretty sure not any other state takes rapists into their communities.
Yesterday My friend Victoria found that one company is buying up all these places. They are also the people who are importing criminals from up north. I don’t have all my facts but when I do I’ll put them here UNLESS the news and the police actually do it first. I won’t hold my breath.
Enough is Enough.
You have not protected us from anything. Not the discharges. Not the trains. Not criminals and rapists. nothing.
Our beautiful Stuart and Jensen Beach are being destroyed bit by bit.
It’s time for people to do their jobs.

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