On the Snout : Lost Dogs of South Carolina

Lost Dogs of South Carolina: Here we go again

I was very happily typing away about microchips and what to do if you find a lost dog and then this happened.

I saw a newscast about Tri County going to Georgia and picking dogs that were misplaced in the storm and I thought how could that be? We fixed this.

This http://www.wptv.com/news/region-s-palm-beach-county/boca-raton/boca-raton-animal-shelter-helping-rescue-dogs-from-south-carolina-floods

16 comments on “On the Snout : Lost Dogs of South Carolina

  1. It sounds like “the shell game” using animals as pawns to pull in donation-money and make people look like “rescuers” when they aren’t.

    Sure, maybe the clueless volunteers are true animal lovers just trying to help, and they can be counted on to not ask questions because they believe in the “rescue” or “shelter” they are volunteering for.

    But the ringleaders in these scams are the ones that are making the money, getting the praise, and USING animals and naïve people to look good and make money.

    This scenario is why these people should be asked questions and be willing to post monthly reports on their rescue websites and/or facebook pages of numbers of animals rescued, numbers euthanized (showing vet and euthanasia reports), number of animals adopted, number of animals in foster homes, and they should be perfectly willing to show current date-stamped photos of all of the animals they are using tax-payers money and/or donors money to “rescue” animals with.

    MANY people have decided that animal rescue is a great career for them because of the utter lack of meaningful oversight and scrutiny of their financials, and exactly where all of the animals they supposedly rescue are. It is easy to kill or “disappear” animals currently, and that is NOT rescue.

    So unless questions are asked and people EXPECT ANSWERS BEFORE they’re willing to help, this scam will continue to play out all over the country and around the world because many of these people are “opportunists” simply taking advantage of an opportunity to make money in what’s supposed to be nonprofit animal rescue, and its because of the vast lack of oversight and people not asking questions and expecting answers is why they get away with it.

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    • cyndilenz says:

      agreed. and what is so sad is the news media is playing along. and even sadder is we thousands of dogs and cats in shelters that need home. When people to do something meaningful like set up a lost and found or try to get your veterinarian friends to do microchip clinics no one is really interested, This particular shelter I am very familiar with. The old director that died was impossible. She and a group of other animal rights people actually called me a dog killer in a hearing at the palm beach county commissioners. They stole a dog from a homeless man. Not only does the news not understand what they did and these dogs are not from the storm and if they are they need to be returned. These people have no regard for the owners of the pets. It’s a sickness really. I saw this in the years I ran my golden rescue. The bottom line is bringing dogs to south Florida is a travesty. The fact that not one news station will investigate this is pitiful. and the ones who will suffer in the end will be the dogs because believe me after people take them home and they don’t match their furniture or they urinate on the floor they will either be returned quietly or brought in for euthanasia.
      THANK YOU so much for your thoughtful and right on comment.


  2. Another RED flag..That article stated that they couldn’t get near to Columbia. That is just bull shit. I live in Columbia. I-20 BOTH EAST AND WEST TO ATLANTA was NEVER closed. It may take longer to get around here but that is it!
    The places that were flooded are not anywhere near the 9th ward in New Orleans. The areas in Columbia that were flooded are in the middle class to the upper class. With the exception of a very few pets all are accounted for. Red Barn Boarding kennel as well as other facilities including many vets offered free boarding as needed until folks got back into their homes. We also have a group called Chasing Tails. These folks post lost and found to reunite pets with their owners without having to take the pet and put into the shelter system. There has been no appreciable increase of dogs and cats due to the flooding in the Richland and Lexington county area!
    FYI in my humble opinion something smells like dirty cat litter and unscooped poop 💩 here!


    • Also note the Blatant lie about their inability to get near Columbia…What a crock of poop! Point in fact, Tomorrow I will have to take the long way because there is a mother of a sink hole at the 215 to I-20 on ramp…so I have to go to my foot doctor post op. I will have to go the opposite direction so it may add 40-50 miles to my trip. Oh well sp is goes
      So I will go into Blythewood to catch I-77 to I- 20 to get to Hwy 378 into Lexington to the doctor’s office. Just a little inconvenience. We may take a bit longer to get around town but we cam get everywhere we need to go. Cyndi feel free to have that call me if he interest at all with the truth and not too egotistical or just too plane lazy to retract and report the FACTS! Guess the media there don’t care about integrity and honesty!


      • cyndilenz says:

        Thank you Mary your input is invaluable.


      • cyndilenz says:

        Here is the issue with the news for some reason they are very taken with this shelter despite it’s history. They have looked beyond dogs dying from distemper, dogs being stolen from homeless people who knows what else, racism in their adoption process (true story. Jeannette would not adopt to certain races) and a host of other things to not understanding what this means and really not understanding this group is a animal rights group which is different from the rest of us who really want to do something about the huge amounts of dogs and cats that need homes. it sickens me. and the fact that they don’t even check things out before they report it is even more distressing.


      • Sadly enough, some of the animals that are being trafficked didn’t come from natural disasters, they weren’t picked up as strays, they weren’t dropped off at “shelters”, etc.

        Oh no, they were literally stolen from their owners on a “seizure scam” or “rescue raid” and are transported out of the area very quickly and “adopted”/sold before their rightful owners have even had their day in court regarding if they really were “neglecting”, “abusing”, or being “cruel” to their animals.

        In many cases, these animal owner victims were actually “researched” by the “retail rescue” in collusion, or perhaps they’re just really good at manipulating and lying in the system, to find out if they can perhaps do a legal defense, or is the potential victim not able to afford a retainer for an attorney to defend them and then perhaps even launch a civil lawsuit to sue the hell out of their attackers.

        Sometimes the attackers guess wrong and their victims are able to fight them off and then expose them and sue them.

        However, what often happens is that the retail rescue attackers leave a trail of broken, ruined family’s and lives and they have profited and gained with thousands upon thousands of free money donations flooding in off their Facebook and Internet pleas to “help us help these poor, neglected animals” and they also end up with animals they can sell that they got for free and that they are adopting for a fee a so-called “neglected animal” just days after they seized them.

        Scammers and sociopaths have infiltrated donation-funded animal rescue, and they collude and/or convince tax-payer-funded government agencies to help them commit crimes:



      • cyndilenz says:

        sad but true and sad for the rest of the people who do the good work.


  3. cyndilenz says:

    here is another article. http://protecttheharvest.com/be-wary-of-hsus-fundraising-in-south-carolina/?utm_source=General+Interest&utm_campaign=f5ab7ea875-Newsletter_Sept_19&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_eb3d6ff5d4-f5ab7ea875-186705129 Their spotty track record when it comes to disaster relief situations is appalling. Look no further than New Orleans, where HSUS’s “relief” in the wake of Hurricane Katrina’s destruction was little more than fundraising abuse. It’s reported that the animal rights organization raised upwards of 34.6 million dollars to help animals there.

    That’s a spectacular amount of money which could be used to assist a region in dire need. Unfortunately, only 25-52% (depending on if your source is HSUS’s tax records or HSUS’s own reporting) of those funds were dispersed to Louisiana groups.


  4. cyndilenz says:

    from another friend on facebook: Do NOT donate funds to HSUS. They claim to have orchestrated the transfer of flood disaster pets from Greenville SC to Richmond VA. Greenville County was not affected by the flooding, and they routinely sell pets to shelters further north. Business as usual for them… Any displaced pets in affected counties are being held for owner reclamation at shelters and boarding kennels offering free space while displaced families find alternate housing. All 26 emergency shelters accepted pets, and legitimate television footage showed pets being rescued with their owners. Any footage being aired showing rescuers boating around rescuing only pets is likely recycled Katrina footage. Any footage showing lots of crated pets is likely from one of the emergency shelters that set up crating areas with borrowed crates. These pets are not in need of rescue and never were. HSUS claims they donated food to the Pawmetto Lifeline shelter for displaced pets. Pawmetto Lifeline does not house strays, they cherry pick desirable pets from midlands shelters for their adoption floor. If you want to donate funds for SC pets, contribute directly to one of the municipal shelters in a flood affected county or to a smaller rescue like Chasing Tails Pet Patrol that reunites displaced pets with their owners…


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