I’m going make a request of all of you and especially of all the doctors out there. If someone goes off in your office take a breath. I’m not asking you to sit in a corner and om. One breath. Maybe two. Maybe three.

Shallow breathing causes anxiety. Deep breathing causes relaxation.

If that doesn’t work take this into a private place and sing it.

I guarantee when your done you will feel better. Guaranteed or your money back.

While your calming yourself down think about what your dealing with. Your dealing with people who feel that they are being harassed. What do you do? Make it worse.

I’m referring to the original mess when the pediatrician in Ocala was trying to council a mother on guns and she went off with the question. This is where it all went wrong. I remember getting upset with my pediatrician when my son was young when he told me my son was allergic to my dog and I needed to get rid of my dog. I didn’t. He was allergic to the bird btw and cats.  I didn’t go off on him. I just ignored him. Of course, we all know now the thinking on that has changed.

You have the right to disagree with your doctor and he has the right to disagree with you. I know it frustrating. But the issue here is the “going off” behavoir.  I understand! Last year when I sitting in the hospital after getting my gall bladder out I had a a parade of doctors yelling at me. (except for my surgeon he was awesome and when it’s time for my appendix to go I want him!).

I have suggested to some of my workmates when I wrote my “How to meditate” program that it was the Doctors and the doctors offices that needed it. This makes my clients laugh which is also a great way to calm down.

One you take that first deep breath it gets easier every day until the day comes that you take that one breath and all the upsetness goes away.

I think if everyone just went to their corners and took a breath this ridiculous law would have never happened.

After you’ve take your deep breath. Tell that person in the nicest doctor voice you have. (Think George Clooney on ER).  (Really channel that inner George Clooney awesome tv pediatrician)

Say this.

“I hear you!”

Then take another breath and offer that person a private place to calm themselves down and in fact offer that deep breath to them.

If you have a mother that is going off on you don’t get mad. How much sleep has she had? Has she been eating? What’s going in her life? Is she usually rationale? You have no idea at this point what her coping skills are and what she has been going thru. We all have bad days. Even you the doctor channeling George Clooney on ER.

Make it a better day.

“Dr. Devi Shetty, a famous cardiac surgeon in Bangalore (whom I once happened to meet on a visit to India). He told me something very interesting which I’d like to share with you. He said that while a doctor’s body needs to endure long hours of standing to perform an operation, his mind has to be equally or more fit to endure the stressful long hours. This is when he let me in on his secret: meditation.

Dr. Shetty also said that a surgeon getting into pressure and anxiety does not help the patient and so meditation helps keep the mind calm and relaxed so that we are able to support the patient in turn. I was quite touched by his words and immediately felt the need to write to you and share this.”

Let’s make it a better day for all and be a little kinder to our fellow travelers. Yes this means you the doctor and you the patient and even you the NRA.


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