So here I am telling the board of govenors about my trip to the beach.


I wrote four speeches.  One all typed out. 2 more I wrote out on the way to the meeting and the last I wrote on scrap paper. In the end I threw them all away and spoke from heart minus the curse words. Afterwards I cried.

From Katy:

“Thank you for bringing our message home today.”

I havn’t downloaded my video, so thanks to Irene for shooting this nice video of me talking to the Board of Governors at South Florida Water Management.

This week the item was on the agenda. Afterwards Kevin Power’s said for sure  he’d be a River Kid. Instead of just moving on to the next subject there was discussion. Not the one we wanted. They want to finish projects.

Years of talking to these people and we will still have discharges probably forever. The Everglades will be destroyed. Our drinking water destroyed. I’m sure they have something up their sleeves about that one and it will include spending lots of money and the cost will be passed on to you.

How dare we ask for clean drinkable water. We have a lot of nerve.

How dare the people of the Treasure Coast ask to have our clean water back.

We passed amendment one to buy this land. How difficult is it going to be in the future to get people to sign on and pass citizen initiatives if the legislature is just going to go what they want to do?

In our next election will people really think about who they are voting for and are they going to put up deeper into this hole of being manipulated by Big Sugar and other Big Business and not whats good for us?

Right now the best thing we can do is pray for a drought.

So here is my message to Rick Scott, our legislature and the Board of Governors of South Florida Water Management District.Stop the discharges. You figure it out! We did everything we possibly could, we got you the money, we got the support, we pulled everyone together.  Keep the locks closed.  Close them forever. and bring us some oysters. ” Then go home and find us people who can come up with solutions not constraints. Because no one. Not one single person should have to deal with this.

6 comments on “So here I am telling the board of govenors about my trip to the beach.

  1. John Mayo says:

    Don’t be such a nihlist. All of this has been going on literally your whole life and the lagoon is fine. We don’t drink this water, in fact if you drink water out of the cleanest estuary in the world you would still get sick. The Everglades is healthier than at any other time in my lifetime. Things are improving, these projects take time. Don’t give yourself high blood pressure waiting for government to move fast. It won’t happen. Takes these people a decade to build a bridge, if not more. The Army Corps of Engineers more than a decade into the project (this all started under Jeb), has STILL not made up it’s mind about giving up control. Pace yourself is all I am saying.


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