Throwback Thurs: Toxic River. Will it be deja vu all over again?

Here’s is a video I made when the River Warriors went to DC. Please remember what we went through and the rest of you please help us not have to go through this again!

Don’t ever forget this day when we didn’t know each other but we all came together.

Please go here and follow these directions. We need you today!

If you have not signed the petition please sign now. This petition will be presented at Everglades Day in Tally next Monday. We need lots and lots of signatures. Speak now and know you have done everything possible to make the land buy happen.

For our area in the Treasure Coast call (Phone calls are imperative)

Senator Joe Negron


Representative Gayle Harrell


Marylynn Magar

850 717 5082

After you’ve done this send an email over to the Everglades Trust and let them know so no one can these calls were never made. (

Here are the big ticket items. Please speak from your heart and tell them your personal story.

“Please Act now to protect and save Florida’s drinking water ! Last November, 75%  of Floridians voted for Amendment 1 to set aside funds to clean and protect the Everglades and our drinking water.

We need to hold the sugar industry to their binding and written contract to sell 46,000 acres of sugar land to the state for Construction of the Everglades Agricultural Area Reservoir. The project will help control pollution and save the Everglades.

I urge you to take action, follow the will of the  voters and prioritize Everglades Restoration and fund the purchase of this critical land. ”

For those out of our area we need you to call your representatives. One of the big issues is that other legislators from all over the state have no earthly idea what we are talking about. You need to let them know. This issue affects not just us in Treasure Coast. It affects the entire Everglades ecosystem, the Florida Bay and the drinking water of South Florida.

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