A River Warrior Gets out the Vote

So here we are on election eve 2014.  A while back when I lived in Boca i said I would never be involved in politics again. At the beginning I felt like I was being dragged by wild horses but this never left me. This line by my friend Mary Baum, the Indian Riverkeeper.

This video was originally posted on uvu where it had over 3000 views.

These words have stayed in my head “We need to get Mad. We need to remember this when it comes time for election. Senator Negron has a group of senators coming here and I can tell you that NOT ONE this last legislative session did anything but throw us and our nutrient standards and our health under the slime. …..”We have redress. We can unelect them. When we start throwing some of these people out of office. The next guy will either represent us or he’ll be one term! Thats our only thing left that we can do!

Don’t ever forget how you felt that day

and then Sugarland

and then Gov Scott ignored us!

and then and then things started to happen!

and then even better things happened

ending with this our clean water candidates. It’s our time. We did the work now go out and vote

To my fellow River Warriors. We kept it alive and we never gave up. This for you guys. Carry on! See you on the other side!

3 comments on “A River Warrior Gets out the Vote

  1. cyndilenz says:

    please like and share thanks


  2. Linnea Desmond says:

    Care enough about your environment to get mad and get out the vote!


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