and in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make (paul mccartney)

I feel I need to tackle this any maybe someone somewhere will read it and be able to help someone. The only goodness that comes out of a  suicide death of a friend or a family is perhaps one can gain a little  knowledge and understanding.
As a spiritual counselor and as psych rn sometimes my views run into each other and I have to figure out how to reconcile things. If you do not agree thats fine but even better if this gives you something to think about and one day it will save a life.

1. When someone kills themselves they are not in their right minds. period end of story. and I differentiate this from someone who is at the end of their life and chooses hospice -that is different. When I come across someone who is in this situation a referral to hospice is appropriate. When I come across someone who I feel is depressed and they want to die then all bets are off. Go get assessed and treated then tell me how you feel.

2. If someone you may think is depressed and they have taken all sorts of antidepressants  and non of them work its pretty reasonable to think maybe they are not clinically depressed.

3. Depression is chemical pure and simple. I’m not a proponent of drugs but when people need them they need them.

4. People who are bipolar usually don’t want to be treated because they really enjoy the upswing ( and really who wouldn’t) (and we enjoy the upswing too if your honest about it -its a relief from the other behavor) and many people who are very creative will not  seek treatment because they feel they will destroy they’re creativity.

5. If your with someone talking about suicide call 911 and send them to the er then call the er and tell them what happened and request a psych evL -they may hate you but as I say “its too freaking bad!”

6. but if this happens out the blue. no it wasn’t your fault. don’t feel guilty. no this was not a selfish person but a person not in their right minds. Its not that they didn’t love you-they did – many people have told me when they attempted suicide they actually see themselves dead -in their heads this is the only option they have. This is chemistry at its worse.

7. Suicide is mental illness at its worse.

Here is something you can do. Learn about and do something about it.
We still don’t have parity. There is still a huge stigma. Everyone is cool with diabetes heat disease but you say depression, bipolar or even schizophrenia – man your dealing with a whole bunch of stigma and societal issues which should not be. May as well drill holes in peoples head to let the evil spirits out.

So I can wrap my brain around what I just wrote. Its science. Spiritually though all I can do is pray that whom ever I have known that have done this to themselves have found some peace in their hearts.

Facebook shiva is over! Rest in peace never so appropriate. rip my friend!

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