We Demand you stop the discharges to the Northern ESTUARIES

So our petition has a funny story. It was way back when before we even had discharges but had started our page River of LIght.

Steve wanted to start a petition. I wasn’t a petition person. He started this petition https://www.change.org/p/rick-scott-stop-the-lake-okeechobee-discharges-into-the-st-lucie-river-and-estuaries

A few months later I got a called from the TC Palm about my petition.

“What Petition?”

“Your Petition has 2000 signatures.”

“OH! It’s not mine it belong’s to Tiki Steve”

So like everything else in this movement that started off to save our Indian RIver Lagoon and morphed into saving Caloosahatchee River, saving the everglades, saving the water of south florida , saving south florida it organically had 2000 signatures and its grown to over 13,000 since then.

Here is the article


Here is the video from back then

Tiki Steve “I have children I hear excuses all the time!”

Nothing has changed. Now we have the same thing with SFWMD. They have constraints. Same difference.

Tiki Steve “He’s got to stand up for the people of Florida.”

He’s not! He is standing up for BIg Sugar and so are the people on the board of south florida water management who are so lazy they haven’t read any of multitudes of reports about building a reservoir and sending clean water south. I suspect because they have been told to ignore all the scientific reports and we will all go away after the option on the land runs out. Who your sugar baby?

We’re looking for an appraisal on 46,800. BS gave it us when they were going broke but now that they are being subsidized and have no worries they changed their minds.

We can’t change the guts of the petition but we have over 13,000 names and we want it to continue in the spirit in which Steve started it.

The discharges have got to stop. The reservoir needs to be built. (BS actually wanted this. It would be good for all involved) The money is there. With out a flow way the rest of Everglades Restoration won’t work.

Rick Scott, our local legislators and SFWMD  refuse to do anything about this. Refuse. Nothing they are doing will stop the discharges.

We need all of you to sign our petition. STOP THE MILLIONS OF GALLONS OF FRESH WATER SENT OUT TO TIDE.




Saving Florida’s Water Action Alert

Right before “Meet the Press” I saw this on wptv channel 5.

I almost fell off my couch.

Here is the website


GO there and sign the petition. You can tweet or facebook  Rick Scott.  Tell him to buy the land. Share the website with your friends and family. This website is a gift. It’s a miracle. So please break twitter and facebook. lets do this folks. This petition needs thousands of signatures.

According to the Scientists at the Everglades Coalition meeting “The most important thing to prevent sea level rise in MIami is to send the water south.”

75% of Floridians voted in amendment one. This land was written into that.

If you have any questions watch this video presentation.

Here is a good article about this project. http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/the-buzz-florida-politics/a-new-tv-campaign-presses-for-purchase-of-us-sugar-land/2218650

now go sign the petition 1-2-3 go http://savingflwater.com/

River’s Coalition with Eric Eikenberg and Nathanial Reed 1/29/15

rivers coaltion DSC_0005




Nathanial Reed



Rivers Coalition


Three Things We Need to Do RIGHT NOW!

1. Email Gov. Rick Scott and ASK HIM TO EXERCISE THE us Sugar Option on the 46,000 acres south of the Lake.


Go to the Senate web site on Amendment 1 and tell them the VERY TOP PRIORITY is to exercise the option on the 46,000 acre US Sugar parcel.