Who paid the duped actors at SFWMD?

So lately a group called Florida Citizens Against Waste popped up. Their facebook page has about 350 hits and not much of a paper trail.


Then on April 2, 2015 they showed up at the WRAC meeting at SFWMD.


Fake duped protestors at april 2 WRAC meeting. Photo by Darrell Brand

Fake duped protestors at april 2 WRAC meeting. Photo by Darrell Brand

As you can see here these people have clearly identified themselves as members of the South Florida Tea Party.

Except they were paid actors who were there under false premises. They thought they were filming the backdrop of a Tea Party Documentary.


It was lead by this guy.

Everett Wilkinson  Photo by Darrell Brand

Everett Wilkinson
Photo by Darrell Brand

Then someone came out to get Everett and he sat next to this guy.

Does any know who came to get Everett?


Person in the tan coat is who sat with Everett Wilkinson.

In the meeting Everett Wilkinson patted this guy on the back.


Person Everett patted on the back

16 comments on “Who paid the duped actors at SFWMD?

  1. John Mayo says:

    What evidence do you have that Wilkinson did what you say he did? You are libeling him. He denies it blames it on people trying to discredit him, the person you first claimed was a tea party member no less, who turned out not to be.


  2. cyndilenz says:

    John. He stood there and denied they were even paid. and like i said they thought they were going to a shoot. If he is innocent he will tell us who gave him the money to pay the people and who came out to get him from the parking lot and who told him to speak. As far a karen goes. I never said she was a tea party member. I just said what she did after i put the first article on her timeline. She said “Don’t take the bait.” Go back and read what I wrote. Some one hired her to do this. Again if Everett feels like I’m maligning him then he needs to tell us what happened, who called him, who paid him. He certainly didn’t his new page out of nowhere. Some one paid him. Someone paid him to take away peoples free will. He just need to come clean!


    • John Mayo says:

      Of course he denied it! He was not a part of it, the two Occupy people were. What don’t you get about this was a false flag attack/ What evidence do you have that was not made by an Occupy member in order to make the tea party look bad? What single solitary piece of evidence? All you have is a BS ad, posted by a liar, pretending to be a tea party member on facebook. Anyone can do that. I will start a campaign tomorrow in your name if you do not believe me.


  3. cyndilenz says:

    and i sincerely hope he will. I hope he will come clean so we will know came up with the almost 4000 dollars to do this.
    and please stop going behind me and saying nasty things about me. This poor kid Jason is getting killed out there. You won’t see his info here but it was on everything at the beginning. Who ever did this destroyed his life and he is getting threats. That needs to stop. I’m trying to find out the truth john. I’m by now you’ve been to shut up. I’m sure you can tell people to stop harassing jason. thank you.


    • John Mayo says:

      Jason Wool, Occupy member that pretended to be coordinating the protest for the tea party? That guy you are worried about, not the person whose name you are dragging through the dirt based on nothing other than a post made by the political enemies of that person that you are blaming them for? I hope you are never on a jury.


  4. cyndilenz says:

    john mayo- i just reviewed what i wrote and i never identified karen donahue as a member of the tea party. I did however say she was a ringleader.


  5. John Mayo says:

    She is not, she is a member of Occupy, and likely one of the people Everett said was doing this to discredit his protest. Why do you claim everything he says is a lie, and what someone who is obviously posing as someone they are not is 100% truthful? Think!


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